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  1. So far as setting the Vcore on the 9900k I am not certain. However if its stable and within a safe limitation I would leave it. 

    Now for your temperatures I can understand that it seems hot. But its a 9900K and that is what they do. That being said you have some options. 

    1: dial back the OC some more. ( I would put it back to 5ghz personally)

    2: Try different thermal compound

    3: Use a different waterblock. (what does your watercooling loop consist of?)

    4: Liquid Metal the CPU

    5: Run it naked. 

    As far as the 3 options I would honestly run that chip naked if I had one. You have to assume some risk but it is worth the reward. I cant speak for its difficulty and I would suggest plenty of time watching youtube to make sure you understand the do's and don'ts. 

    When running the stress test you are going to see higher temps then you will ever in real world use. I wouldn't fret about them to be honest. Monitor the system and see what becomes of it. it may be in the mid 60's - 80's and thats more then fine.

  2. Welcome to OCC. I am still running a sandy Bridge extreme. Feel free to contact me if you need something. 

    Also most of the older members here do have experience with the 2xxx and 3xxx series processors. May or may not be fresh in our heads but I am sure it can be recalled.


  3. 4 hours ago, NCC10281982B said:

    The trouble for me is [email protected] seems to kill something within the card that renders it useless for [email protected] Off the top of my head one of the presistantand consistant error codes  (regardless of the suggested fixes (why is it always a driver reinstall?) I have found) has been bad_work_unit. I have been wrestling with that error for ages and am therefore sick of it. Thus I choose to let it run under CPU only. Like way back 15+ years ago.

    Given the circumstances, I will throw caution to the wind and send it anyhow. 

    Right now the issue is getting FAH Covid-19 clients that can run on the CPU. Or even getting a work unit. Servers are crashing due the the overwhelming influx atm. Should be fixed before long. hopefully they will be able to toss some CPU work units in there for yah.

  4. honest to God my GPU is under a 3 year warranty and I would rather replace it next year if it ment we could get closer to a cure. It also means we instead of being sidelined.... We actually doing something. Tempted to Dump a 480 into the wifes system and send it but I dont know if that is a good idea.... lol. Power bill.

  5. 45 minutes ago, ir_cow said:

    Hmm maybe it's a case of not me giving the game enough time. Lots of small details like the type of armor or what to equip only comes from experience. Which takes game-play to understand.

    Lots of games that I really like arent very easy to get accustom to. Dark Souls is a perfect example. Extremely hard to the novice. Not very enjoyable until you figure out how the game works. Then that first tutorial is a breeze. In fact half that game is just memorizing movements. Still a very deep and fun game if you just get past the first few hours.

    While you are right and this is true for many games. The big stick with Mechwarrior 5, and all the other titles, is survival. Damage mitigation and tactics will get you just as far as other equipment will. Also one part of mechwarrior5 is it rewards you for tenacity and buying expensive equipment.

    One thing that I failed to mention is that you can gain an edge just from getting the upper tiers of weaponry. Say when you go from a tier 0- tier 5 PPC (particle projection cannon) the projectile (lightening) moves faster, does more damage and creates less heat, also Double heatsinks can be found. While they are rare they take more component slot but remove double the heat at the same tonnage of 1.

    That is what separates Star league tech versus common tech. These items in the game give you a severe advantage. not only that some of the hero mechs or special variants come with better weapon configs to give you more Punch.

    Take my go to variant for example. Its an Atlas - Effective range up to 600 meters. and if they get into 300 minus its a murder wagon. x2 PPC tier 4. lb10x (shotgun) tier 4, srm6 tier 4, srm 4 tier 4, then packed full of double heatsinks. Its mean AF. but boy does it suck when I lose a weapon. stupid expensive and hard to replace.

  6. On 2/12/2020 at 12:53 PM, Braegnok said:

    The most jarring part of the game is the writing, the script seems dated, quips that were pulled from 1980s action movies. 

    I generally play with a mouse and keyboard,.. only to find it a little too awkward moving both the Mech and the torso with the WASD section on the keyboard, especially when it came to controlling the throttle.

