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  1. Yes everything still works exactly the way they should, and yes wattage my bad. It is a 650w Antec earthwatts Platinum PSU.
  2. I decided to toss in a PSU as well as a little added bonus, it's a Antec Earthwatts Platinum voltage will be a surprise so don't ask lol.
  3. Hey guys I decided to sell off a mobo and proc for the low low price of $240.00 shipped to your door with in North America fire off a PM or post if your interested. Bothe worked very well the last time I used them.
  4. I'm not sure on shipping charges to Sweden probably pretty pricey, but if you want to pay for it I'll ship it.
  5. Hey guys I have a VisionTek 6970 for sale if your interested just post or PM me. I'm asking $225 Shipped
  6. I never got a PM? try sending it again
  7. I had it up to 4.4GHz for a very short period under water majority of the time was stock clocks.
  8. Bump added Intel 950 CPU and 6 gb ram kit
  9. This is a great case, I like the fact that it holds two 240 rads internally CM did a bang up job on this one. Great review Panda.
  10. XSPC has a new rad out that supposedly beats the RX series
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