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  1. Hello all.


    Ill start with the fact that Im new to overclosking, modifying computer, and basically everything that is involved in computer building. And now I am at a lose.


    As of now I have figured out what all internal components I want for my new monster and I have run into a snag. Rigt now I am looking for a case. I would perfer full


    Atx tower and dispite a new pair of glasses and reading reveiws I cant dicide what tower to stick with. Had my eye on the mid atx antec 900 but after seeing it in person, I did not


    like the amont of space it had compared to the tower I have. the bigest concern I have is cooling ability i.e. Big fans, accessability to components, and Clusterless wiring.


    And if it matters I'd like Blue LED's coming out of every part of it. :rolleyes: .


    Thanks in advance,





    Components I would like to place inside as follows if it helps


    Asus crosshair II formula 780i


    x2 Bfg tech Nvidia 280 or 260 gt oc version


    ultra chiltec processor cooling system


    the most ram I could put in it. with cooler


    ultra x3 modular 1000 watt power source


    x3 3.5 inch hard drivers


    x2 dvd-cd- burners and


    one floppy (because I wanna)


    and a slough of Blue lights

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