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  1. Depends if you like Intel or AMD better. They run roughly the same on benchmarks with the Q9550 scoring higher sometimes and the 940 scoring higher. You can overclock the 940 easier and its cheaper. I chose the 940. Or I will as soon as I get the money. I'm almost done buying parts. I just need the video card, the processor, and the new keyboard.
  2. Oh don't be stupid. I'm 32. I called you a kid because you're behaving like one by trying to bait me into a fight. I didn't post anything more because I didn't want to be drawn into a childish fight. Its time to grow up... kid.
  3. rofl... whatever you say, kid.
  4. Ok come on... seriously. I've played the game. Button mashing is EXACTLY what it is just like in every other MMO. There's no skill about it so don't go around pretending that there is.
  5. Trust me, it isn't the game play (though the endless raiding is hair pullingly aggravating. In EQ2, I've raided a total of once. At least in that game you don't HAVE to raid), its the community and the incredibly mindbogglingly fast speed at which you become top level and then have no choice but to raid. I'd rather play EQ2. Or better yet, the upcoming STO, SGO, or even better ST:TOR.
  6. I seriously cannot stand wow. The game is MMO light and the community is full of leetspeaking children. Age of Conan is closing its doors because it offered nothing unique about gaming and had some serious issues. Its also the same old fantasy claptrap that we've all seen a billion times over. I'm personally waiting for the release of Star Trek Online, Stargate Online, and Knights of the Old Republic. In fact, I can pretty much almost guarantee that I'll probably dump all my games (even though I've been an avid EQ2 lover since it was released) to play Knights.
  7. You do know that no program is going to stop everything. The programs are only as useful as their last update.
  8. I like amd and always have. I was just thinking the Q6600 because its got such a great rep. Thing is, its old technology and the Deneb is faster and better all around. Think I'll get the Biostar. People seem to like it and I AM new to overclocking. Now I just have to choose between the 920 or 940. Money matters so we'll see. Have to talk to my husband on that one.
  9. The thing is, I'm starting to go crosseyed looking at the motherboard options. Here's the thing, since the Phenom II is going to cost more than the Q6600 I had intended, I need to get a less expensive motherboard. One thats about $100. Yeah, it can be plus delivery and all that. I intend on overlocking and will be using Vista Premium 64. Now, I have three options I was looking at though I'll be happy to hear any other suggestions you might have. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813138128 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813186149 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813186150 What would you recommend?
  10. Don't chuck the idea of AMD just yet. The Phenom II's are getting fantastic reviews and are only $235 for a 920.
  11. Get the GTX260 core 216 and it will smoke the 4870 when overclocked.
  12. Ok I want. Now to convince the hubby its a good buy and find a fair priced mobo.
  13. That is completely insane. Really don't like that. Can you imagine how aggravating it would be to try to play a game with the keyboard like that?
  14. ... How do you fit the big coolers inside that thing? Unless you put the chip on the bottom of the case, it isn't going to happen.
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