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  1. IF I had 4 grand I would Go AMD phenom II x4 940, Aftermarket cpu cooler, Asus M4N72-E. 6 200-300 gig hdd in raid 10. corsair ddr3 6 gig lowest timing poss. A GTX 295 or two. ultra 1200 watt psu. 24"+ monitor. A DVR Drvier, blue ray drive. An Antec 1200, pretty blue LED's everywhere. Thats about it.
  2. Well if your cpu has slown down all of the sudden you more then likely have a problem. But As for ovverclocking your just going to have to get your feet wet when you get a better heatsink. Dont be afraid too. if you step slow like verran and Major gamer mentioned " I stepped from 200 fsb to 210 fsb one at a time for about 6 hours when I first started cause I was nervous" but you can detect a probelm before you run into the wall and burn something up. That is what both prime 95 and occt are disigned for. Just a tester and good ones. Good luck and god speed B:)
  3. Be honest. If i was in your position and had more then enough cooling to go round "seeing you have an antec 1200 ture the fans on noisemaker mode" then I would try it out to see what happens.
  4. hey Holodream. I was attempting to sli a 7950gt and a 9800gt a while back and the BFG tech rep, that i spoke to for the same issue, told me that you cannot sli two unalike cards. The reason that I say that is the info in my head is scetchy and may be incorrect. And i cannot remember why for the life of me. good luck B:)
  5. well gentlemen. I have succeeded in performing a raid drive set-up. Granted its a small raid (2 150 gig drives). It took all night. but it is working now. After learning alot about what not to do i must say it was "fun". lol. thanks for your help. And In the right corner of my eye there is an outline of the bsod screen. I will now recollect what I have learned about computers. last night. Do not install a updated raid driver after the windows os install screen. (That's not how the video game works) Always make sure the drives are blank before you begin install. (It may cause a slight glitch) Reset the bios and clear cmos before you begin. (dont ask me why. if fixed the problem at hand) Make sure your bios and cmos is set properly. (that may help) After clearing cmos place jumper in factory position. (im an idiot) Always make a disk with the drivers you need. (before you blow up the o.s.) Vidio card software is nice to have on hand. (The video game does not work) Have another computer avalible that works. (It comes in more handy then you'll ever know) Ethernet is a good thing. (make sure it works right away) If the Ethernet does not work and refuses to work, Office space it. (don't do that) Clean your os cd before begining before you start (if its got half a finger print on it its Slow) Plug in the damn hard drive before you begin( Again I AM an idiot) Hopefully I entertained, To all that assisted. thank you for the Help. Boinker
  6. Really... Im licking my lips just thinking about that one. can you upload all types of drivers in there or just the raid and shipset by chance? thanks mkknwatt. much appreciated.
  7. Thanks a bunch for the heads up verran nad dls 2008. I appreciate the info. im going to attempt that tonight. There is an option to load drivers on the vista hard drive selection screen. I'll attempt that also tonight. Thanks again Boinker
  8. I do not have a reply or a comment. I just want to plus one for verran, occ members, staff, and everyone who participated. this is not only a great guide but if you look around there is a monument of excellent guides to be hold here. +1 to all of you. Boinker
  9. hello all. I am inquiring about setting up a raid on windows vista 64 bit. ok. I have a pair 150 gig hdd's that i would like to put in raid 0. (basically the stripping method I belive ti is) I formated both hard drives with another computer on vista(full format to raw data). Set up the onboard raid controller to detect both drives as one and it will not detect either hdd at this time. Now regretfuly, I am not sure what to do. I attempted to install a raid driver and that did not take. (compatibility maybe). If anyone has any information to installing the raid drivers (or even a guide on raid) any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Boinker
  10. Thanks a bunch kingfisher. Ill do just that I Appreciate you guys. Later, Boinker
  11. That or Find a way to cool it down better Just like me. looking fo r better Frames.
  12. To clearify what I mentioned and why. I was simply stating " and attempting to put into perspective" that any electrical component starved of the amount of current it needs to properly function, will have a shortened life. thats all.
  13. umm, I think that the 295 would be sufficiant for JUST about anything your doing. really imho the 9800 would be creating extra heat for the 295 to feed off of.
  14. . whats this world coming too. I am blaming obama
  15. When one distributer is cut off there is another one in its place ready to go. the winner shall be the lowest bidder. don't mean to bring up things from the front of the topic But I would aggree with the Econemy of the Clinton admin. maybe he could get us out of trouble, or et us in more.
  16. Asus m3n-ht Deluxe HDMI Mobo, An asus Triton 70 (came Free with Mobo. And an Antec 900...
  17. Is it just me or will this possibly lead to an sli conversation again. IMO. 1 or 2 280gtx or better.
  18. I like 800 Plus watt psu's or higher with high 12 volt amp ratings, "over kill is better then burning up on starvation" Take this for example. Why does a high output Drill burn up faster when it is plugged into a 100 foot extension cord then if it was plugged into a 25 foot cord.... Simply not getting enough power (technically the wiring in the cord eats up all the power before it gets there). Same goes for everything in a computer. If it starves, its vonerable.
  19. hey lucus, just make sure you dont rush into it at all. I think you can get a chip and a Good mobo for 200 dollars seperate. let us know when you get it all together. Such as http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131362 and this chip http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103300 Being a black edition you could probly overclock the crap out of it... But thats my two cents and its spent.
  20. wow. thats alot of testing. thanks again for the information guys, Its gratly appreciated. Boinker
  21. Best way I have found is to get with the manufacture and figure out what the max amp draw is on the video card and do the math on the PSU. If it draws alot more then 18 amp on one 12 volt pci rail then it may suffocate the card.. I just visited the ati site and the card (just one draws 75 watts) I checked and all twelve volt rails (the four of them) "according to the chart should have enough power to power 4 of the cards. Check my math. Over all, your Psu has 550 watts for the 12, 5 and 3 volt rail. that makes 86 watts i for each 12 volt rails After subtract the 155 watts for the 5 and 3 volt sides. (someone please correct me if I am wrong) There you have it.
  22. No problem... Good luck and hopefully you find your right Mobo
  23. Here are a couple. I have a squeeze for asus but I am going ot put some deals on the table for you. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDet...st=Combo.160810 here is one gigabite http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128376 This is a Micro Atx mobo. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDet...st=Combo.161493 here is one from msi http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDet...st=Combo.160817 Thats all I could find from New egg. I am not Sure what all you need from this CPU. But, one thing I wuld advise is to look into better components. just remember, you get what you pay for.
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