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  1. I am going to make a fanancial dicision and a sound one..... I shall stick with air-cooling. If its too hot.... Use a secondary air fan of an Mercedes S65.
  2. I would have to aggree with you on that case..... That looks cool.
  3. I want it..... THATS FREAKING AWESOME
  4. BFG tech gtx 295.................... there goes 500 BUCKS
  5. I hate to say it BUT But I aggree with all of you guys.... hey mattwalter85, Is it just me or was that a sales PITCH.... lol Thanks for the replies guys. , boinker
  6. Well I was talking to A friend of mine a couple of days ago and I was making reference to My goal at getting a PAIR of BFG 9800 gt oc video cards and using sli. though he discouraged it I was woundering what is everyone else's opinion to Sli or crossfire these days. hmm. though I trust him and its slightly discouraging, I would like to know what Opinion is about sli or crossfire. two way, three way, backwards forwards, upside down, Advantages, disadvantages, or any random things ect. Please don't take this one too seriously. I just want to here what poeple think at this point about sli.
  7. Well said sandwich. thank you again all. I just new purchased an antec 300 for a multimedia right for my girlfriend. and I am waiting on mo money for the antec 1200 I eventually. and painfully dicided to dedicate my self too. Again, thanks to all , Boinker
  8. Thank you very much for all the replies. Thus far I go, looking at all of them. I checked out the thermaltake armor, the lian li line, SYTRIN NexTherm, the coolmaster line, I rechecked the antec 1200 and a slough of other cases. There are pro's and cons to all of the cases. But i belive I am glued to the Antec 1200. Just due to its looks and the fan Placement it has. Its kind of tough to see what all the cases have as per room and it seems I will ALWAYS have little room to run the wires. (hopefully the mobo tray is a good 1/4 From the side panel) lol. anyhow. off to the picture gallery to see what they can look like. :: Thanks to everyone who has so far replied, You help is Much appreciated. Thank you, Boinker.
  9. Hello all. Ill start with the fact that Im new to overclosking, modifying computer, and basically everything that is involved in computer building. And now I am at a lose. As of now I have figured out what all internal components I want for my new monster and I have run into a snag. Rigt now I am looking for a case. I would perfer full Atx tower and dispite a new pair of glasses and reading reveiws I cant dicide what tower to stick with. Had my eye on the mid atx antec 900 but after seeing it in person, I did not like the amont of space it had compared to the tower I have. the bigest concern I have is cooling ability i.e. Big fans, accessability to components, and Clusterless wiring. And if it matters I'd like Blue LED's coming out of every part of it. . Thanks in advance, Boinker P.S Components I would like to place inside as follows if it helps Asus crosshair II formula 780i x2 Bfg tech Nvidia 280 or 260 gt oc version ultra chiltec processor cooling system the most ram I could put in it. with cooler ultra x3 modular 1000 watt power source x3 3.5 inch hard drivers x2 dvd-cd- burners and one floppy (because I wanna) and a slough of Blue lights
  10. How about wiring Harness tape? Use it to build Just about anything Involving a harness. Only thing is Its a little sticky on the inside. B:) Just not electrical tape...
  11. If only I could afford that type of stuff.
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