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  1. Congratz to the winners. ;-) Merry Christmas to all.
  2. I know this is a late reply but the more the marrier. If you fill out all the slots you can always run at a lower rpm to create less noise and get great airflow.
  3. Lol. I am sure bosco, BP and all else involved are diligently working on this. Besides, its Christmas.... ;-) Yesterday for some still is for me.
  4. Excellent Wevspot. SO how does it feel with the M2 and the OC on it? Is the Comp presentable. May see some build shots? Also do you have the system on air or is this one underwater.
  5. Hey Wev, hello IR_cow We going all the way back to uncore? Shoot That's like 1366 Bloomfield stuff there. Run it as high as possible for best results unti unstable. ;-) And with that I am done derailing this topic. But as for the OP: What cooling solution do you intend to use for this venture?
  6. Thats a fantastic Build project. Bravo Sir. Love the look and re purpose of the RCA TV.
  7. Solid review frank. Its appreciated as always. I can't believe they are not doing sli on this card...... Oh well. Guess its only a big boy feature now. But there sure is a lot of speculation and lynch mobbing going on over it.... But I digress. Thanks OCC for the review.
  8. One solution I used to help my situation when I was using a trio of gtx480's was to place an exhaust fan on the case side right next to the rear of the GPU stack. This actually helped quite a bit because it pulled much of the heat away from the video cards instead of allowing it to rise. I think all cards were ten C' cooling with the fan in place. It wasn't anything crazy. Just a typical 1400 rpm sub 60 cfm fan. But it helped a ton. But to answer your question on why the CPU fan is behaving that way it may be due to the bios fan control programming. Such as if it has a light load but can sense a lot of heat in the remainder of the components. If its detecting a high temp on the board one of its conditions may be to max the cpu cooler to prevent others from overheating.
  9. Yes the grille bars. I thought it would look wrong in my case but It was done in style on your part. I lost both my 3 1/2 bays. the intension of my mod was to mount water cooling internal of the case. And it worked out. just have not got anything in it as it seems I only have one system at a time. lol. But in other news its nice to see another modded dragon. thats for sure.
  10. Sorry you are having problems with that IR_cow. Reason I stayed away from nickle systems and run copper blocks only and Automotive coolant. Coated with nothing and never clogs. woohoo.
  11. Very nice mod for the dragon. I did mine quite some time ago. Photobucket has sense deleted my photos but I still have the case in the garage. One of the things I did different was I used 2 120mm fans but left the Louvers in place. I may have to get a system going just to put it back in service. Just to say its back in action again. lol. I have all but a mobo and proc to do it.
  12. I think the best option for cooling would be this. so long as it will fit properly. I cannot measure the underhang of the front fans but I can see room beneath the fans, maybe not enough though. Check the cad drawing and see what you can measure out. Its an expensive solution but will be much better then a self contained unit such as an H100i or something similar... The only real advantage to the H100i would be that you would get it fans and all so you can relocate thje factory fan. Good luck, I hope you find a cooling solution that will get you what your looking for. http://www.performance-pcs.com/ek-xlc-predator-240-all-in-one-liquid-cooler.html
  13. I am gonna wager that means you have the Spec-03, If so then there is a good chance you are not getting it up there. But a little insight on what case you are using would help us determine what is possible. But if its what I think it is. I did see a picture of a carbide spec 03 With a Cooler master Seidon 240 installed, they did claim the Corsair H100 will fit based on that. The issue here is you loose your ability to run anything but lower profile ram. I.E. no additional heatsink material above the top of the rams own board. something like that... it still may not fit. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233675&cm_re=ddr3_2133-_-20-233-675-_-Product You also Have to sacrifice the rear fan or run it on the outside of the case if that is possible. Please dont quote me here, I am only saying that because its something I would do, and unless its flat back there its not easily done.
  14. Dangit. Now I want to paint the inside of my case white. Nice job dude. Always impressive even with just minor touches. Also. With the engine paint do you need a clear coat over it or does just the paint do. I'm gonna snow the case structure of my x9...... And a lot of sanding later primer and paint I need it to last.
  15. They're all just kidding. seriously? because I asked somebody who sells this and he said only the graphic card does make difference if your gaming That's a game and hardware dependent answer. Yes. Over clocking helps games. In more ways then just video.
  16. The voltage will always fluctuate anytime that speedstep or the power options in the OS are set underneath Max performance. Even when the Vcore is set manually. If you want it to fluctuate less under load then use less load line calibration or V droop. BTW: Check your power supply with a multi meter or DVOM. your 12volt is very low. I believe specifications at + or - 0.40 volts dc or tighter. If under load your PSU is giving less then 11.80 volts. I would consider replacing it.
  17. Amen spike. Seeing as I work at a benz dealer. I have had conversations with independent auto repair places asking about the special tool for the lug bolts. After I tell them its a 17mm socket they tend to argue and I hang up. They usually call back getting a different result and end defining insanity oh so well.
  18. Check out Tesoro. they have good stuff there.
  19. newegg put our award in just below the product discription. Noce review Red454 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133280
  20. Try turning on the XMP profile and see if that resolved it . Its the easy button. What it looks like is the Actual value is at default (1333) and the system understands that its (1866) and is not running it at that.
  21. Which i5 do you have? I can suggest something after that.
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