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  1. Forgive me but for some reason my camera didn't take great pictures. Well that is what I get for using a cell phone. OH well. 


    Now that I became of a moment to continue this Build I began by getting the Final fan put on the radiator and installing the CPU block. For this build I used the Watercooled Heatkiller IV basic copper plexi. Old reliable you might say. Good performance anyhow. On the other hand its paired with a XSPC Photon res, XSPC compression fittings and rotary elbows and a D5 vario pump. Its a shame most of the photos didn't turn out but here is the loop Photos.






    To make clearance work out ok I did a double 90 fitting to send the Tubing downward rather then straight into the fan shroud just a 1/2 inch away. Worked out just fine in the end. Wish I had some offset rotary fittings, But a pair of 90's gets the job done. Lastly the loops footprint is pretty small. Would be easy as Pie to take out of the system without any hassle at all.






    Bleed and testing. No leaks for me thanks. ;-)




    Lastly I turned to wiring the case. Ummmm, YIKES!!!!




    Being that this is a mid tower and I have a large PSU it made it quite difficult to manage. However, Attrition prevailed and all got settled. Placing the fan controller on the PSU was either a stroke of brilliance or an act of stupidity. Ill let you decide. And trust me. That white panel hides alot of things. But every wire is secured properly; by God. And lastly the bottom panel has its Front IO and usb connectors. 








    Cant help but install this badge. its been waiting for a case worthy of it. 




    Lastly are some operational photos of the finished product. Everything worked properly on the first boot. Had to modify my old fan control policies in the Bios (EPIC intel thermal management system) . And the tempered glass makes it all worth it. 


    In closing. 


    I love this case. Is it difficult to build in, yes. Is it worth the look? Absolutely.


    If you are ever going to use this Case to Watercool, yes this one can air cool as well, then DO you homework very well. Lian li has made a very clear attempt to help people get the most out of this case when it comes to radiator placement. However, Not all radiators are created equally. Some radiators are too wide to go into the side chamber. As in there footprint is beyond 125mm making it to large To fit in place with the IO where its located without modification. Also if the Water in and outlet are at the very end of the radiator (like the XSPC AX and EX line) you will have to mod the fan mounts and remove some material to fit the rad on the side chamber. 


    Link to Radiator suggested.



    To run the dual radiators in front and top you will need at least 4 90' connectors or a snake style fitting to redirect the tubes to make it work. This is assuming you are using slim radiators as well.


    From the research I have conducted the radiator for the case is going the be the HW labs GTS360 slim radiator. I intend on grabbing up two of the things to put in this setup eventually and they are known to fit and are the best performing radiators in their respective slim class or sub 50mm radiators. 


    Lastly Please use a good tube res that can fit a pump to it. Makes life easier IMHO. and if you ever want fans on the bottom they wont be in the way.


    Going forward All that is left to do is install a RTX2080 Black RGB...... Which I don't currently have time for today. Drat.


    Enjoy some more build photos.








  2. So its not much of a system update. More of a minor upgrade.


    My family was good to me this year. Guess I was a well. Still the parts I received was much more the I deserve; But I digress..


    So I will be migrating my current build from my old current HAF932 to the Lian li PC-011DW and subtracting my current video cards (x2 gtx 960's) and putting in a EVGA RTX 2080 Black edition. I still can't belive I received it and am forever thankful.


    To kick off this build I decided to fit the chosen radiator that I had in store for it and the Primary motherboard That I entend to use until it expires. Cant beat intel boards. when they make them. Just wow.


    With the goal of this system to bring the PC back to the desk and in a classy fashion I set off. It will take time as I still have year end stuff to accomplish and Much to take apart before I can get all things operational. We shall see if I can get it together before end of the year. But no promises.


    To kick things Off I took it apart. In typical fashion It had its disappointments. To start with I installed the radiator (XSPC EX360). I had to compromise a bit. Turns out the spacing of the radiator water fittings wouldn't allow it to me mounted Behind where I want it. But this is OK. I compromised by using push pull for a slight bump in performance. To hide the radiator it would require some modifying. However I am sure this will not be the first rendition I will do. In short, its gonna get hacked up eventually.




    Cant forget about the Intel skull




    Lastly the back end. Will soon be unclustered only to be reclustered by my EVGA 1KW SQUID


  3. One solution I used to help my situation when I was using a trio of gtx480's was to place an exhaust fan on the case side right next to the rear of the GPU stack.

