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  1. are u OC? if not go with air cooling.. hehe
  2. u might wanna get more PSU watts.. like 1K watt or 1.5K.. and i would change that ATI gpu to nvidia.. like gtx 275 or 285.. or latest one.. hehe
  3. ill go for Nvidia gtx 260.. if ur gaming... and yea.. E8500 is a good processor for gaming.. hehe
  4. i got raven.. its not soo great.. ill take lian li.. its supers... THE REVIEW
  5. abid


    ok now i got burning crusade 3.0.2 (the main menu that shows login and password with WOTLK theme but still in TBC)... should i install my WOTLK cd first or get to 3.0.3 first??
  6. abid


    oh... so if i download 3.1.3, iget WOTLK?? no need to buy the cd?? zz.. dont know yet...
  7. abid


    hello im back.. ok now i got WoW TBC ver 3.0.1!! after this patch... what should i do to play WoW WOTLK.. and what is the patch number for WOTLK??? is 3.0.3??
  8. GTS 250 with 5-20FPS.. i got 20-30 fps with 8800GT superclock and 1920x1080 full hd monitor.. (in high settings)
  9. hmm.. ill get GTX 285.. but from the option.. go for gtx 260.. case.. ill go for silverstone raven... cooler master cosoms s...
  10. tagan abs 800watt.. xigmatek 850w.. silverstone DA850.. corsair tx 850 for non modular...
  11. the raven!!! its a big big case.. i love it coz i own it... but its ur choise... if u want a full otwer or a mid tower...
  12. wow... graphics cards use alot of power? damn.. now the main point of buying the psu is to power up the graphics card..... =.=
  13. its a nice game... like u can jump here and there... lol
  14. i got viewsonic 23.6 inch Full HD!! really nice.. love it..... can play crysis smoothly in high with 8800GT
  15. can a cooler master M520W modular handle a Q6600 @ 3GHz, 4GB ram, P35 Gigabyte mobo, GTX 285, 200GB hdd, 2X180mm fan, 3x120mm fan...
  16. ill get 4890 ati or gtx 260 275 280 285... and two of 1 TB hard disk..
  17. common.. get a better psu... corsair hx520 or hx620...
  18. yes can fit... HAF 932 is big man.. TRUE fits on my cm690 case....
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