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  1. XD careful they might add more steps
  2. edit: nevermind hope the new gfx fixes it man. good luck
  3. thanks lol yeah thats why i asked. I have heard about CI procs needing low-voltage ram and i am new to amd rigs. Dont want to send someone a faulty rig. I'm already over budget even though im paying the added money its just bad business to be over budget and defective
  4. hey guys i need some help with ram. the ram im using runs stable <M DDR3 10666 2GIB (1.5 volts but the ram im testing for a diff computer running the same hardware is <M ddr3 10666 2GIBx2 (1.7 volts) i start - run bios - select fail-safe and start it so the ram voltage should be auto, but its unstable( very) it didnt last 1 second in occt. Do you think manually setting the ram voltage to 1.7 will fix this? and is it dangerous to run my ram @ 1.7 with a PII x2 550 BE &GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P
  5. personancog

    Games to buy.

    you like racing huh? than forza III need for speed: shift ( has R35 GTR in game not dlc ) cod modern warfare II is fun XD are you looking for games or coasters? your gonna have a game for a fear and randomly find it screaming " oh . gotta get ta blockbusters!!!!!!!"
  6. each power supply has an out put of 12v dc 1 AMP i don't really know how much power they have left to power accessories do you think a fan controller would be safe to add? cause this thing is louder than an xbox 360
  7. yeah it works but thats the before pic i am still working on it i'll prolly have the shell design finished later but im bout to sleep. im kind of going for a "military " look
  8. hey occ this is my first real mod and i'm in the middle thought i would post my progress and ask opinions / get advice and all so. so here's my modem and router my modem overheats all the time in its stock case so i did this
  9. make sure you do it right man.. i just painted mine.. i suggest using primer first. or your paint might not stick right and scratch off easy.
  10. hey my ecs 570 sucks it cant overclock past 14% and if you pust it, it goes wonkers and you cant get it stable at 1% for a month. im looking for a uberclocking 775 board for my E6600 C2D that wont cost much. it needs to be compatible with 64bit windows 7 and 667 DDR2 ocz gold 2 GIB dual channel memory im thinking about this one ASRock P43DE or ASUS P5QL/EPU
  11. i cAnt speak on the REAL performance of the ati but the 7950 GT is a great card i loved mine for cod 4. the 7950 GT has faster memory 265 bit GDDR3 > 128 bit GDDR2 so i would stick with it
  12. is that a danger-den cpu block you have?
  13. hey occ it my time to rebuild my rig my haf 932 gets here today and its not even xmas yet. here is the deal i want to switch to amd. I'm either getting a pII 955 BE or a 965 BE but i want the c3 965 ( 125w vs 140w) and i just found out that some motherboards don't support it yet. The problem is that i cant seem to find the bois revision on newegg. can anyone help me with this?
  14. dont buy this worthless mouse. i have one and a month ago i might have liked it but it fails fast. the scroll wheel is like trying to ride your bike in 1' deep sticky mud and its got the jitters like a crack addicted rabbit
  15. yay its down again ************** is now Offline. Your state is set to Offline. Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained. Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained. 15:57
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