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  1. If you guys and gals had seen that I recently got an upgrade In my PC life. You would know that I am toying with my 011 Dynamic.


    After using this case for a while the question came to me. Is there a better way to configure the cooling for my setup? Searching the web I had mixed data from various youtubers and review write ups. This painfully concluded that I was not sure how I wanted to Configure the system. And I wasn't going to take on every suggestions as gold. So that meant one thing, time to test this myself. 


    For all intense purposes the case layout looks a bit like this. 3 groups of 3 located at the bottom, top and front side facing away from the glass. Here are two reference photos. please ignore the pair of 960's in the setup photo. Those have been out for a while.


    20181230_235010.jpg  Lian li fan layout.png


    Testing setup: 



             Lian Li pc-011 Dynamic

    Case cooling:

             X9 Scyth slipstream PWM fans 0-1600 RPM w/pwm (rated @ 74cfm)

    Motherboard and its minons :

             Intel 3930K processor on a Intel DX79si Motherboard supporting 16 gig Mushkin DDR3 2133

    Note: The Ram is running at its rated speed in XMP and the Processor is OC'd to 4.20 Ghz from 3.20-3.50 turbo in single core turbo.


             EVGA RTX 2080 Black edition (Stock cooling and stock clocks)


             EVGA 1KW PSU

    Processor cooling:

             I am using a liquid cooling loop that remained static in the Front side fan locations. Watercool Heatkiller VI basic waterblock, XSPC EX360 rad, XSPC Photon tube res, Swiftech MCP655 and 1/2-3/4 tubing. 


    Testing solution:


    The test suit I used was 3dmarks Time Spy. For its function of testing both the CPU and GPU under the most extremes. and its free for the moment to me.

    Monitoring software used was EVGA Precision X1 for the GPU, Intel XTU for the board and its overclock, Core temp used for CPU temps and tracking. 


    To keep things even more even Steven the GPU and the CPU were optimized into a Max performance profile so the Clock speeds are constant and Not skewing the results.


    After 2 consecutive runs with time Spy, one for warm up and second for data gather, The Max load temps will be recorded and then the system was allowed to sit in windows with only the monitoring software up for 10 minutes to establish a fair Idle reading.


    System setup: 


    GPU was set to its automatic fan profile by Nvidia. This puts the fan efforts around 50% at 70c and 0 while the card is idling.


    To skew the results slightly, cause it cant be an amateur write up if I didn't, the fan profiles were set to a constant 50% with the intel built in ramp up starting from 50c and all on being at 60c. During testing it was ranged from 800RPM to 1200 RPM when the cpu ramped above 50c. In my defense, I did this because that is how I use it day to day. 


    Lastly I did not take ambient in a manner that proper delta could be established. For this I do apologize. But according to a thermometer it was roughly 70F' next to the case when before I tested and after all testing took place.


    On to the Data: 


    In the manner described above I went to it. Phillips in hand we shall see what happens. I was legit curious to see and apparently ready to delete 4 hours of life for the data gathering.

    See Crappy picture of fan locations for reference above. 


    The first configuration I chose, because that is how it was to begin with, to have the top and side front fans populated as exhaust fans. 9 fans in total with the radiator sandwiched.


    CPU temp: Max 55c    idle 35c

    Max Motherboard VRM temp: 54c

    GPU Temp: Idle: 47c Load: 73c

    GPU fan speed: Max 54 % Min 0%


    Second went Bottom intake with side and top exhaust. 9 fans in total with radiator only having 3 fans as outlet.


    CPU temp: Max 57c    idle 40c

    Max Motherboard VRM temp: 54c

    GPU Temp: Idle 55c Load 73c

    GPU fan speed: load 50% idle 0%


    Next was The Bottom and side intake with top exhaust. This is where things get interesting.


    CPU temp: Max 55c Idle 39c

    Max Motherboard VRM: 56c

    GPU Temp: idle 45c load 75c

    GPU fan speed: load 57% idle 0%


    next was No bottom fans with side intake radiator sandwich and top exhaust. 


    CPU temp: Max 53c idle 37c

    Max Motherboard VRM: 58c

    GPU temp: idle 48c load 77c

    GPU fan speed: load 60% idle 0%


    Lastly I did a brute force test with fans at 100% minus the gpu. Fan location was top exhaust with side intake and no bottom.... This was excessively loud but nowhere near as bad as bottom intake setups. 


    CPU temps: Max 50c Idle 33c

    Max Motherboard VRM: 48c

    GPU Temp: Idle 35c load 65c

    GPU fan speed: load 48% idle 0%



    With that performed lets talk about this for a bit.




    What is a constant here is the fact that you just cannot beat brute force when it comes to cooling performance. While impressive this case has not much a way of dampening noise or vibrations. Its so loud that it will rattle your teeth. For this reason I did not test the system much further with bottom intakes. Between the noise levels and results being either within margin of error or worse I abandoned using them in that location all together. A pc on your desk that is running north of 50 DBA is a distraction not worth getting used to. 


