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  1. Hmm, just tried that but it would only let me install it on my old android phones :/
  2. *sigh*, I've had a pretty awful year fitness wise ever since like April. Bad breakup + moving kinda ruined it for me. I did pretty well before that, finally got under 180lbs from like 215lbs. My goal for 2014 is around 165lbs by the end of March, and then 180lbs again by the end of the year but obviously with lower body fat and higher muscle.
  3. Ahh ok, yeah I am wireless. Stupid HBOgo, I guess I'll have to find other ways to watch Boardwalk Empire.
  4. Here's my problem with The Walking Dead. After Season 1 which was great, they just pull the same BS. First episode shows tons of action/how new life is going. Then the next like 5 episodes are a complete snooze fest where really uninteresting stuff happens with a tiny bit of good stuff. Then season/mid-season finale is some crazy action packed 10-20 minutes. Rinse and repeat. It's really getting boring. I think Zombies are still best for a movie because you don't have to explain things like grass mowing itself and brand new cars.
  5. Either one is great. Although with the recent litecoin mining surge the 280X is around $500 in the US, so if it is that high where you live as well skip it and get the GTX 770.
  6. I wish they would allow buffering. I assume it could be the connection, but damn it must really pick up the tinniest of weaknesses in the signal strength.
  7. I have Charter, here is a speedtest I just did. For the iPhone it's an app though, which I am guessing is better optimized and doesn't utilize Flash. I know Flash was a problem for OSX in the past. Ahhh, I hate stupid stuff like this
  8. So I just got my new 13" rMBP(mid spec) and I wanted to watch some Boardwalk Empire. Well, it seems to randomly stutter a bit, as in it freezes for a second or two and then plays back really fast. Is this internet lag, system lag or just a crappy interface/player from HBO? Or, is it just that Flash sucks on OSX? It works fine on my iPhone 5 last I played it.
  9. iOS. 7 seems a bit slow on my iPhone 5 though, maybe the phone itself is just breaking though (need to get it replaced anyways since the power button is broke again)
  10. Congratulations to all the winners and off course Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Holidays =)
  11. 21C here in California the next 2 days. I don't care for snow anymore, warm weather > cold weather!
  12. I remember choosing The Hunt for Red October for my 10th grade research paper(everyone called me crazy because it is a 600+ page book). That was probably one of the only books in all of my highschool years that I enjoyed reading for a research paper. I need to read it again and get the rest in the series, the books are really fantastic. I saw this when I woke up(Got a notification from CNN I think on my phone) and was just like "well, today isn't gonna be any good". RIP.
  13. I'll probably get bashed, but I honestly thought there was no point to that movie other than special effects. Seemed like a random collection of heroes plus effects.
  14. Ehh, I remember some troll posting videos like this on bodybuilding trying to tell everyone how amazing crossfit/stuff like this is. It's cool, but it ain't no Ronnie Coleman light weight baby xD
  15. I feel like that depends on the person and how susceptible they are to peer pressure and whatnot. My first car was a 2011 Eclipse, and I only really ever put myself in danger once(Stupid teenager feeling like being on top of the world for the lose). I think as long as you know the consequences and think before you do something stupid, it really doesn't matter what you drive. I do have to watch out with my 2012 GTI though, I feel like I hit 60 faster than I expect to, the turbo sound is so addicting
  16. That was with IBT and actually room temp was 27C as I had been testing with Linx before that. Here is about 15 minutes of Prime95 at ~25C, so more normal usage, although it will never even get close to that kind of load. (During games peak I saw was 55C on the hottest core and that was after a few hours when my room was getting a bit toasty)
  17. No, but I wouldn't worry about HDD temperatures, usually never an issue unless you decide to specifically blow really hot air onto it ;P
  18. I'll probably get a PS4. Most of the blu-ray players out there are really slow, so that's always a plus for the PS4.
  19. Nah, I think it was only a 1 year warranty. And this is wayyyyy off-topic, but I see you have a twin frozr, are you getting kinda high temps too? Mine likes to get up to 75C in games (I had to go from a 1100 OC on core to about 1050ish)
  20. My dad has a BMW motorcycle and makes fun of the Harley riders. Everyone just needs to feel better than others I guess
  21. That's a pretty serious problem, it only barely works...solidly Well I only need 1 ethernet port since the router is downstairs and my room is upstairs. I got one of those Asus ethernet adapters which works pretty damn well(although not worth $90, but I could also use it on my xbox I think or do some other things with it). It was a massive improvement over my old Linksys G router though, and maybe a surge protector would have been a smart idea ;D
  22. RIP. Seems every time I come back to OCC another staff member is lost
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