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  1. So which settings would I touch in the BIOS to configure the setting to the recommended state? (Note: Motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P)
  2. So I recently built my computer and everything checks out fine except for the mushkin ram I purchased. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146785 Also here is my setup: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...Number=13378388 I checked on CPUz and it shows the ram as PC2-6400. I bought the ram labeled as PC2-8500. I quickly sent mushkin for some support but am still waiting for a response. I don't know why it is not showing and I'm posting here for some clarification on this issue. I like to receive what I paid for. Is there any settings that I have to configure with my motherboard or any of that sort? Any help is greatly appreciated of course. :thumbs-up: CPUz:
  3. GRN

    It's Time!

    Just made the purchase, should come today. Here's the final list: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...Number=13378388 Wish me luck! lol
  4. I'm planning on running 2 WD 500GB HDD. I've considered doing RAID 0, but a little hesitant on losing data. Right now, I'm thinking of not running any raid, just split the hard drives like this: ----500GBHarddrive -200GB O/S Programs -300GB DATA ----500GBHarddrive -250GB DATA -250GB DATA -Note: I am also an avid gamer and like to have fast load up times. Where would I place my games and such? Another thing is I'll be having a lot of media on it so where would you consider putting that also? Any input would be greatly recognized. Thanks. ^_^
  5. GRN

    It's Time!

    The only reason why I planned to buy 2 hard drives is to run Raid 0. Do you think running raid is worth it, or just go buy a single drive?
  6. GRN

    It's Time!

    Will do on the aftermarket cooler. One question though, do you think that flashing the P45-UD3P bios is worth it? This'll be my first build and I don't want to take the chance and mess up the bios chip. Even though it has the double bios chip feature. I checked on the site and I don't think the updates will benefit me in anyway. Thanks for the fast responses too, I can always rely on the overclockersclub forum to help me out.
  7. GRN

    It's Time!

    After months of waiting till prices go down and income go up, I am finally ready purchase and build my first computer. I am kinda nervous and just wanted to triple check everything and see if I got all the parts down. Here's the wishlist on newegg. Tell me what you think guys http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...Number=13378388
  8. Your method was exactly what I wanted to do for simplicity. I was fogged up by all the guides creating partitions of "organization". I think it just makes it more complicated. Thanks markiemrboo.
  9. Any insight on the updated Rig?
  10. So what your saying markiemrboo is to make a partition on the first drive on the OS and then the rest of the space on the remaining disk/other second disk for my data? Are you running RAID with those disks?
  11. Sounds good to use RAID 1. What is type of RAID is mostly used with a 2 HDD setup?
  12. I plan on having for my new rig 2 HDD containing 500GB each. I am also worried about data loss so I looked researched partitioning. I need some tips on what to divide up for the OS partition and the rest of the data. Also what to do with the other drive/ and should I run RAID. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Yeah I agree on the 2 500gig HD, should I use RAID? o.O Also on a side note this is mainly going to be a gaming computer with some photo and video uploading/watching. Edit: Updated the Hard Drive and the Processor to a Q6600. Any other suggestions?
  14. I completely agree with you guys on the graphic card and the power supply. Do you have a power supply in mind? Edit: Updated list, tell me what you think I swapped out the 9800 GTX for the 4870, and a OCZ StealthXStream 500W ATX12V for the Rosewill.
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