    Running the game on a HOTAS or Thrustmaster Flight Control System would be sweet, having a paddle on the throttle, being able to control the lower half of Mech with left hand and upper half with my right hand.

    I only played through the game's second mission, so I'll be holding off on any judgment until I've put a lot more time into the game.

    Thank you for the reply. Keep playing and let me know what you think. Have always wondered what a hotas would feel like. Keyboard and mouse is my jam. ;)


    On 2/12/2020 at 2:18 PM, ir_cow said:

    To be honest the whole 1 billion loadout options put me off from playing.  It takes 15 minutes to setup a loadout and half the stuff I apply, I have no clue what it does. Just that my stats go up.

    I really just want a mech game where I can blow stuff up without having to worry about how thick my rear armor is and how it will slow me down and use up my energy reserves. 

    Clearly this game is for extremely patient people who want a really deep game. It's just not for me.

    You know, I can get that. totally. The game is what you make it. and if you OCD out on too many settings its gonna break yah. 

    In the same right that is part of the fun. to be fair with me I max the armor to ensure survival and use tactics to either spread damage and or keep damage to sides I want them to hit rather then others. It is fun for me. sorry it takes the luster away from you. and to be fair you only need enough back armor to have time to turn around and start blasting.

  7. I purchased this game on launch. I played up until today when I completed the campaign. Hopefully they come out with another story line DLC to take place such as the 4th succession war or the clan invasion.  Hopefully I don't have to wait over a decade to see it either. I feel like this will be hard to pick back up. With almost 5 days worth in game time... I wonder what Ill do.


    Now that Space AT&T has been embarrassed by a merc group that they outnumber thousands to one I should be content but I am not. Finding what I assume to be the HAAL memory core, cant remember spelling, is a great win in my book.  Granted I got some coin, a few weapons, a mess of Double heat-sinks and one mech. It was not enough. Also I have to ask how I got salvage as I took off while the battle was still raging. Steel cables and hooks I GUESS.... The final mission of course being no joke and all that for a few weapons; Its a kick in the pants to say the least. And all the tech that was inside..... Well space At&T must of got it. I cant explain the blue-balled kick in the nards that was. 

    Now that I am done with open complaints I can state the game through it was very fun. Frequently challenged in more ways then one. The upkeep of your unit is a start. Trying to balance unit size versus how much someone will pay you in your general location. Where you are going to find your next set of upgraded weapons or replacing broken components was another. Then finding top tier hard to replace components was an act of God.  Making money is a challenge in itself. Between the aforementioned issues you have plenty of reasons that your C-bills vanish. Then there are the Shiny hero Mechs.. I don't need to explain further.

    One feature that was nice, bugged out and made things incredibly difficult all at once. Was the negotiations.  Rationing you relations with the various houses, Independent merc units, shipping companies, exploring corporations, bandit outcrops etc; gave you some benefit. You can work for anyone. But based on your prior actions Its either for a penalty to those you have pissed off or a reward for those you have helped and impressed. This also seemed to unlock some special high reward missions. That's cool and all, but to what end. Usually those missions are a lateral move at best. Some of the time the game will force you to bid for less then what is fair IMHO. You get 15 points to distribute, at best, and negotiate how much money, salvage or damage recovery. The salvage method in the later portions of the game was kind of a joke. Even with some of the best relations and all the apples placed in salvage that assault mech is out of your reach anyhow. Would like to have a conversation to who balanced that affair but that is neither here nor there.  

    Single lance drop..... #^#*...... A lance ,group of four mechs, versus several thousand tons of hardware makes for a dicey engagement. All this and It left me feeling unrewarded. Granted the scaling of the content was difficult to the point of near impossibility. Based on my own personal Critique I am not a tactical master, but I will call myself good pilot. MW5 tested this thoroughly and sometime arbitrarily.  In past games MW4 at least would let you drop in 2 lances deep and ready to face the kind of odds MW5 threw at you. Which makes me wonder what could be expanded upon for the coming DLC IF they have one. Ill take 2 lances and a Jenner.... Better yet 2 stars and a Kitfox please. I was begging more then once to send my Pilots to a repair fac.. more then once. But no such thing for those fools.

