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  1. this thread has been up forever... is there any input on this?
  2. my system is less than a year old.. but its never on/used... but the 1048 is for that new system build... i spent maybe 1000-1300 on my last build (including shipping and small misc. parts)
  3. i dont really play games anymore. i just like have a nice tower. my last tower is a antec 900 /w msi k9a2 platinum mobo, amd phenom 9500, corsair 1066 4x1gb, 4870 1gb, 500 7200rpm HD, thermaltake 9700 cpu cooler... and my friend offered/wants to buy my tower alone for $900.. seeing that technology just advances and my parts become cheaper as they become older.. im thinking about building a new tower to prepare for potential games I might want to play.. i dont have a need for a nice computer really.. but i guess i could sell my old one, throw in a maybe a 100 or so bucks more and build a newer badder gaming computer. i would probably do the amd/ati again because ive always build amd/ati.. and i build "out of box" computers.. so I dont really spend time OC'ing or attempting system tweaks.. i do need help/suggestions because I'm TOTALLY out of it now.. I went to newegg and looked at some parts and thought to myself "omg, what is all this.. AM3/AM2+/AM2 mobo's /w memory standard ddr3 1333 (OC) and AMD phenom 2 x4..." this is what i had in my cart at newegg but it was totally a random build and on the spot quote for my mind... antec 900 phenom II X4 955 black edition gigabyte GA-MA790X AM3/AM2+/AM2 4x1gb crucial tech ballistix DDR3 1333 saphire toxic 4870 1GB corsair 750w 300GB 10,000 rpm VelociRaptor total: $1,047.93 no shipping to be more precise about my questions: #1: is selling my tower for 900 a total rip/unfair? I don't want to screw him over or anything but he did offer.. #2: how is the "quick build" I put together? any part's you would recommend over another? or any advice/tips on any of the hardware that you as a consumer have come across?" #3: i mean, the only games i probably have interest in is starcraft 2 and diablo 3... what games will be so demanding to even need computers like this?
  4. im trying to help a friend fix his tower that wont boot. no boot screens, no noise (except the fans).. i tried changing out the graphics card, individually booting with 1 of the 4 GB sticks of ram and we just replaced the hard drive a few months ago, since there is no boot screen at all, is it possible the motherboard is dead?
  5. hey guys, trying to figure something out... i have my desktop and laptop connected to the same router and i want to be able to play two applications of starcraft on battlet.net at the same time (i have 2 different cd keys and my friend wants me to teach him how to play) the problem is that we can actually get people connected to games I host and everything but there is massive lag... another issue with this is that when I fort forward the game I can only assign a particular computer (my desktop). so my laptop cannot host.. before i had it that the PF was set for the laptop but i changed it.. does anyone know any solutions on how my friend and i can play on my desktop and laptop connected to the same router????
  6. well its a wireless USB mobile broadband card. there is no router. thanks for the post though
  7. Hey guys, I have been tearing my skull apart searching all over Google for answers. I emailed battle.net and called Sprint and they both gave me generic answers that blame any other party (as long as they can basically blow me off because they cant figure it out).. The problem I am having is that when I attempt to connect to Battle.net via Starcraft: Brood War, I get an error stating: "You internet connection is either very poor or is not processing UDP packets through ports 6112. You will be able to chat but will not be able to play games. Contact your internet service provider or your system administrator for assistance with opening this port." I've attempted to add the ports to make an exception through windows firewall and also tried entirely shutting off windows firewall and that does not effect anything. I can connect to the internet via Mozilla: Firefox and surf, watch videos, listen to music, etc. AND I can also connect and play games via Steam: Counter-Strike: Source (with a ping of roughly 115).. My desktop is self built with Vista 32 Bit on it. I am as up to date as can be with drivers and windows updates. Desktop specs: antec 900 mid tower MSI K9A2 Platinum motherboard AMD Phenom 9500 (2.2) (with a zalman 9700 cpu cooler) Corsair 4 x 1GB dominator 1066 Western digital 7200 rpm SATA hard drive rocketfish 700 watt power supply ATI sapphire 4870 Wireless card: Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U That being said, I do not know what to do at this point. Please assist and thanks in advance!
  8. I have 4 x 1gb corsair dominators 1066. these are in my k9a2 msi platinum mobo. the bios reads the 4 gbs but it says its 800 mhz. how do i fix this?
  9. for the computer that has the cf 3870 going against the one 4870 its 1680x1050 and the computer that has the one 3870 going against the one 4850 its 1440 x900
  10. I am wondering which would be better side by side in the same computer set up. 2 crossfired 3870 512mb gddr4 or 1 4870 1gb gddr5 1 3870 512mb gddr4 or 1 4850 512mb gddr3
  11. I want to overclock my system but I dont have a clue aside from using ATI CCC and/or Rivatuner for the graphics. specs: cpu: amd phenom 9500 2.2 (/w Zalman 9700 110mm fan) mobo: msi k9a2 platinum ram: 4 x 1gb corsair ddr2 800 (6400c4pro) Can someone give me directions and settings to overclock this system?
  12. I actually have the antec 900 right now. Its a AMAZING tower but too many people have it and I have also been a really large fan of Thermaltake _____________________________________________ I was not aware 2GB sticks would actually be more stable for OC'ing.... _____________________________________________ Big fan of ATI...
  13. I want to build a highly reliable gaming/media PC. black edition phenom 9850 2.5ghz + Zalman 9700 LED copper fan thermaltake armor (/w 25cm fan on side) asus M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard (790fx) sapphire 4870 x2 ABS Targan 700W power supply corsair 4x1gb dominator 1066 DDR2 samsung cd/dvd burner western digital velociraptor 150 hard drive This is what I built on newegg but the end price for this set up displeases me. Any suggestions?
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