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  1. Hi everyone. Quick question here. I have googled this and can't seem to find a strait answer. So Last night I hooked my PC to my Plasma TV to watch some Draw Together. But when I hit play with windows media player there is no video only sound. How can i fix this? Cheers Massimo
  2. I have a D14 and think I have come up with a solution to weather it will fit a case just by looking at it. I have figured that if there is a 120mm fan next to the IO Panel and you can see all the screw holes for it then, as long as the case side panel dose no have anthing hanging off of it on the inside the D14 should fit. Ill take some pics tonight and post them to show you what i mean. Or in other words if you have access to a case and a tape measure you will need about 170mm clearance to be safe.
  3. Thanks for the help. But it didn't really help. But on the bright side i figured out my problems and have got her up to 4250mhz stable at a 15min prime 95 test. I will be running a 12 hour whis weekend. Once she is stable my next goal will be getting full use of my ram. Currently the ram is at 1600mhz with the cpu at 200mhz with a 21.5 multi. I want to try and run the cpu at 300mhz with a 14 multi so i can get the ram to 2000mhz. Ill let you all know if i succed at this and post my results. Cheers Massimo.
  4. One reason to go AMD if you are on a buget is because the chances are that your motherboard will be compatiable with future cpus. At the end of the day the performance differance between the two in games wont really be noticable. But when time comes that you need a faster cpu you could just buy at a reasonable AMD price and drop it in. Where the intel will most likly have a new socket and what not. So for anyone who is on a budget and will be in the future amd is really the only way to go.
  5. Hi Everyone. Well I have finnally got my new pc together. CPU: AMD 1090t MOBO: Asus Crosshair IV Formula RAM: Gskill Ripjaws 2x4gig 2000MHz 9-9-9-27 GPU: HIS 5870 Anyways very happy so far the 1090t sit at 11 degrees on all six cores at idle and about 20 degrees on all six cores at full load stock. Now I want to overclock I have read many overclocking articals and tryed a bit on my Q6600 so i have a fair idea on what i am doing. Anyways I have read the Asus manual and im a bit lost compared to the Gigabyte p45 i had. So I was wondering if someone can clear a few thing up for me. 1.First when i set the tuner to D.O.C.P the only PCIE setting disappears. This is a bit concering because on the P45 if you did not set the PCIE manually it would increase proportionaly will your overclock. So I assume this is not the case and it is automatically set for you? 2. Once again when i set the tuner to D.O.C.P I can't seem to find the CPU to Dram divider is this non existant on AMD boards or am i just blind? I think that is all for now. If I think of anything else I just add it to this. Cheers Massimo
  6. Just looking around the net from what i could understand the first few drivers had problems. Then at like driver 10.2 or something it was all good. Then with 10.5 there was problems again. I must have just been reading individuals problems and not groups of people. Anyways thanks obviously I should be all good to go.
  7. So I have read that crossfire and eyeinfinity dose not work? Is this still the case or have they sorted this out. As i have just bought a his 5870 and am looking at getting 3 benq 24" lcds? Then in a few months time got to 2 HIS 5870. Cheers guys
  8. Oh I should have mentioned that I think this is a Asus Crosshair IV problem. Or have I just been miss lead, as I would really like to have 2000mhz mermory.
  9. Will some may know that I have bought a Asus Crosshair IV and will be getting a 1090t. But I am stuck with what ram to buy. I am looking at G Skill Ripjaws ram I have a choice between 1600mhz or 2000mhz. Now the 2000mhz. After doing some reading I am confused, I will be overclocking the 1090t to 4 ghz and from what I understand is that you have to bring the ram down to 1333mhz is this true or is there a way around this problem? Any information would be good. Thanks
  10. Hi guys. Thanks for all your replies. Well I have gone against all of your advice and bought a Asus Crosshair iv Formula and HIS 5870. I have decided to go with the amd because I like what i have been reading and hearing about the bulldozer and would like to be able to get one next year. So that is why I have gone with the amd board. Thanks again guys.
  11. HI guys. Let me start with what I do on my pc. I mostly play games like the new Just Cause 2, but on the side I use Blender for 3d modeling and rendering, which I am starting to use more and more. So the time has come for a new PC and i am stuck with what I should build here are the two options I have, both ruffly costing the same. First is an AMD ATI build which will help with blender rendering times being a 6 core. CPU: AMD 1090T Black Edition MOBO: Asus Crosshair IV Formula MEMORY: Corsair Dominator 1600MHz 7-7-7-20 2x2GB GPU: Asus 5870 V2 This is an Intel Nvidia build which I think will have the gaming advantage. CPU: Core i7 930 MOBO: EVGA SLI LE MEMORY: Corsair Dominator GT 1600MHz 7-7-7-20 2x3GB GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 470 1280MB These two setups as i said before cost around the same price about a 50 dollar differance, the performance is about on par as well so I am stuck between the both. I want to here what your choice would be and why, so I can make an educated decision. Cheers Massimo
  12. Another D14 here. Although dose cause a problem when you want to down size your case.
  13. Just for referance I have a Coolermaster 810 Stacker and the Noctura D14 Measuring 190mm from motherboard tray to top of noctura D14 140mm fan. I would suspect a case to be at least 220mm wide to be safe.
  14. Hi Everyone I am starting to feel the itch for a new machine. As I am trying to keep away from intels over inflated prices I have decided to tie my self down and wait for AMD Bulldozer. Giving me probable a year to get other things together. As I have always gone with a cheap/performance build I want to go down a differant path. I want to build a system that is going to make Chuck Norris Cry in admiration, but keep a away from custom modding as I don't have that area or tools to do that. Also keeping in mind practability. So my first new buy will be a case. This is going to be very important, as it will be the first thing everyone will look at when they see my build. As I am not a fan bling bling and like functionality and simplisity I have nailed down the choice to three cases. Corsair 800D $400AUD Corsair 800D Lian Li TRY X500 $500AUD Lian Li TRY X500 Lian Li TRY X2000 $700AUD Lian Li TRY X2000 Now I am hoping to have future proofing in mind as a case at this price better last at least 5 years (I do not have a bottom less pockets). That gives me some concern to the X2000 as I am not shore if the hot swap HHD bays will support sata 3 or if there will be replacement parts for sata 3. Also the X500 dose not seem to have a very big mother board tray and I am concernd weather a E-ATX board and 2 ATI 5870 will fit in there? The other problem will be LAN Parties as I hope to be attending them frequently so logistics is a concern. As the X2000 and 800D are HUGE. So all three have there Advantages and Diadvantages and I just dont know what to get. I like the ease of install and cooling of the X2000, I like the Size and the logistics of the X500, and I like the cable managment and window of the 800D What would you buy and why? Thanks for your respons guys.
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