    The story..... Ok, without being a complete jerk it sucked until you started figuring out WHY events had taken place and why your father was sought after. Well, blood of Kerensky equals target on your back. Turns out Pops was a Claner and So are you. Nice plot twist at the very end. Explained a great deal. However left me personally struggling to understand what next. Maybe its my own bias towards games that once the story is done there is no more substance to it. But I am going to see if I can shake things up with the Free Rassalhague Republic to pass time. Maybe some periphery assignments with the Torian Concort would be fun.  

    Piloting: My experience goes back to MW3 vengence, Mechcommander 1, 2 and gold,  MW4 Mercenaries, Mechwarrior living legends (personal favorite), Mechwarrior online (insert Zelbrigan TOE and TOF comments here) Battletech and finally this game. I can say that I was no stranger to the mechs. They felt normal. Big stompy war machines for all kinds of warriors. While I prefer Brawling and nothing beats an LBX beatdown this game forces you to branch out which I like. Atlas 2 ppc lb10x srm4 srm6 with a few tons of ammo and Double HS suits me just fine. I think it was Karita Steiner that once said, Our assault mechs may be slow, but they are sticky, and once they get stuck one something they can break away. (Not a direct quote but same same)

    The AI pilots: I did enjoy that at times the AI would taunt you. Nice touch. Open radio chatter is nice. However, I kept running into issues where the instructions I gave were either not followed or poorly executed. I would intentionally give my AI pilots faster mechs even if it ment dropping light on a 300-400 ton engagement. More then once left alone to face whatever hell sent my direction or Space At&T determined what was sufficient to take me out. In upgrading to near or at level 60 pilots this issue still frustrated me to no end. What was bad is that Lt. Freeman was my MVP more often then not and it actually felt, I am not exaggerating, that he had my back more of the time then better paid more skilled pilot. DAFAQ???!!!! 

    With any hope. Clan invasion DLC will happen for this game and you will be able to either choose sides or it will happen in several installments. 

    Another cool mention is that the Star map changed throughout the campaign. seemingly favoring the sides that I worked for at the start of the game and helped out the most. I left steiner out to Die, aided Marik, Shunned Karita and Laio and Death marched with house Davion, Somehow House Davion swollowed Terra and all of the Steiner Territories...... That cant be a coincidence but I am up to be proved wrong as always.

    Lastly, as this wall of text needs to end. When at the end of the game you !!!!JUST!!!! hand over the Memory core without being paid a premium for it and everything is hunky dory. I almost screamed at the game until my good sense realized. Its just a game, and whoever wrote that needs... Nevermind. The freebirth coward will refuse my batchall anyhow.....


    Anyhow. That is my rant, amateur review and hopes that this game will continue. 

    If you made it this far through a wall of spelling errors, run on sentences and grammatical errors my heart goes out to you. Comment below if you have anything at all to say. I want to hear peoples perspectives.  

    Brenton Bowker.

  8. Gentlemen thank you for the replies and thank you to those who voted. 

    I had a moment when I was like, Wait, I am letting an online forum decide a small bit of my fate. I had to laugh for a second. Ill let this run a little while longer to see if anyone drops in their opinion or makes a contrast, But it looks like the votes speak for themselves already. Looks like I would prefer to do a larger fan setup for the 1080 radiator. Rather have some low humming 180mm fans then 9 120mm fans singing in unison.  I am curious. Shelf or mounted to the bottom of the desk? Hmmmm.

    Also wouldn't that be something to do a chiller. Hmm, Later. 


    Thank you again for the replies. And please don't hesitate to drop your opinion down below. 


  9. Thanks for your reply RHKcommander959

    Its for a overclock on my old 3930K and a 2080. I want to break back into the 4.50ghz or 4.60 ghz range with the chip and best the GPU can do.

