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  1. Any reason why you spanned 4 generations of i7's and an i3, but not a single i5 which the R5 is targeted against?
  2. tbris84

    Star Citizen

    Yeah, same here. Dying for a good MMO/Sim game. Wish it would get here sooner. Although, it may get here just in time for my Haswell-E build! It'll double as a form of entertainment and a excuse to upgrade my rig. haha
  3. tbris84

    Star Citizen

    So, how many of us have invested in Star Citizen so far? I just added a 300i ship to my base donation. Have any of you preemptively joined a squadron?
  4. Yeah, I've decided to wait until Haswell-E until I build my next rig. There honestly aren't any upcoming video games coming out that allow me to justify any further investment into my PC. I think my next investment in gaming will be either a PS4 or XB1. Just for a change of pace until the HW-E's launch. However, I would love to purchase some more of those Samsung memory modules, if I ever find them on newegg that is.
  5. I guess my concern is coming from my experience with this 3570k. When I'm playing a game or loading some larger flash apps on a Web site my streaming media [hulu or wmc cable card tuner] will stutter. That's something I assumed a beefier cpu would rectify. Am I incorrect?
  6. Thanks for the replies. You guys are definitely not enabling my addiction, lol. Coming from a 920, my roommate is looking at a 4770k with a 250$ asus m/b running him 600$ for the combo. If the new bottom of the barrel IB-E ends up costing 350$ added a $300 m/b, would it not be smart or beneficial to spend an extra 50-100? Looking at games like crysis and battlefield miltiplayer, wouldn't the extra power on the 4 and 6 core chips be beneficial? I read the new id engine will be utilizing upto8 cores.
  7. My roommate and I are looking to upgrade our hardware again. His upgrade is prompted out of necessity (i7-920, HD-5750 x2) where mine is a result of my addiction. We've been debating which chips to build our next rigs around. I'm leaning towards an Ivy Bridge Extreme "budget" build where as he is leaning towards an i7-4770k Haswell build. Now I'm not about to start comparing piece for piece, considering the IB-E is still months away from release, my real questions is about the Extreme Editions chips as a whole. How would a 6c/12t processor benefit me on a regular basis? I'm a gamer first and foremost, but I use my PC as a HTPC as well. I'm running a 55" tv, and two 32" monitors on it. There is always a movie, or Hulu running on the large screen, while browsing and gaming on the other two monitors. That about sums up my computer use. I'm looking at the "long term" with an investment in an EE processor. I figure I could hold off until the Haswell-E and maybe upgrade to that, if performance improvements warrant it. Is daily use improved from a non-EE to an EE rig? I can't find any information about upcoming or existing games that utilize the 6 core processors. Will there be more of them coming out now that the next gen consoles will be x86 based with higher core counts? Even if the FPS increase is minimal, I want to squeeze the most out of my rig and I would like to convince him to do the same.
  8. tbris84