    This actually helped quite a bit because it pulled much of the heat away from the video cards instead of allowing it to rise.

    I think all cards were ten C' cooling with the fan in place. It wasn't anything crazy. Just a typical 1400 rpm sub 60 cfm fan. But it helped a ton.

    But to answer your question on why the CPU fan is behaving that way it may be due to the bios fan control programming. Such as if it has a light load but can sense a lot of heat in the remainder of the components. If its detecting a high temp on the board one of its conditions may be to max the cpu cooler to prevent others from overheating.

  4. @Boinker - What do you mean by leaving the louvers in place?  You mean the front grill with the bars?  I wanted to open it up and expose the fans more.  I was able to keep 2 of the 3 3.5" bays available while still fitting in the 2 120mm fans which is a win.  I could put another 3.5" device or extra hard drive if I needed to.  The case itself is just a classic.  The biggest problem with it compared to today's cases is the lack of any real way to do decent cable management and the fact it comes with 5 x 80mm fan spots.  Upgrading them to 2 x 120mm in front and 2 x 92mm in back really helps airflow and being able to use bigger, quieter fans (which reminds me I will be replacing the fan in the hot swap bay since it's the loudest thing in the case.


    Yes the grille bars. I thought it would look wrong in my case but It was done in style on your part. I lost both my 3 1/2 bays. the intension of my mod was to mount water cooling internal of the case. And it worked out. just have not got anything in it as it seems I only have one system at a time. lol. But in other news its nice to see another modded dragon. thats for sure.

  5. Very nice mod for the dragon. I did mine quite some time ago. Photobucket has sense deleted my photos but I still have the case in the garage. One of the things I did different was I used 2 120mm fans but left the Louvers in place. I may have to get a system going just to put it back in service. Just to say its back in action again. lol. I have all but a mobo and proc to do it.

  6. I think the best option for cooling would be this. so long as it will fit properly. I cannot measure the underhang of the front fans but I can see room beneath the fans, maybe not enough though. Check the cad drawing and see what you can measure out. Its an expensive solution but will be much better then a self contained unit such as an H100i or something similar... The only real advantage to the H100i would be that you would get it fans and all so you can relocate thje factory fan. Good luck, I hope you find a cooling solution that will get you what your looking for.



  7. Thanks all for the information. I believe you are wright about getting water cooling because I can't find an air heat pipe that would fit. But I found out with this case I can only put the 240mm radiator in the front or bottom not the top above the CPU..OUCH! I guess that will have to do.


    I am gonna wager that means you have the Spec-03, If so then there is a good chance you are not getting it up there. But a little insight on what case you are using would help us determine what is possible. 


    But if its what I think it is.


    I did see a picture of a carbide spec 03 With a Cooler master Seidon 240 installed, they did claim the Corsair H100 will fit based on that. The issue here is you loose your ability to run anything but lower profile ram. I.E. no additional heatsink material above the top of the rams own board.  something like that... it still may not fit. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233675&cm_re=ddr3_2133-_-20-233-675-_-Product


    You also Have to sacrifice the rear fan or run it on the outside of the case if that is possible. Please dont quote me here, I am only saying that because its something I would do, and unless its flat back there its not easily done. 



    Well, that's a bummer, ugh I thought most of you were gamers and overclocking was like upgrading your pc

    They're all just kidding. :)

    seriously? because I asked somebody who sells this and he said only the graphic card does make difference if your gaming

    That's a game and hardware dependent answer. Yes. Over clocking helps games. In more ways then just video.

  9. The voltage will always fluctuate anytime that speedstep or the power options in the OS are set underneath Max performance. Even when the Vcore is set manually. If you want it to fluctuate less under load then use less load line calibration or V droop. 


    BTW: Check your power supply with a multi meter or DVOM. your 12volt is very low. I believe specifications at + or - 0.40 volts dc or tighter. If under load your PSU is giving less then 11.80 volts. I would consider replacing it. 

  10. I do not give out free info over the phone, the way I see it is time is money and if it's the customer's fault something is not working properly they can bring it to me or I'll go to them, either way I charge them something for my time, a (thanks a lot) over the phone for 30 min. of my time don't pay my bills.

    Amen spike. Seeing as I work at a benz dealer. I have had conversations with independent auto repair places asking about the special tool for the lug bolts. After I tell them its a 17mm socket they tend to argue and I hang up. They usually call back getting a different result and end defining insanity oh so well. ;)

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