    Now with the watercooling setup being where it is I cant help but wonder. Would the system perform better with the radiator placed elsewhere. With these results in hand once I have more time I have considered moving the radiator to the top and redoing testing just to get the most from my system. Movement of the heat coming from the GPU is going to make a clear difference, and in addition to that having fresh air only being ingested front the side fans is going to change that game. But how will that effect the CPU and VRM? Will a vertical gpu bracket improve this as well? Now that I have said that I will need to add the results as soon as I can allocate time to perform them. Likely next week. (January 26th tentative) 


    With the testing performed it does prove one thing. Its an issue of give and take. With the fans as exhaust only and no bottom fans fitted we did see the best all around results. While with noise blown , haha, out of portion you can make the system cool better. What bothers me the most is that data clearly shows that bottom fans really do not serve a purpose other then blasting thy ears. You do see improvement with all fans pegged. But will suffer from hearing loss at the gain of only 5c on the CPU and 8c on the GPU. 


    Other then that. Anyone that has taken the time to read this I greatly appreciate.


    Finally to answer my initial question.

    Is there a better way to configure the cooling for my setup? As usual the answer is, That depends.

  2. Did the same here....last build 2012...RIVE and 3930K......this time MXI E / 9900K and new DDR4 32 G Ram ....then may as well change out all drives...clean OS install,,,,


    Recycled most of the WC'ing gear and the 1080Ti's ....new tubing....didnt need to its just I felt like I was getting so out of touch with tech Id better get on it ;)

    First time someone mentioned an M.2 Drive I had to go n google it !!!!


    I can understand that. The Board and processor I have are from 2012 as well. Upgrading is so expensive though. 


    So I think i messed up when buying a cpu cooler. I don't think I'll be getting to high of an overclock with this cooler. Running Prime95 within the first few seconds the temp shot up as high as 89* on one core. Should have went with a 320 cooler  :wallbash:

    I let Prime95 run for another 10 minutes are so and the temps dropped down to 65-70*, I need to mess with the fan profile a little so that the pump and fans are running a bit faster at idle.



    I feel your pain. My goal with my Lian li pc-011 DW is to build a very quiet build. For the time being I am stuck with a very poor performing XSPC EX360...... GRRR. not only does it not move heat out well it does even worse at flow rate.

  4. I will keep my eyes open wev. Selecting a case is hard. And we being who we are makes it that much harder because what is cool with the industry isn't always the answer. Hate to say it. But when we see it its either hated, liked or we fall in love with the dang thing and we get it.

    However the ethoon line has always been, and likely will be, something to Marvel and contend with. I just got really lucky when I layer eyes on the 011 dynamic. Lucky. But I expect full tower cooling capability....... Challenge accepted.





    Hey Wevspot!!



  5. SO I put my system back up to bench speed and left the video card at factory. Turns out this guy has me by 2% but that may literally be due to the video card being down clocked compared to his. 


    Video card score weighing in at at staggering 2.70% difference between a 9900k driven system versus my 3930k. On firestrike extreme.




    Gonna get time spy installed and will Edit in the results I find.


    Well in time Spy according to this result. I traded swings with an 8700k setup so far as GPU scores. actually went back and forth. However when it came to the CPU score he smoked me. 




    So I guess the lesson here is there is gonna be a bottleneck someplace... is it worth spending 800 and up for an upgrade. I don't think so.


    Thats that. Please comment on this, I want to know y'all's take on the results I found. 

  6. i have been guilty of not cleaning my loop and it doesn't turn out well i assure you,... my friends were using a silver solution at the time and had few if any issues (don't ask me google it) but i had zerex antifreeze automotive in mine and it only lasted about 3-4 months, so there ya go...

    these guys on here are great sources of info for the asking ! 



    You had AF clog up...... Wow cjloki, tell me more man. Any idea what happened?


    I know I ran into an isse when i switch from pt nuke to AF but that was determined to be existing crud that I didn't get cleaned out properly. Turned out the blocks were cleaned out but the CPU block received and clogged itself with all the just that was left over.


    Talk to me goose!!! I must know.

  7. Edited in the final build log portion of me installing the 2080 black by Evga.


    The RGB is kinda worth it kinda no.... OK fine its worth it. ;-)


    But I can't get over how awesome the case looks. Congrats to lian li and Du8auer on an epic rehash on an older case.

  8. Sense I started using automotive AF haven't had an issue. But straight automotive AF will clean it up and not cause your system to corrode. Also dawn dish soap and a toothbrush if you don't want to use antifreeze



    And depending on whats in there or clogging things up you can Drain the loop and run 50/50 through it to clean things up. Its going to eat whatever crud is in there for breakfast and or at least loosen it so they are simply floating particles. I attempted this when my loop got clogged up and it was easily the simplest way to do it. You of course have to take apart the loop to remove the particulates. But it takes all things off whatever metal is in there. 

  9. Is there enough room for your sata cables to go into the mobo? It looks tight.

    Yes. Just enough room to plug it in the hard 90 through the rubber channel grommet. There will be plenty of stuff on the hard drive mounting etc and back panel wire management when I get the system up and going. Finalizing the water cooling loop leak down test and gonna get it ready to play with sometime tonight.

  10. Well, sense the system live tested for three days with no hiccups I decided to install the final portion of the system update.


    Granted this setup is nothing more then an old dx79si, 3930k and mushkin ddr3 2166 and 1kw psu. But this should power it into the future.


    Off hand I can say the results are pretty much a double in performance compared to sli 960's. Can't wait to over clock it but I think it over clocks itself.


    Other then that it sure looks epic on the deck with the tempered glass case. Can't beat the looks of it.


    But I digress. Thanks to those that looked and read up. Much appreciated. There will be more later. I just need a couple 500 or so in parts to do just that.




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