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  1. SyphonPhreak

    Ipods + Best Buy Extended Warranty

    first off, thats total BS because they do NOT get commission on ANYTHING they sell no matter what it is Product,service,psp,prp,ANYTHING. 2nd, he could most likely send it to apple, or take it to an apple store and get it replaced, it would have been quicker and easier then that BBY sending it away to be fixed, since it seems that he bought the Service plan.
  2. SyphonPhreak

    Ipods + Best Buy Extended Warranty

    Also, just to note, it depends what Plan you get w/ the iPod, a PRP(Product Replacement Plan) or a PSP(Preformace Service Plan). If you get the PSP, then if the iPod breaks, it has to go out to an apple authorized service center to be fixed and abuse is NOT covered, so any type of liquid damage, physical abuse, etc is not covered. If its a PRP, then they have to check it out first to make sure it really does not work, and there is no damage done to it, then they will replace it under the terms of the plan.
  3. SyphonPhreak

    The Unremovable Icon

    Try a program called KillBox. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/files/killbox.php see if that allows you to erase it. and if all else fails put the drive in another PC or try a Live OS like ERD Commander.
  4. Hey guys, i got a question, it's prolly really stuipd but its been bugging me for awhile. 1st things 1st is my set up. AMD 64 3400+ 1MB L2 Gigabyte K8NSNXP ATI Radeon 9800Pro Corsair XMS PC3200 512MB and PC4000 1GB Total 1.5GB OK, now the problem is in my BIOS i noticed that memory MHZ is only 100 whenit should be 200 or 250. the highest i can go is 200...everytime i get it past 133 it gets VERY unstable..memtest fails it and it crashes windows within 5minutes. if i try 200mhz my PC gives me the memory beep code(one long beep). I thought maybe it was the DDR500 doing it so i took that out and even with 1.5gb's of DDR400 it still does it. So i figured it might be the FSB so i raised that to about 215 which was the highest it could go stable with the stock heatsink. I think it might be the voltage but im kinda new to memory Overclocking so i figured i would ask before trying anything like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. SyphonPhreak

    Cannot Delete Linux Extended Partition

    ooh thats another good idea....ubcd(ultimate boot cd) it has alot of good Hard Drive tools in it...just find out what kind of drive it is and run the proper tool and you can do a low level format or high level format
  6. SyphonPhreak

    Cannot Delete Linux Extended Partition

    have you tried partiton magic? and just format the whole drive through that?
  7. SyphonPhreak

    9800 Pro

    One day when i got home from work i noticed my Computer was off...i never turn it off so i figured there was a power outage and my dad turned it off when he heard my UPS beeping...so i go to turn it on and i get the error saying that the power cable is unplugged from the 9800...so i turn the PC off and look at the card and it's plugged in but just for the hell of it i decided to switch molex since it might have been the molex connector....well it was infact the molex but the card had burnt the dang thing...i looked closer and the pins on the card (the female molex) were burnt as well. one of the other techs at work had told me his friend had the same thing happen to him...i was wondering is it a defect w/ the card or was it just a freek thing? if so would i beable to RMA the card if ATI knows about the error....i tried to find ATI's contact number but it was no luck cuz they said u had to register with them which i dont remember doing when i got the card....any help would be great
  8. SyphonPhreak

    Dead Power Supply?

    it might damage it if it is the mobo that is crappin out but im not 100% sure. i havent had a mobo just up and die on me.
  9. SyphonPhreak

    Dead Power Supply?

    hmmm...it deff sounds like a memory problem to me....ive had the same problem before. make sure that everything is pushed in all the way and try diffrent memory...if the mobo supports SDRAM and DDR ram then SD would work in the right slots other wise you have to use DDR ram. SD and DDR are keyed diffrently. anyway it sounds like it is either the monitor or memory...im leanin on it being the memory.
  10. SyphonPhreak

    Pda Overclock

    lol....but umm yeah man you cant OC your pda...sorry but you cant OC a Dell period.
  11. SyphonPhreak

    Day To Outdue The Most Users On Line...

    smart thinking Will ...well im up for this....keep this topic alive and lets agree on a date ppl.
  12. SyphonPhreak

    Dave Matthews - Some Devil

    im also a huge DMB fan been to like 5 of there concerts...Some Devil is a awesome cd...dave did a great job with it. I cant wait for the Bands next studio album together.
  13. SyphonPhreak

    Need A Laugh?

    lmfao...that funny as hell. good find sloan.