     In this situation I thought one would have been enough to get the job done. One 360 (XSPC RX360) will keep things at the compromise of noise. However when warmer weather and temps north of 20-24c in my room I fear it will be to much. The attempt and motive is to keep fan rpm to a min. in the sub 800 range without forcing the system to heat the water at a higher delta ambient. 

    Regarding the external radiator, Honestly I am thinking of placing the radiator directly below the case mounted to the desk. With the Lang D5 I should be ok with a head pressure of 6 feet. worst case I guess I could run a 24 volt D5 but that would be counter to the goal of the system. That is the other thing. I also plan to run the CPU and gpu in parallel to supplement flow rate. In testing with the system under a single radiator it shows to be beneficial. 

    If thats not enough desk space is limited. To me putting a 011 dynamic on the floor would be a crime in my eyes. I dont mind stuffing 2 radiators in the system. Its just a matter of how complex do I want to build this loop in the end I guess.

  10. Title and poll says it all. I want to upgrade my experience a bit further in the cooling department to reduce fan noise and my enjoyment. Lets be honest. I really need to get my hands on a small project. 

    So the case in question is a PC-011 dynamic. I can either put dual radiators inside of it or put a monster radiator on the wall or at the bottom of my desk. The case never needs to go anywhere so it being able to tag along is optional criteria. 

    Here is the kicker, I possess an extreme nova in the garage that is waiting for a home to call its own. I however do not possess radiators for a dual internal setup. 

    Cost for the dual radiators in addition to what I already possess is going to be around 150

    Cost for the phobya external setup with fans, disconnects and mounting hardware will be around 200


    Let me know what you think guys and help me decide. I have been on the fence for months.


    Thanks in advance, 


  11. 4 hours ago, Cyberbeer said:

    Going with my gut and I wanted to upgrade graphics one way or another I ordered a evga 1660 ti and installed it. 

    Everything is working normally.  Decent upgrade for far cheaper than I spent on my original GTX 780 sc.  Sad to see her go but 7 years ain't bad.  Longer than most marriages.  :)

    Thanks all very much for their input.

    This is certainly good news. Glad you are back in business. :)

    And if it makes you feel any better I am still running my 3930K from ages ago. Crazy how that has held on all this time given how I abuse it. But it keeps crackin on. 

  12. As people have said there is no clear way to test the hardware other then a swap. I am sure someone handier then I could potentially trace the error code back to the culprit. I have experiencedd this before and as others have said, the video card was the culprit.

    However, Have you attempted to run any stress tests or put the CPU and ram under a dedicated load. If you do have an issue there it could very well be in the remainder of the system.  Pop some monitoring software on there such as hardware monitor and see what the supply voltage does when you are starting up a load. 

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. 

    Open hardware monitor, and core temp for monitors

     OCCT, prime95, intel burn test to name a few stress tests.

    Also if its compatable, which maybe, Intel extreme tuning utility is a great monitor, tweaker and stress test packed together.

  13. I know this is from the 5th of September, However something should be said.

    Well, If you are unsure about the thermal pad then it would be best to switch over to Paste tim, Thermal Grizzly seems to be at the top of the food chain at this time. I would not use the liquid metal. Spring for the Kryonaut instead.

    So far as lowering then temps even more you can attempt to track and lower your CPU voltage and run stability tests to verify it. That has worked in ITX builds that optima tech has done recently, as well with video cards to keep things under control in a sub 15 liter case. Airflow restriction....... NEVER, haha.

    Lastly, Take out your CPU and carefully attempt to spin it on a glass or wood surface. if the thing grinds to a halt, it is likely flat enough, check it with a razor blade. If it spins like a top your IHS is convex. Might entertain some lapping at that point. That should give you some improvement.

    Other then that what it seems with the AMD systems is 4.20 4.30 seems to be about the limit. But heck, Maybe a few tweaks is all it needs to get the temps under control and maybe another 100-200 MHZ, 


    Give it a shot if you are up to. 

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