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  1. Hey there, Welcome to OCC. Well there are a few options. Firstly is the card starting off at a really high temp at idle or is the card climbing up to this? Does the case have sufficient airflow? Have you tried replacing thermal compound? Have you used a OC utility to input a more aggressive fan profile? Is the fan working at all? If you wouldn't mind presenting a bit more info it would be helpful. Things such as; what video card it is specifically and under what conditions this occurs. More info please. Ill keep an eye this topic and if I have any suggestions ill be in touch.
  2. I looked into the error Code. There is some information that would suggest a driver error is to blame. Start with the board and chipset driver. reseat your ram. The ram issue drive me up a wall and turned out it was a dirty ram install all along...... Imagine finding that after a week of hunting and it turns out your gummy mits were to blame. Give those two a try and report back please. Also when I was having my issue (not stable anywhere) Clock_watchdog_error was one of my BSODs
  3. Updated in full. Where all the Cowtippers, I mean Threadrippers at?
  4. Got a Results - Comp Threat for it posted up. Go send some results. And thank you Guest_jim for staying on top of things. Linky - https://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/207687-cinebench-r20-results-competition/?p=2167818
  5. Example post 3930k @ 4.20 2189CB
  6. Well sense this benchmark just showed up I figured its time to get some scores in. As usual lets see how far we can push our systems to get to the top of the list. Screenshot of the Cinebench R20 and CPU-z are only requirements. If you are like me and still running speedstep or cool and quiet then please note your System overclock or turn it off to show results. (bare in mind this is a casual thread so I will be casual with this rule) Gonna separate the results by Intel or AMD and if we grab enough results then I will go by socket or series of chip. Download is free from the Microsoft store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/cinebench/9pgzkjc81q7j?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Good luck and happy overclocking Ready, set, go. INTEL = Blue AMD = Red Breagnok: 10177CB - i9-7980XE @ 4.40 GHZ Cjloki: 9306CB - Ryzen 9 3950X @ 3.70GHZ Nyt (Nutrudder): 5245 - Core I9 9900K @ 5ghz Road-runner: 4979CB - I9-7900X @ 4.00 GHZ Slick2500: 3584CB - I7 97000k @ 4.60 GHZ CjLoki: 2720CB - i7 5930K @ 3.57 GHZ That_Guy 2671CB - I5 8600 @ 4.7 GHz Boinker: 2189CB - I7 3930k @ 4.20 GHZ Spikesaprano: 1688CB - I7 2600k @ 4.500 GHZ
  7. Well it was long awaited but I was able to do some of the testing that I sent myself to do. So here is the Vertical GPU mount portion. Far as install it was a no brainer. The instructions could be a bit better, the design functionality could be improved but it is still a case specific vertical GPU mount kit that you can rest assure it will fit. Install time is around 30 minutes if you muddle through it slowly. No sli testing tonight. That is for another day. I have a pair of GTX 960's that I am curious to see if they would both fit in there. Only worry is the plugs for the motherboard and cable routing to the outside card. Anyhow, Feast your eyes. I am neutral on the look of it, But water cooling would fix that entirely. What is ever more curious is that I did not see a temp variation with this setup in gaming. Gonna test with the metods posted above and will give results. With the side intake and top exhaust anyhow. Not to be a bore but I would rather not swap around everything.
  8. IR_cow... Figures I would mention Cokemans review and do it wrong.
  9. CJloki I am wondering what the 12v rail is doing under gaming loads. According to Ccokemans testing for the GPU - If I am looking at the charts correctly shows the 2080 drawing 387 watts load while overclocked and the TI drawing 442 watts overclocked. However 80-90% load in games does seem a little extreme. Back to basics @op Have you attempted to clean out and install the latest drivers?? Install DDU or display drivers uninstaller then install a clean version of the Latest GPU driver. Does MSI afterburner show what happens when the GPU falls off? Such as if your CPU usage roof tops and your GPU bogs. I will note that with my I7 3930K (about 10-15% slower then your proc) will not get enough data to the GPU during Ray tracing tests like Port royal. Are you sure its not CPU or HDD related?
  10. Your Welcome JDM_freek. Hopefully you will decide soon. Please keep us in the loop.
  11. Your welcome. Check back with us when you get around and lets see some results.
  12. Hey we are both still using sandy bridge bro, mine just got an e in it. 3930k over here. ;-) and yes I completely agrees. Once he goes past the 1080p barrier then the 2080 will show its true potential.
  13. Depending on who you ask the jump from the 1080 -- 2080 is gonna see you around a 20-30% hike depending on what yah play. I have kept it too myself nuit IMHO the fact that ray tracing has not been fully realized by many is a severe bummer for Nvidia and the 2K series of cards. HOWEVER, I think personally that card has been overplayed by reviewers. Ray tracing or not, its a good card. Is the cast too dang high.... well yeah. I DIGRESS.
  14. I am happy with my 2080. Plows through anything I play without oc or water cooling help. Wouldn't a 2080 be a better performance margin compared to a 1080ti? In addition to that the 2000 series hasn't had time to optimise so I suspect there is more to be had from the cards in time.
  15. Alot of the guides out there say 4.20 with the proper cooling is good and obtainable. got a good cooling fitted and you'll travel. And your right. it won't help much but will still help. Maybe just do some baby overclocking, you know, get your nappy wet one time before you outright crap in it?? One that I read stated to start with the voltage on the core at 1.30v and move the multi up until you are unstable after 30 minutes of a stability tester. once you find your unstable spot work with the V core until you get it right. Give it a go if ya like, Just stay within what it known safe and watch the temps.
  16. Well, how hard to push is solely dependent on your wallet constraints. Here is an overclocking Guide for the 20800. everything should also apply to the 2060-70-80-80ti as well. https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/nvidia_rtx_2080_oc_guide/ Push the GPU to your hearts content, it will have its limiters that will keep you within boundaries. THe processor is another matter though. What have you tried and where is it hanging up? What kind of core and multiplier are you operating on?
  17. Okay now I'm not sure what is going with it, the fans keep randomly stopping, starting and sometimes spin backwards at a few rpms a minute. Looks like the fans internal controller has gone belly up? RMA
  18. Thanks for your input stlicknstone Much appreciated.
  19. Mechanical keyboard.... Because RGB fitted.

  20. Mechanical keyboard...... maybe.

  21. Fractal has been getting quite the attention as of recent. Well, when you produce something as good looking and functional as The R6, your bound to get some attention.
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