    Xbox One

    What pictures were you looking at? The XB1 controller is the same overall size as the 360 controller, only with a smaller battery compartment, better D-pad, stickier thumb sticks and a smoother texture. The PS4 remote is more of the same uncomfortable controller with a mini touch pad. Looks to me like MS improved on the 360 controller while Sony if anything side-graded theirs.
  9. I appreciate the step-by-step Wev, once I realized the BIOS had a <RAID> option for both the Intel and ASMedia SATA3 ports it worked perfectly for creating the RAID. If only the Windows installation would go through. I've reformatted again on the single SSD. I may give it another shot if I get any more advice as to a solution. Otherwise I'll suffer with my single SSD performance, lol.
  10. Thanks for the timely replies. Apparently it was the SATA3 drivers at fault, or rather me not having them on the Intel SATA controlled ports. New problem though, the RAID is created but I cannot install Windows 7 Home Edition on it . Not sure why this is, but I don't have much time to screw with it today.
  11. Thanks a lot! I have just one issue, it doesnt show my two SSDs. Any idea why? It shows me two 3TB drives, but no SSDs.
  12. I currently have W7 installed on one of my 128GB Samsung SSD's and my second SSD is just a backup/game storage drive. I would like to set them both up in a RAID 0 configuration with a fresh W7 install. Is this possible to do? What is the best way to go about it? (ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard)
  13. haha I know, I know. I'm getting ahead of myself. This rig is awesome, my favorite machine to date (TBH), but it's creeping up to its first birthday. The upgrade itch is starting to hit me. I have a feeling the Ivy to Haswell performance gain will be insignificant so I'm planning on going with an IB-E. However, if the IB-E's are really looking at a 2014 release then I have no choice but to get a Haswell, but I'm hoping that isn't the case.
  14. I'm anticipating the launch of the Ivy Bridge Extreme chips later in the year. Probably going with the entry level 4820K unless the 4930K is <$500, which I doubt. I'm probably just going to be changing the CPU, motherboard and RAM.My questions are: Will the IB-E chips be using the same X79 platform that the SB-E chips is using or will there be an X89 chipset launching with it? Should I sell my GTX680 and upgrade to a GTX780 or add a second GTX680 for an SLI configuration? I personally prefer a single GPU solution.
  15. I'm using three displays on my i5-3570K with GTX680. The GTX680 has a 32" Samsung and a 55" 3D Samsung plugged into it. I also have a second 32" Samsung utilizing the Intel iGPU via my motherboard's HDMI port. It works very smoothly. I only use the second 32" as a browsing monitor, the gaming is done on either the 32" plugged into the GTX680 or the 55" which is also plugged into the GTX680.
  16. I'm in the same boat as the OP. I am desperately looking for a new MMO to invest some time into. My first two MMO's were The Matrix Online and WoW. I loved the tight knit community feel MXO and Vanilla WoW had. The character transfers and name changes killed that in WoW. I played WoW up until mid-Cataclysm when I lost interest in the game. I started looking for a WoW replacement at the latter part of WotLK, because I had my doubts about the next expansion. Since that time have I tried Warhammer Online, EVE Online, Aion, Rift, The Old Republic, TERA, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, and WoW:MoP. Sadly to say I am still MMO-less. While I am partial to the fantasy genre, I am a big space nut too. Which is why I gave EVE a shot. It's still a good game, but it's just too disconnected from the social/community feel. Aion and Rift were just overly simplified versions of WoW. I don't like the look and feel of TERA, reminds me too much of a Final Fantasy game. As a big Warhammer fan, I was excited for that MMO. It had promise, but it just fell flat. Wielding a lightsaber in The Old Republic was great fun, but the interface was way too clumsy and the PvE content was lame. I played Guild Wars 2 in Beta and hated it, a friend talked me into buying it two months back because "it's a whole different game since beta." Sadly, it's the same lackluster game I remembered it being. I'm sorry but WoW:MoP is just unplayable if you started during Vanilla. Blizzard catered to the casual players way too much with MoP. The only reason the subscription count is still high is because of the WoW name, not because MoP is fun to play. It isn't. I think the most fun I had in an MMO lately was The Secret World, while I dislike the story lines, they were actually very well presented. I found myself actually wanting to complete the quest lines to see where the stories went. The combat was actually enjoyable. IMO, there are no MMO's out right now worth really investing any time into. I am excited for a few upcoming titles though. Elder Scrolls Online probably has the best chance of winning me over. Neverwinter looks decent. I'm pretty excited to see where Star Citizen goes in the next year or two. A game I would really love to try out would be a Walking Dead type survival MMO. But only if the environment was open enough where you could literally use everything for fortifying your shelter or arming yourself and your teammates. Not sure if such a gaming environment is realistically possible at this point.
  17. It looks like they've been discontinued. Does anyone know if Samsung is planning on making a replacement for these? Really sad if not. Performance aside, the ultra-low profile made them almost invisible in the case. I'm not a big fan of these super flamboyant heat spreaders.
  18. A friend of mine from work said the same thing about his, which is why I decided not to even try the Crucial sticks. I have it set to notify me when they come back in stock and I haven't received an email in 8 months. I would stop whatever I was doing and buy it if I only I got a damn notification email. lol
  19. Back in April when I built my rig I bought two sticks of the Samsung 4GB DDR3-1600 (MV-3V4G3/US) and I knew then that I would be slapping myself for not buying 4 sticks. I haven't seen them in stock since then. Is there something I'm missing about this memory? Is it discontinued? Has it been replaced with a new kit? I really want to buy 2 or 4 more sticks, but they won't let me! What's the dealio?
  20. tbris84

    New Build

    I have the 3570K on a Z77 Extreme4 motherboard and I love it. Plenty of I/O's, looks REALLY nice, and thus far trouble free. Initially had USB3.0 issues, but they eventually fixed it with a f/w update. Couldn't be happier with this combo... unless I only paid $268 for it like you can at Microcenter.
  21. How can you forget about a perfectly fine pc that's still viable today?! Only reason not to use it for storage would be that it's overqualified haha I don't know, it's old and I've replaced it twice already. I always sell my old to fund the new, but I built two of these and just forgot I hadn't sold the second. I guess the question is, will I have to reformat the hard drives I just installed into my main rig. I put my two 2TB into RAID0 via W7. Can I just swap them into the old PC? If not, no big deal. I'm putting my new 3TB's in it anyway. But I would like to keep all the storage in one machine.
  22. I totally forgot about an old AMD based PC I had in my closet. It has a Phenom II X4 955BE on an Asus M4A79XTD Evo motherboard with 2x2GB DDR3-1600 G.Skill Ripjaws memory and an AMD 5770 GPU. I can totally use this as my storage PC. Any reason not to? I need to find a smaller, quieter case for it though.
  23. Which remote control are you guys using for your HTPC?
  24. Thanks. Using them strictly for storage.
  25. Stupid question, just ordered my Seagate 3TB HDD's, will I have any issues with my OS (W7-64) recognizing 3TB HDD's? Is that 2.2TB limit a non-factor on W7-64?
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