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  1. Yes everything still works exactly the way they should, and yes wattage my bad. It is a 650w Antec earthwatts Platinum PSU.
  2. I decided to toss in a PSU as well as a little added bonus, it's a Antec Earthwatts Platinum voltage will be a surprise so don't ask lol.
  3. Hey guys I decided to sell off a mobo and proc for the low low price of $240.00 shipped to your door with in North America fire off a PM or post if your interested. Bothe worked very well the last time I used them.
  4. smduff

    For Sale 6970

    Conditionally SOLD
  5. smduff

    For Sale 6970

    I'm not sure on shipping charges to Sweden probably pretty pricey, but if you want to pay for it I'll ship it.
  6. smduff

    For Sale 6970

    Hey guys I have a VisionTek 6970 for sale if your interested just post or PM me. I'm asking $225 Shipped
  7. smduff

    [WTS] Smduff's forsale thread

    Bump Sold CPU
  8. smduff

    [WTS] Smduff's forsale thread

    I never got a PM? try sending it again
  9. smduff

    [WTS] Smduff's forsale thread

    I had it up to 4.4GHz for a very short period under water majority of the time was stock clocks.
  10. smduff

    [WTS] Smduff's forsale thread

    Bump added Intel 950 CPU and 6 gb ram kit
  11. This is a great case, I like the fact that it holds two 240 rads internally CM did a bang up job on this one. Great review Panda.
  12. smduff

    Recommendations on 2nd Radiator

    XSPC has a new rad out that supposedly beats the RX series