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    Badminto, Surfing (real waves ;) ) , bit of Clay pigeon Shooting, going out and having a few in the local.


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    Dell XPS 1330, T7250, 2GB RAM, Geforce 8400, 160GB HDD, Vista x64
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    Asus P5Q-E, 1TB HDD, Core 2 Quad Q9300, Powercolor ATi Radeon HD4870 1GB, OCZ 4GB PC8500 RAM, Vista x64

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  1. Hey been away for a long time, but wanted to show my newest addition to my newish rig ( updated last year) a Radeon 390X and it replaces a GTX 760. But man its a big card! Have started folding again for a while, its sitting happily at 63 degrees, but it has noticably warmed my office!
  2. On the Zune part it uses the Zune Software which personally i love, so fresh and nice to use, For your problem i think there is a "part of a compilation" option on each song, so it will group it as a compilation in itunes, i'm not sure about it in the ipod though
  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'm not sure what that error means, its coming from ffmpeg, yeah i'll have a look into batch converting, shouldnt be too hard, once i get home, flyin bk tomorrow (hopefully) but with the UK airspace closed im not sure!! Any other suggestions, while im looking at the program again?
  4. I have 2 netgear switches running one must be nearly 10 years old now and still running strong!
  5. thanks, for the suggestions it helped me narrow the search, I got the netgear one
  6. Hi, One of my current wifi routers has just died the other day, and I need some suggestions on what to buy. I'm looking for at least a 4p Gigabit switch and wifi n. My current network goes between 2 houses so i need 2 wireless points. All the ip allocation is done with a Apple Timecapsule and that controls the internet conection. Does anyone know of any wireless routers that have these? ps Dual Band would be preferred but not essential Thanks!
  7. I just want to say my condolances to His Family and friends, I have not talked personally to Verran but have also read many of his posts Rest In Peace
  8. Mines is graememk fox xbox live Thanks
  9. Here, isn't that what they do in Sellafield?
  10. I'm not much help in the overclocking aspect but just want to say that that paragraph isn't the easiest to read, but anyway onto my main point which should help other people is, What would you be cooling the processor with? Also is this a new Pentium Dual Core, and what model number is it? AFAIK the original Dual cores put out a stupid amount of heat at stock clocks. I mean by a new Pentium Dual Core, as Intel has sort of revived the Pentium brand as its recognisable to people with low knowledge of the processors and go oh its a pentium it must be good. The new pentium's are built on the Core Architecture not the Netburst one
  11. have you not played doom lol it aways all over the place, although you only had to point it in the general direction for it to work!
  12. i found it meh, kinda boring, no challenge to it, i far rather the sneaky sneaky missions with snipers and all that to take people out, where you have to plan ahead and actually play and use your head not to die lol thats so bad its actually funny lol
  13. graememk


    congrats you must be very nearly on my back! i shouldnt have stopped folding over the summer need to OC my quad a bit more, i had it at 3.4 before i upgraded to 8GB Ram (it came cheap and was taking it from a friend who bought ddr2 instead of ddr3 )
  14. graememk

    how about WCG

    i think i would too but it would either be that or FAH, and i have everything just nicely set up now in NotFreds VM's - zero Maintance except for the wee change i had to do for the fix on dual core systems on the 2.10 A2 core
  15. Beat Random Grenades, N00b Tubes (grenade Launcher) you soon learn to move quick off the spawn! lol even more on search and destroy
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