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  1. Awesome dude. How does that OC frame and Naked 9900k do on temps?
  2. I have not tried that configuration. As far as testing with side exhaust its only value I found was then doing a negative pressure setup. Say you want to use 2 thin radiators in series. Other then that side should be intake. The best cooling all around came from radiator in top and side intake. Which I was not able to properly test against the same setup as I changed radiators. Not sure what it would do with all intakes. Not sure if the system would have enough places for the air to exit to make that worth while. What kind of performance issue and temps are we talking about..
  3. Here is the CPU ark page from intel. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/186604/intel-core-i7-9700k-processor-12m-cache-up-to-4-90-ghz.html DDR4 2666 is it memory standard . With some tweaking I am sure it can reach 3000MHZ. My favorite brand tends to be Mushkin but pick your poison. Just remember the greater density memory it is then the rougher it will be to overclock. If it were me though it would be this kit. Not sure how many GB you need though for video editing. http://www.poweredbymushkin.com/Home/index.php/catalog/memory/redline/item/1274-mra4u300jjjm8gx2
  4. I can see that. It seems the card is operating as its designed. Not really fault of kingpin or Tin, Just wish that it would have been marketed better. Doesn't mention anything about that at all, but who would all things considered....
  5. Boinker

    8600 Gt Overclocking

    shame on me for not looking.... STUPID MOD.
  6. Boinker

    8600 Gt Overclocking

    Thats reaching back to the past right there. Nice results, not much to miss with GPU overclocking. As long as it does not overtemp, artifact or degrade performance your golden. Side Note: I began with a 7950 ages ago. I think I have owned over 10 gpu's sense then. :wow:
  7. Long enough for me to hate it and then fix it. ;-D
  8. Boinker

    Overclocking 2080 ti?

    MrGuru , I believe the version you have should be an A chip. I am pretty sure if you can go above a 112% power limit then you do have an A chip. I think the version comes down to The gaming, XE, XE ultra and FTW branding divides which chips are the higher binned ones. The bios version should confirm that BUT I do not have the hyperlink to the thread on EVGA's site for that. As far as needing to do a bios update, I must ask does it really. I am in a bit of the same predicament. I own a 2080 black edition, I want to keep my card for the next 3-5 years. So I put the EVGA hydro copper water cooler on it and left the bios alone. My thoughts, Boinker
  9. One last think to do with it. Couldn't stand the kind teal turquoise fan beauty rings..... Buyers remorse.... Fork it, I have a paint can. I am pretty sure its better. What do y'all think.
  10. Gonna give a slight download of recent happenings. After saying screw it and going with a single rx360 I decided to paint it to match the case a bit better. Seeing as this rx360 is older then the system itself it needed cosmetic help anyhow. After that fiasco, had to make 5 attempts to get it right, it was installed. Not too shabby I don't think.  Then an install Shortly after was the nerve racking part. Hydro copper install. I have to say, evga did a pretty dang good job. However, it is the most expensive one on the market..... But it has unicorn vomit, cough cough rgb. Bleeding it with external psu for a day.  And here is the system during testing.... But first a small blooper reel. When I installed the GPU block I installed the insulating pad under the black rather then under the backing plate.... Oh well. Draining the loop was rather entertaining. But finally with the finished product..... Finished for now anyhow. It will receive new fan inserts. Blue didn't match up correctly. GPU max temp after some Tim burn in is 60c rather then 90c under heaven benchmark. And the processor hasn't suffered due to the addition of the GPU in the loop. Xspc made a dang good radiator. Now it just looks better. Final thoughts. Maybe hard tube one day... Lol, but not today.
  11. Boinker


    Welcome to OCC See you in the forums.
  12. It took a few minutes but I found this database here. https://overclocking.guide/intel-skylake-non-k-overclocking-bios-list/ According to my reading; unless you have a Z170 chipset motherboard that is on that list of modified bios you cant move the base clock to overclock the processor. Anything on the Asrock side of the list is where I would land, but the four of those are reputable brands. Although for overclocking that chip in particular I would go for something in the lower range of price. Sorry but I cannot suggest a specific board for you. How I tend to select motherboards is head to newegg and start tagging the filters until I have narrowed my options to a few. After that I head over to the cpu support section of the manufactures website and double check my reasoning. I.E. Motherboards section > Brand (intel) > Chipset (Z170) > manufacture (asus or asrock) > form factor > feature etc etc etc. However, If you are willing go a different direction MAYBE, put in for a different processor your Motherboard supports. With the 3020 bios it seems you have support for the 7700k, 6700k or 6400k. Those chips have the unlocked multiplier and are ready for overclocking. Seeing that the Bios has its AI tweaker on it I can assume you can overclock any K series chip. There is my long winded post for the evening. Me personally I would sooner get an overclocking chip then risk the current setup. My thought, Boinker.
  13. We all are looking forward to ryzen 3. AMD has been swinging it pretty hard lately. I am just curious if Intel is gonna get the CPU shortage over with and start coming out with a newer arc here soon. And their GPU rumors.... I hope come true.
  14. Glad you got some good results. Anything is better then running at stuck at stock. I wonder, what kind of performance increase in benches are you looking at in percentage? Also if you are looking for better results going to a triple radiator setup or going full custom will provide some improvement with a bit less noise.
  15. Boinker

    New Forum ??

    Cool. I can dig it. Much better then the white washed fence the old mobile forums was. Thanks a bunch OCC