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    Processor: Intel Core2Duo E4400 @ 2.00 (Stock)
    Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF
    Cooling: Just fans
    Memory: Crucial 2x1GB DDR2 667
    Video Card: XFX 8600GT XXX (Alpha Dog Edition)
    Harddisk: 1x700GB, 3x500GB, 1x300GB, 1x250GB
    CD/DVD Drive: Sony DVD RW DRU-700A
    CRT/LCD Model: Optiquest Q95
    Case: Cooler Master RC-330-KKR1 Elite 330
    Sound Card: Built in
    PSU: have to look it up
    Software: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years guys! Saving up for a sweet laptop for next year
  2. This beast just rolled in. Love it!! I want to set it up on my day off. Thank you!!
  3. Wow I finally had time to check the forums after slaving at work and find out that I won a new case! Extremely lucky for me since my case has been a trooper but has giving me signs that it had to be changed. I'm overjoyed! Happy New Year to all the OCCers including all the winners and those who entered. Remember to try again this year because you can be a winner! Thank you OCC for the kindness of your hearts and to this community for being always helpful. Let's have fun in 2015! Will edit in the color choice later today after I look at more pictures. Edit: I'm liking the all white one. Thank you!
  4. Haha I already have a PS3. I was deciding which version to preorder...tried giving my PC a chance but I'm just not confident in it. I'm in the PS3 beta and they did quite a good job with it and I'd be happy to get the PS3 version. Since it doesn't look like I can do much I think I've made my decision. Thanks!
  5. CPU-Z Hey y'all. I benchmarked my ol' PC against the Final Fantasy XIV benchmark and it had my brain itching to find out if I can squeeze out a little more performance out of it without upgrading. I figure any upgrades I plan to do in the future would be to make a new system, which unfortunately is not soon. I did a little googling and it seems my mobo (Intel DQ965GF) is pretty terrible at OCing and I'm pretty sure the BIOS doesn't allow for it. The suggestions in the search included software clock generators and a BSEL FSB pad mod. I was hoping you can kind of explain the situation to me before I go into any wishful thinking mode. As far as myself and my OCing background, there is none. I'm an OC n00b. From what I gather my mobo accepts "Intel
  6. Thankfully, it's only the outer protective sheathing. It's deep enough in some places that you can see the wire, but nothing has been cut or anything that severe. I'll take a pic to depict the damages. I'm undecided if I should wrap electrical tape over to prevent further tear, but I'm afraid that if I rip that tape off it will pull more of the sheathing off. @Waco: The internal wires are ok. It was the sheathing that got mangled. If the mouse has some other hardware defect and all the warranty clerk sees is a damaged sheathing, it would kill me if they voided the warranty based on that. And if they call me out on it I have no choice but to tell them that it was an accident. To replace the cable, will I have to disassemble anything? @Andrewr05: I might e-mail them to ask if I become too OCD about it. I don't have a backup so returning isn't an option for me at the moment. Seems like every time I save up to buy a new part, something bad happens to an old one. Argh!
  7. Ok so I did something really stupid. Today I was vacuuming my room, and I accidentally drove over the hanging cord of my G400 mouse (it's really long, so it just lays on the carpet). I turned the vacuum off as soon as I could and gently removed the tangled cord and immediately tested it out to see if it was still working. Yep, still working (phew). However, the cord is now visibly frayed. I just got this mouse in July and I feel sick that I've already managed to screw something up. It has a 3-year limited warranty, but this clause has me worried: Source If somewhere along the line this mouse defects on me (which seems likely according to online feedback), and it's not because of this mishap, would they still be inclined to replace it? Or would I have to shell out another $50 to get a new one? This stinks! Harima
  8. I have always been interested in Physx, knowing that all games don't have it and that AMD cards have generally been better in the fps department. I know there's that hack where you can have the AMD card with the dedicated nVidia Physx card, but I'm impartial on that. I also liked Fermi's tesselation demos and performance. I'll have this single card for a while and my mobo isn't SLI/CFX capable so this is the best I can do right now. I'll save SLI and using this card as the dedicated Physx card for the future. I don't have anything against AMD, I like their cards too. In fact, my brother has a 5970 and everything looks amazing. The Eyefinity is crazy, but I don't think I'll ever use it. I don't think I'll ever own those many monitors either. Now you know! And I bought the Superclocked guys, appreciate the feedback. I love this forum!
