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    Pci Express

    Does any one have any idea about when PCI expess will start to be released and will intel be releasing PCI before AMD or have they come up with an equally good solution to PCI I hope so.
  2. stocknotclocked

    Most Ghetto Mod

    Doesnt get any more ghetto than masking tape well done I guess
  3. stocknotclocked

    Womans Guide To Geeks

    Geeks dont get any chicks full stop.
  4. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    Lets start a war to keep the peace ! Its a logical statement read it backwards it makes more sense.
  5. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    Well put D3 I see your point too but personally I wouldnt want to send soldiers there GW can have that honour anyday
  6. stocknotclocked

    Order Of Cards

    when is the 9900 coming out and what is it any one know
  7. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    To be exact it was france and germany who helped build saddams reactors and bin laden isnt in iraq the only terrorists there are saddam loyalists who havent been active until the war was completed (so I dont understand what u mean is it a war against terror or a war against dictators in there own nation ) indonesia harbours terrorists so does palistine and pakistan and kashmer and others there is a list so long I couldnt write of all the countries and rouge states that have weapons of mass destruction You may be right about them finding bin laden but the american military seemed a bit more keen to get saddam than laden and the sick thing about bin laden in the first place is the CIA trained him to be a terrorist he just switched sides after the russian withdrawal from afganistan. The way you have written wait 4 another 3000ppl to die it sounds like saddam had something to do with the s11or other attacks as of now I dont think he or his regime has been linked to any terrorism towards western countries they couldnt even find a money link to bin laden The head of the CIA admitted on camera and in numerous statements that iraqs weapons capability was negliable and there was no link either financially or otherwise between saddams regime and alkieda or any other terrorist network And not one single weapon of mass destruction has ever been found on iraqi soil not even evidence of destroyed weapons So how catching him (although a bad man ) I dont think it makes any of us much safer in the long run but if you think you are you are more optimistic than me.
  8. stocknotclocked

    Post Your Internet Speeds...

    Who gets unlimited or off peak unlimited downloads on adsl or broadband
  9. stocknotclocked

    Christmas, A Time To Remember Those That Have Pass

    Its nice to see you guys being nice for once haha (joke)
  10. stocknotclocked

    Please Check Out My Update

    Looks real pro dude well done for a beginner.
  11. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    Yes red I am still very angry about sept 11 and bali but I think the defence budget should go towards bin laden and nth korea who worry me more. Terrorism should be stopped they could have prevented those attacks with better intel but there are many different approaches.
  12. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    Firstly I am not arguing I am stating my opinion and some facts your entiltled to your opinion too and thats alright I just dont support our boys being killed to fix other countries internal problems and beleive me if there was no oil there there would be no freeing the iraqy people or the fact that iraq is the second largest oil producing nation just a huge coincedence beleive what you want and dont question anyones motives everyone in goverment is ohh so honest ha ha ha ha ha ha haa a ahahahaaaah
  13. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    I will tell you how I can compare them Bin laden killed approx 4000 americans on american soil on the other hand sadam hussein killed zero americans on iraqy soil during a war the soldiers are only being killed now that saddam is out of power So who is the real threat and if you think bin laden isnt affective how did bali happen after s11 it was another alkiada job And if you dont care that soldiers are getting killed for a foreign problem so be it thats your opinion but bin laden doesnt need iraqy money to kill civilians hes got plenty. The war in iraq is just for bush to look like hes fighting terrorism and you guys have bought everything the media has feed you GW bush is taking american lives certainly not saving them look at the score so far not to good and alkieda are still operating they could blow something up tommorrow they are evil they started this whole thing everyone has forgoten how much grief they have caused. PS the CIA have now reported that evidence was fabricated of how great the threat from iraq was to get the war bill passed and yes it is good a dictator has been removed but at what cost if I lost my brother over there that would be way to much of a price to pay I think 1 soldier is to big a price.
  14. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    Do you seriously think iraq was ever a threat to the united states they were so weak ! I dont , the real threat and guy who did more damage in one day to america is still at large I wont be happy until they have caught bin laden the real threat. remember this was supposed to be a war on terrorism not a war on people and to the someone who was saying that all the soldiers are volunteers makes it ok if they get killed thats sick Its amazing how quick people forget things like vietnam 100000 americans dead 3milllion vietnamese and the outcome was exactly the same as if there had been no war (communist goverment) This iraq thing is just getting way to messy US soldiers getting killed everyday is that really what you guys want they could be friends and neihbours of yours and have you noticed ever since george bush came to power bad things have been happening, S11, bali ,war what next (strange coincedence!)
  15. stocknotclocked

    We Got Him!

    This wont stop the occupation unfortunately there is about 2 years to go I hope no more soldiers ever have to die for a cause that has nothing to do with us (alies ,british, americans and australians ) God help us all especially those poor innocent coalition soldiers who I am sure didnt want to go.