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  1. the guy from XKCD has got it spot on with all the new EULAs you have to agree to on pretty much all post-XP games...my Steam based copy of Soulstorm has just died because the update patch has broken the secure-rom protection. grrr...i actually paid for that game too with makes obfuscating EULA T&Cs even more irritating check it out at XKCD.com - oh and for any XKCD noobs/linux lovers see if you can find the SUDO sandwich cartoon - sheer genius :thumbs-up:
  2. copy them all into your 'anonymous' folder in the subfolders that they are already in - that way you get rid of the rename conflict issues and as witht he above post you have some organisation still... then just dump the files into 'not anonymous' or something similar once you have worked out what they are and edited the tags and filename accordingly
  3. Your grandma is getting an 8800GTS and 4gb RAM? game on granny! lol get her an eeebox and spend the spare cash on your second gfx card *shifty look* is that immoral?
  4. hmm...wierdly the artists name (Ego Leonard) in the 2nd link is an anagram of 'A Lego Drone' possible publicity stunt to try and shift a couple more copies of lego batman maybe? - does the quote on its shirt appear in the new film? lol
  5. yeah i was slightly dubious after seeing the cable from the gfx card snaking off away from the monitor...and the fact that the chip flew about 50 feet in the air. Some of the comments left by the youtubers are pretty good though:
  6. call me crazy but if you put as many hours as a lot of people do into playing a real guitar instead of a fake plastic one, you could easily be playing most of the songs on guitar hero for real. and be quite good at them. Then you can start creating rather than just emulating (and emulating based on four buttons and a spinny triangle is a pretty lacklustre emulation) ref: Southpark guitar queero ep - "hes so good, he can play acoustic guitar hero *clickaclickaclickacliackaclick* - hey i love this track!"
  7. I had the same problem - bought a 32gb white label flash drive for
  8. how much are you looking for for it? (bearing in mind shipping to UK) - i like the look of that board and my new rig is currently a toss-up between that and the one mentioned above (see sig )
  9. I liked the thumb drive (from back when they were still referred to as such) from the leela case mod - that was a stroke of genius, even if the case was a bit wierd
  10. itll make a lovely christmas tree decoration once the contacts get destroyed from having no cover....
  11. lol bizarre - i would personally take the card that gave me a decent fps at high gfx levels and ignore the occasional see-through rock, regardless of developer, but hey if the flame wars on both those sites are anything to go by im in the minority...
  12. Bah i still say the Morgan is the way to go for sexy
  13. yeah think ill probably hang on to it until the motherboard arrives and i can test the fit (ill have to dig out the mounting prongs for the fan though *shudders at the thought of going into the loft*) Its a pain to mount/unmount though, although i suspect that this is more the fault of LGA775 than the designer Is the only difference between the motherboards the heatspreaders? if so then the heatpipe version might be a better bet since there is virtually no price difference...
  14. @ Taco im pretty sure they're selling something very similar in PC World right now...
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