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  1. i just aquired a new i7 5775c from the egg,...it will replace the i3 4170 currently main brain in the security cam server for my house,...not that the i3 wasn't doing a pretty good job keeping all 6 foscams moving, at a low energy expenditure, but, imma techno-geek, so why not,...imma also a sucker for the bleeding edge electronica, so shrug...i know some guys are probably saying "well damn cj, why didn't you just take the whole thing to the next level and set up socket 1151", and the reason is the 65 watt tdp, only 9 watts more than the i3 with a fully threaded quad core and 14nm lithography,...it's actually the perfect solution to the applications it's needed for,...and oh yeah, iris pro 6200 and much much more...so i7 5775c, on an asus z97 mini-itx, and devoted to security cams...

    Cj Loki, catching the crooks in 4K. Hell yeah.

  2. In windows and in some bios settings you can tell the processor to gear down when loads are not there. I have my system set for low power usage in the bios and power saving in the OS. this way the thing idles low and slow on my 2011 - 3930k.(1200 MHz at 0.830 volts = 23 watts package load) Under load it pops up to 4500mah at around 210 watts.

    Best of both worlds. ;)

    To make it where it does not or very seldomly lowers its idle speed set up max performance in bios and OS. that should get you the results you want.

  3. Well, I went ahead and caved to my ISP. got this thing right here. Zoom 5341-00-00J 5341 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem Ethernet Port DOCSIS 3.0


    Anyhow. Hey there Crazy Asian, I completely understand their end of the deal and they want to support their clients and want a guarantee. But it ends up pissing me off.


    There are two reasons.



    I know how much I pay for my internet over the last 7 years that I have been with the ISP. It does not matter what they say or do they are making money hand over fist. Not only that their modem list only has  Their severe lack of compatible modems sickens me. I can understand if you don't mind running one of the routers that I refuse to run. The fact is I already Dump 65 a month into the cable alone. With that being said. The sad reality of the situation is I am financially constricted at the time. If I am going to spend my hard earned money on anything I require that I am comfortable with my purchase.


    Last but not least is the run around I got from both the agents I spoke with. It took three times to get a straight answer out of that company and that is pathetic. I simply asked could I run a D3 modem of my choice off that list and I was fed uncertainty. Finally, I chatted with one of the agents and I got a straight answer out of her. Worst customer experience I have had to the day. Simply put. If I provided this level of service in my line of work. I would still be in the bosses office getting my butt chewed.

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