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  1. Honestly I wonder what board Vlados has this system fitted to? @RHKCommander959 Wasn't the 4770K the heavy hitter for DT back then? `
  2. Yeah, That is true... BUT, https://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/damien-cox/intel-core-i9-9900k-overclocked-to-7-6ghz-on-all-cores/ Edit: I know its only an eight core but its still impressive.
  3. Boinker

    Mowing on a hillside

    Cheapest option by far. I checked the prices on those Radio controlled lawn mowers. 3800 bare min. and I doubt that comes with the controller.
  4. Yeah that would be sweet but an LN2 bench does not quantify real world performance. That is an awesome suicide shot but I am still ever skeptical IF AMD actually is worth the hype this time. Hell I am still in the 32nm stone age here and happy with it to a degree. While AMD is considerably cheaper will it hold up to the test of time. And in 6 months after AMD does this release is intel gonna pull a hat trick and release their modern day lga775 q6600 or the lga1366 920 and bury AMD for another 5 years min? Just my 2 cents. not trying to bash.
  5. Boinker

    Elise will live again

    Gratz dude. I got really happy for you when I saw this. GAME ON BISHOP!!!!!!
  6. Boinker

    Budget Build

    looking at the current events what about the Ryzen 5 2000 series. Couple it with a compatable asrock or your favorite flavor of board and that should be good to go?
  7. 5.45 @ 1.77 volts for a 7nm processor. I have questions...... MANY questions.
  8. I am not upgrading from the 1600 but I have been looking at the price point of the new chips. Being as I eventually want to run the latest quicker storage I have been debating on waiting for intel to answer to AMD's new lineup or give AMD another go. BUT I WOULD WAIT FOR REVIEWS.
  9. Boinker

    LG UltraGear

    Oh how I wish I still had money remaining from vacation. Would have bought it.
  10. Boinker

    LG monitor

    I would have to place my Computer tower on the floor to make that monitor work on my desk. So aside the cost that isn't happening. DErPa
  11. Boinker

    LG UltraGear

    Couldnt help it. I have had my Eye on this one for a while. LG 32" 4K UHD https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824025172
  12. Boinker

    LG UltraGear

    I want a new panel but I guarantee that is out of my range.
  13. To be fair Jim I am bouncing off your words here. If I misunderstood or misrepresented what you said I do apologize. Thanks for clarifying. Edit: fixed error.
  14. Awesome Jim. Thanks so much for that data. Its a shame that ray tracing isn't more prevalent in that game. I was looking forward to playing at some points.