  9. Oh, I haven't updated that yet. I recently picked up a Samsung SyncMaster 906BW for free, and coincidentally it is 19" as well. http://reviews.cnet.com/lcd-monitors/samsung-syncmaster-906bw/4505-3174_7-32327972.html It does seem to be lower res at 1440x900 to the Q95's 1600x1200. I still love the Q95 to death and it's still in perfect condition. I was looking at both 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 graphs. Also, I don't know if it happens for anyone else but the hyperlinks in my first post are weird for me, so I'll just post the model # of the specific cards I mentioned: 01G-P3-1373-AR (Superclocked) 01G-P3-1378-TR (FTW)
  10. That's true. I didn't know that about the 465, so I just googled it, and it's pretty cool. But as you said, it's a rare case and has a tendency to brick. I'd also like to add that the eVGA 470 is around $40 more than the FTW, but it's -AR so it's like you pay for comparable performance, the lifetime warranty and extra headroom that the FTW doesn't have. Ugh. Anyway, as long as I'm not aiming for games like Crysis Warhead, I probably won't need the FTW and the Superclocked should do just fine. Now all I need to figure out is if it's worth the risk of waiting for BF and not getting the right model, not being on sale, and a new one: the price actually going up I just did a little scouting and saw on anandtech that the price drop is permanent. Now I'm confused.
  11. Hey ccokeman. I actually read it when it was first posted, and I've been using the graphs to compare them with the other 460s' graphs. The Superclocked would be close to your ECS GTX 460 Black review, which would put it at around +/- 10fps average difference as opposed to the FTW edition, under the res that I usually play at. With rebate, the Superclocked is $20 less than the standard FTW (there's also the EE - external exhaust one, $10 more), meaning I would pay $2 per frame minus the lifetime warranty, which probably won't mean anything anyway because my rig isn't as good as the test rig. I say to myself that at the Superclocked's price point there are other brands that may perform slightly better, but don't have the luxury of eVGA's warranty and customer service, which is really a big thing when deciding between brands. If the FTW had the lifetime warranty, then I would pick that one up no question but it doesn't. 2 years seems really short. I should note that I will eventually (who knows how long until then?) have a fresh new rig, and it would be nice to have this card dedicated for Physx, that's why I'm so uppity about the lifetime warranty.
  12. Hey guys, Harima here. It's getting close to that time of month again, huh? Yup, Black Friday (if you were thinking period, you're WRONG! Unless you're a girl, well, then maybe not.) It's a time I've been waiting all year for, ever since my old card got fried (a year ago!) I haven't yet replaced it. With the 460 out and all, I think it's finally time to replace it. First, to get a few things out of the way, I've already decided on eVGA as the brand and the 460 as the card, so please only refer to it specifically. Ok, so as we all know that with the coming of the AMD 6800 series, NVIDIA had dropped the price of their 460 and 470 GPUs. That means now, even though temporarily, the 460s have dropped in price. I would have pounced on this already...if I didn't have two questions before I bought them (of course...). One, would it be wise to buy now, when prices are down, or wait until BF, when the prices might be down and at the risk of being a model that I don't want? For reference, the one I'm looking at is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130568 Two, I'm a fan of smooth gameplay, would it be worth it to pick up the FTW edition, that is -TR (2 year limited warranty) for someone like me who is overclock illiterate or the one clocked slightly lower but OC'd nonetheless, the Superclocked edition, that is -AR (Lifetime warranty)? For reference, the FTW edition is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130581&cm_re=evga_460_ftw-_-14-130-581-_-Product I'm a bum and I would like to keep this card as long as I can, so I may have already answered my 2nd question but I would still like to hear what you guys would do. My specs are in my profile. ~Harima
  13. Sweet :thumbs-up: Edit: Seems that there is already a 480 FTW by EVGA, just in hydro copper flavor
  14. Thanks for the review ccokeman. Bosco, will you be picking one up?
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