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  1. I would argue you choose those two brands when you are worried about price, but still want high quality components. If you're not worried about price, you can perhaps do better . . .
  2. Own circuit's etc. That's encouraging then. PCP&C probably will not pull the crap that other manufacturers pull. Given that, I can see good reasons to be a PCP&C fan, and I will be sure and consider them for future purchases (i.e. this summer). Thanks for the info. I also consider it a positive for Seasonic, btw, that a company that actually designs its own stuff, contracts out seasonic to build it. Certainly the price of the silencer is such that I would prefer to use that to seasonic if at all possible . . .
  3. From the article you cited: Note the appearance of the word: again. More generally, my logic is fine, your reading comprehension is struggling. I said explicitly there were other good manufacturers. I also said that if you choose to buy from PCP&C or Corsair or some other brand, you will need to keep track of when/if the manufacturers change (they may not, though I am sceptical in the long term) -- or instead just buy an actual manufacturer you trust, which for me is Seasonic (though I recognize that they will produce bad psus if contracted to do so, and are beginning to dabble in lower end offerings even with their name on it, which is a bad sign imo). As I and the article you cited noted, this *exact* problem happened with Antec several years ago. But since you couldn't read what I wrote, and you couldn't be bothered to read the article *you* cited, then I realize you can't understand what I'm writing here.
  4. At least the Silencer 750 is made by Seasonic. For that matter, most high power, efficient, and quiet psu's are actually made by seasonic, and then rebadged by pcp&c, corsair (the tx650), antec, etc. Eventually, you might get tired of companies rebadging seasonic parts, and then secretly changing the underlying manufacturer later without saying so, much as Antec did with a couple of their lines (truepower and blue, I think were originally Seasonic, but later not -- and not of nearly the quality), and so you just resort to forking over $200 to seasonic directly and avoiding having to keep up with the whole affair. There are other good manufacturers, but seasonic is one of the best. Antec built their rep, with seasonic parts, and then later switched out seasonic and became commodity crap in the eyes of many, many people. Some sites still talk about the legendary antec quality, but those days are long since passed for me (I've had 2 antecs pop). I suspect the same will happen for PCP&C, Corsair, and others, but we shall see.
  5. Hmm, I don't see Seasonic on the list. And they make some of PCP&C's best PSU,s I think. They are clearly one of the best in my judgement, though they are not cheap.
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