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  1. have you tried kX drivers? they work really well on vista/win7, with older creative cards afaik
  2. ive edited my original post so now its better. my psu only has 18amps on the 12v, and yes its pretty crappy on newegg ive ordered a molex to 8pin connector... but if the psu is an absolute nono, then ima just buy a 650tx corsair used from another forum but yeah, i just want to use this new hardware atm ^^ heres a review of a 790gx chipset with a 9850BE which has a 125w tdp and my 5200+ has half that http://www.guru3d.com/article/amd-790gx--f...a7das-review/12
  3. do you know if it will start if there is only one 4pin cpu connector connected? ive seen some molex to 2x 4pin connectors on newegg, which i could actually buy but due to the very low amps on the 12v, im skeptical of spending money on something that will not work, or will screw up some of my hardware. im buying a new psu later in janurary when deneb and the new die shrunk 260 comes out, but atm i do not have the money and i just wanna use the new parts i have now. p.s. ive edited my links, srry and thanks ^^
  4. powersupply: 430w tt [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] yes i know its crap but it was originally intended for a 4 year old comp http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817153023 mobo: gigabyte am2+ 790gx 750sb hd3300 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...52&Tpk=ds4h cpu: 5200+ athlon x2 ram: 2x2 gb ddr2 gskill sata II hdd 4x 80mm fans 1x 120 yate problem is that i hooked everything up on the new mobo and psu, and no light ups and obviously no posts or anything now in the mobo book, it says it requires 2x 12v 4pin connectors heres a pic: http://www.overclock3d.net/gfx/articles/20...0200533500l.jpg now i wonder, cant i just use one 12v connector? or is the psu way too underpowered? btw this psu powered my 4 year old 478 system with a 2.5ghz northy, 2gb ram, same amount of fans, hdd, and a x800 pro thanks for the time
  5. thats a good oc, i wouldnt expect any higher but 1.56 24/7 vcore seems a bit high id rather go below 1.4 for 24/7
  6. its 8800/9800gt competition id rather get the older 8800 though. it just pumps out sexy ppd on fah =D
  7. the 'several articles' per day is kind of vague, how much time on average per day would this be? just wondering, since there are a lot of college students inc myself that do typically have free time, but also have absolutely 0 free time on certain given days
  8. these entitlement programs should be privatized, it will be the only way they will exist after bush and his neo-con army dropped taxes and ran up the deficit/debt we actually borrow money from other countries just to get/fund our own domestic policies. its pretty sad when where borrowing from china just to live. and to make it worse, we pay billions of interest on our borrowing. it just needs a change
  9. yeah, theres many more and more E0 Q9550 quads coming out by the day
  10. depending on which games you play, a single 4850 on a 1680 22' monitor would be sufficient
  11. dont listen to geek squad, they dont know what their talking about post your degrees in celsius next time so that more people can help 140F does seem pretty high, like 65C. what kind of system do you have? if its quad core or dual core P4 then it may be normal, otherwise its a bit too high. have you tried looking at the various TIM application methods online? its also possible that your heatsink is not mounted correctly on your cpu, and you may need to have it 'click' in or get a third party cpu heatsink for about 20-30 USD
  12. you can get two 640gb wd caviars for about the price of one velociraptor and their very impressive performance wise, if you wanna google some reviews
  13. e6600

    Norton 360 Help

    i use nod32, but avg and avira antivir are pretty good free solutions and windows firewall ^^ my router's hardware firewall doesnt need any help
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