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    Intel e6600 @ 3.3 ghz
    Asus rampage formula
    Antec 900
    Thermalright ultra 120 Extreme
    G skill 2 x 2gb ram 800mhz
    Cooler master pro toughpower 850w
    2 x seagate 320 gb hd's in raid 0

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    Xtreme Gaming<br />CRYSIS
  1. Don't forget crysis warhead that games owns i play it all the time, except one problem now, i burnt up all the net quota and now my nets running at dial up speed and i cant join anygood servers without having high ping, but crysis ftw BUY IT, you will never look back
  2. i heard dead space is the scariest game ever even scarier than fear. i watched a couple of vids and it seems like a good game
  3. Hi, buy a small form factor pc case (sff case) if you want small, look at these two cases they can fit everything you need and the biggest graphics cards on the market if you ever needed to. an ordinary one http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...roducts_id=7692 or a gaming one http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...roducts_id=6828 Hope i've helped :thumbs-up:
  4. yep, u need a 64bit os your going to have to buy another unless microsoft can give you upgrade kit from 32-bit to 64-bit for free. mite be worthwhile contacting them
  5. Extreme overclocking of the 4850 I think you have the wrong thread name it should be overclocking 4850, unless of course you want to do some serious EXTREME 4850 overclocking and run at a 1ghz core :thumbs-up: then look at the following links :thumbs-up: and just get a standard 4850 and buy a big gpu cooler ie acellero/thermalright vga cooler etc or if you want to really go for the EXTREME get a gpu waterblock for watercooling or go to the max with phase change cooling (but i doubt u will ever go phase only a few elite overclockers do this <_< , and for temps with phase expect in the negatives around -60 degrees celcius :thumbs-up: ) http://sandwichamwin.blogspot.com/2008/07/...lt-modding.html http://sandwichamwin.blogspot.com/2008/07/...ooling-and.html http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overcl...ng/voltmods/151 and look at this thread http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3057333 NOW THATS SOME EXTREME 4850 OVERCLOCKING
  6. honestly no, unless of course your seriously into your movies and you have a full hd 50" or bigger tv then its a waste. If you were to go blue ray just buy a ps3 its alot easier and then you could play games on ps3 if you really wanted to. I am getting one of these for xmas :thumbs-up:
  7. Yeh, a heatcore just a little too big , however 50 buck btw thats aussie dollars. And a heatercore about 120mm in size is 30 bucks from australia. And ben i mite look around for copper and brass heatercore. And one more question will that radiator i show you beat a swiftech mcr320 do you think.
  8. Hi, on ebay i saw this radiator http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ultimate-watercooli...A1%7C240%3A1318 The specs on this thing are awsome, 5 rows and 4 passes, copper tubes and 75mm thick is this radiator worth while or corrosion be to much of an issue, even if i use coolant
  9. The performance difference is about 3 degrees so its a fair decrease in temp over v1 although flowrates have increased dramatically, got for v2 definetely . I might add the d-tek fuzion v2 is the top performing waterblock, tied with swiftech gtz. Although id look at the swiftech gtz, its has a better (bling factor) all that shiny chrome and the base its a copper freakin mirror literally. They are the same price as well. GTZ rules but its your opinion
  10. Yeh i dont like fire fox either its saves what pages you were last on before you close it down. Then wen u open it up it shows the pages u were on. nearly got caught looking up uno by my parents becuase of it
  11. Hi, Tell me how that thermochill rad goes looking at one of them or i could get 2x swiftech mcr360's still to decide same price though hmmm think swiftech one this one
  12. Hi, I am about to purchase the following parts for my watercooling rig. I will be watercooling an e7300 (oc'ed to 4.0ghz) and two 4850's. 2x swiftech mcr 360 1x swiftech gtz waterblock 2x d-tek fuzion gfx (version 1, v2 is too dear) 1x aquarium pump (already have it here at home rated at 1500 l/ph and 1.8m of head) My question is, will i be able to use this setup as passive cooling due to the number of radiators And will the 2 dtek fuzion gfx, 2 x 360mm rads, swiftech gtz, and a large res for pump be to much for a 1500 l/ph pump due to the blocks extremly high restriction (1 dtek fuzion = 3 swiftech mcw60 in flow rates "apparently")
  13. Just get the q6600 and get a cpu cooler then. Make sure the q6600 has go stepping, it should do. Many ppl overclock the go stepping q6600 to around 3.5-3.9 ghz on air :thumbs-up:
  14. Well all i do is hide in my dark room with the airconditioning running. I make sure to lock my do so no one will see me. Other than that i just Xtreme Game not just game. Well thats my life story..... Not really im still a kid and i go to school and like fishing and going friends houses.
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