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  1. I use mushkin RAM in my mac and PC, it works perfectly in both system.. Never deal with CS..
  2. +1 for rendering i'll choose Nvidia, you'll got faster than ATI, pick GTX 260. But, if you can afford workstation GPU, it's better for going to quadro GPU. Because quadro type GPU has better driver for 3D and rendering (that's why it's more expensive than gaming GPU). Many sites have already benchmarked gaming GPU and workstation GPU, and it's show that workstation version outclass the gaming version when they benchmark it to 3D and rendering tipe software.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, my condolences for you and ryan's family
  4. will you crossfire for your next upgrade? if yes, it's better use i7/860/5850 then add another 5850
  5. I'm using firefox for my main browser and safari sometimes... never use another browser even my cousin said that opera has better feature
  6. +1 agreed,, low end sound card not better than on board
  7. I use 9600 GT 512MB & play @ 1400x900 resolution.. and satisfy with the cards performance... BTW what resolution of LCD you plan to buy in the future?
  8. i have g5, g9 and razer copperhead, but i love my g9, it's fit my hand well when i'm playing FPS games... felt g5 a little bit big, but its comfortable if you love to rest all of your palm on the mouse... both logitech mouse has good software, better than razer's +1 G9 PS: you should try which fits you most...
  9. Yes, AMD black edition is great for overclock... but not overclocked from factory
  10. Agreed, IMO Phenom II it's better than Q8200
  11. IMO macbook pro 13" is good for mobile computing, internet surfing and small application, but for gaming & rendering always use PC, b'coz it's more powerfull
  12. +1 vote for Creative Fatal1ty, good and cheap gaming headset.
  13. ^^ Yeah you're right, E8400 better for overclock.
  14. Will you overclock it? If not, may be you could save your money for lower wattage power supply.
  15. Playing most modern games @ 1400x900 resolution, that system is more than suffice IMO.
  16. Agreed with verran Don't need internet for LAN with friends at home...... <_<
  17. n4mr3h

    Transformers 2

    It's a little bit strange about the museum, and the megatron & starscream almost the same IMO, starcream just a bit short
  18. Unemployed right now, i was worked as DCS engineer @ power plant
  19. Thanks, nice share.... Do you have any suggestion for CAD? because i can't find AutoCAD for mac
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