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    Burn In Testing

    Thanks mang Im eyeballing it now. Im sure I will have more questions
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    Can I Get Vista 64?

    Yeah but you can get a Disk for free. even beter !
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    Can I Get Vista 64?

    Quoted From HERE
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    Windows: Vista Or Xp - 32bit Or 64bit?

    I am a first time XP Pro x64 user. upon installing the OS and updating drivers i ran into a small snag. Problem: I found that my Windows XP x64 Pro said hell No to installing Adobe Flash Player. I guess that Adobe Flash Player requires a 32 bit browser. Solution: I installed firefox and had no further problems Adobe Flash Player Installed and works fine on Firefox Question: For people who wish to use Internet Explorer that comes with a x64 OS is there a way to get Flash to work with it?
  5. I have had consistent problems with my Vonage router dropping my internet connection my first one was a Linksys I complained and they sent me a motorola. I used to go from modem to Vonage router then to the Gaming comp router but we kept loosing internet connection even after switching routers so i changed to the setup below This stopped the connection problems but not the Voice quality in our phone lines. the Phones get bad static people cant hear us or we can barely hear them and when we reset the routers and modem this works sometimes but is always a temporary fix, (band-aid on a gunshot wound) Cable Modem linksys 4port BEFSR41 ---port1--- Game Comp 1 ---port2--- Game Comp 2 ---port3--- 1TB NAS Box ---port4-----------> to Vonage VT2542-VD Wireless Router ---port1--- GF business comp 1 ---port2--- MY business comp 2 wired/wireless laptop ---port3--- network printer ---port4--- ---Tel line1--- Girlfriends business line Moorestown New Jersey # ---Tel line2--- My business line central Florida #(where we live) Is there a better cable modem then a stock COMCAST and or stock Vonage VOIP routers that I can get? Has anyone else had these problems with Vonage? I run a service business from home and my GF does software support for a payroll company from home.
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    Extreme Cooling FAQ

  7. Renigade

    Occ Subscription

    Thanks man
  8. Renigade

    Occ Subscription

    Sorry for the double post:( I need my subscription info reset please so i can use pay-pal to pay for my occ subscription instead of mailing a check.. KK thankyou in advance
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    Occ Christmas Contest

    A Tyrannosaurus Big BOOM BOOM or boom boom in motion!
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    What is the best AM2 Motherboard and Chipset right now .
  11. Renigade

    What Brand Memory?

    Just 2 GB sticks? Not 4 GB?
  12. Ok I have a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 motherboard and right now I have 2 Kingston DDR2 800 PC2 6400 2 Gig sticks I want to get ddr2-1066 pc2 8500. lThe supported brands are King Max Apacer Aeneon Kingston Micron OCZ Apogee A-data Winchip Geil I was woundering what would be the best brand, what size sticks and in what configuration? My board will support up to 16 GB (I'm running x64 OS) and whats the difference between EPP DIMM and a JDEC DIMM? Thank you in advance
  13. Renigade

    Getting Started

    Having never done this I am assuming that the first place to start would be the Bios settings. I have taken pics of my settings figuring that would be the easiest way to show my current defult settings on my MBoard. Can i post the pics here or do i need to post them somewhere else with just links in this forum? Basicly I want to start by maximising what I have now before OCing and getting to know my systems hardware limitations first.
  14. Renigade

    Getting Started

    OK 2 questions #1) In the Advanced Bios features page under "Init display first" i have PCI chosen, there is also PEG and PEG1? should i have PEG because i am using a PCI-e card? #2) the Motherboard has ATX 12v 2x4 ATX my power supply has the plugs for both but i didnt use it because 1 side was caped off. is this feature used when you are using more then 1 Vid card ?
  15. Renigade

    Getting Started

    ok here are my settings. is there anything i can do to increase proformance with out OCing? i want to learn about my settings before i start to even think about Over Clocking.
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    Hello All!

    WOW yall seem like a really friendly bunch of helpful people! I am so glad I found this forumÔĀä Thank Google! I have been building my own comps for a while now and never attempted to over clock because I
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    Screen Shots
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