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  1. Intake it is. Thanks for the reply. +K (Karma) to ya for the Help. Jim
  2. Hi. Well Everything is going good so far my CPU Temps are around 104 F and MB around 100 F. I own the case COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811119068 It has this Cone on the side of the case which is directly over the processor which i've remove because the side wouldnt go on with my Freezer 7 Pro on my Q6600. My question is,... I want to install a 80mm Fan where the cone was but is it better to have the Fan blowing in or blowing out? I already have 1 120mm Fan close by in the Rear blowing Outwards and then i have a 80mm Fan way up in the Front of the Case blowing Inwards over the Harddrives. I have 4 Hard Drives installed so i'm sure it's only blowing warm back in to the case. So do you guys think i should install this fan so that it blows out or blows in? Thanks for your input. RCPW. A.K.A. Jim
  3. Hmm,... Well, I wasnt able to get it to OverClock for me. I got it to change to the 333 FBS but i couldnt figure out how to change RAM divider @ 2.4 or to figure out what it even was. In the ASUS BIOS What would that be Called? I did all of this before dinner so i forget what it was called now but I enabled this 1 Item and like a whole Page became unhidden and available to me which really confused me and was then nothing like what that Thread was Describinig to me. Why is this site so Strange when you do searches? I do a search for (See Link >) " P5K Deluxe " and it Opened up 1000 Searched Threads? Is that possibly due to the word deluxe? But anyway i just now tried a search for P5K and it returned up with Zero Returns so i don't think anyone here owns this Design of MB Yet. I'd like to find out when this MB was released to the market. ASUS doesnt even have any files for it for download, Not even the Manual which i thought was kind of strange. I know that the Deluxe just replaced the one of the other boards, I'd have to look at them to know for sure but off hand i couldnt tell you for sure. But anyway,.. I couldnt figure out how to Overclock this MB. Jim
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. You've pointed me in the right direction and I give you both some Positive +K (Karma) for Doing So. So Thank You Very Much and Thank You for the Link r3d c0m3t I'm going to go and read it now. Positive +K to the Both of You. Jim.
  5. You must have been posting while i was posting. Okay i have the box here and the last 5 Characters are SLACR. Jim
  6. I'm may have forgot to mention that i was some what a newbie at this,.. What's "the VID" of ur CPU? Heres the link to the Q6600 that I bought from NewEgg if that Helps Any: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115018 Also when you say the first thing i could try is to set my FSB to 333MHz & my FSB:RAM divider @ 2.4. This is all in the BIOS Correct? So i should look for something that says FSB and change it to 333MHz. I don't remember seeing anything that said FSB Ram divider Tho,... Jim {EDITED} CORRECTION Actually,.. This is the Q6600 that I bought: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115017
  7. Hi Guys. I've just build the system from the thread located here http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...howtopic=157654 Thank You again everyone who Helped me or at least kept me on the right track. Well,... Now i've got the whole system put together and running i'd like to ask for some help in learning how to OverClock the CPU. The Motherboard: P5K Deluxe CPU: Q6600 2.4GHz Memory: G.SKILL 2x2GB DDR2 800 I'd like to OverClock the processor in Steps and not in one Big Jump. I've read that people have been able to OC their processor as much as 3.6GHz. I'm not sure what i can provide to you to help you in helping me so whatever you need please let me know. I'm really excited in trying to OverClock my system to see how much i'm able to get out of CPU and keep a Stable System so I hope i get some responses soon from people who are willing to help me out. So if someone could reply to me with the different settings that I would need in order to try and OC my CPU in Steps up to 3.6GHz I would very much appreciate it and i'll go ahead and give those settings a try inside of the BIOS and Report Back with the findings until i get something that I find to be Stable. Right now I havent installed Any Games. What would be some good games to install and try? Frontlines Fuel of War came with my Videocard. I think i tried this game before and it wasnt all that fun, I don't remember, I could be wrong. Anyway, could someone help me please? Thank You RCPW A.K.A. Jim
  8. Hey Guys,... I appreciate your last thoughts and i really do understand where your coming from. I wish i really would have paid more attention when it came to that 1T HD, I really Screwed up there so i plan on return it and getting the better 1T Drive without a Doubt. This Morning I purchased 1 more item for my PC. I ended up buying the: Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136073 It should be here my Thursday, I received my Case today, I should receive all of my Parts tomorrow and then this HD i just ordered on Thursday which is going to be my main drive. That 1T HD was always ment to be my storage drive anyway but when i return it for the faster one i just have a faster storage drive :thumbs-up: . I'm going to install as many internal SATA Harddrives as I can. I have 3 more here thats why i bought the 1 DVDROM Drive and the 1 DVDRW Drive to Free up the SATA Ports for Hardrives I think that board only comes with 4 Internal Red Ones, I'm not sure what the Black Ports are for Yet, ASUS Doesnt have the Manual for D/L on their site, In fact,... They have NOTHING for download on their site for this MB. What do you make of that?? I've Read that LONG Videocards will Take Up 2 SATA Ports. Anyone happen to know to know if mine will GeForce 8800GT Take Up 2 SATA Ports, Anyone Know? Oh,.. The Videocard Description says that it's SLI Supported? Thanks for your help guys. RCPW A.K.A. Jim
  9. Hi Guys,... I read about those board but i wanted the WiFi Feature of the P5K DELUXE because both my wife and I work from home and in the same room/office and it's starting to get really small in space in here with both of us in here so I was going to move in to the spare room that we have across the house until we can run a cable so that i don't have to use the WiFi any longer, Did i mention that I'm disabled? I've had 4 back surgeries and 2 back fusions all in my lower back and a neck fusion and I have a 10lbs lifting capacity so it may be a while before we actually get the cable ran to the other side of the house so that is why i figured just getting a motherboard with the WiFi already built in to it was my best bet instead of getting an extra card since these MB don't come with to many extra PCI Slots these days. You guys are Totally right,.. That other MB would have been a better bet but i was reading about it and it seems that a lot of people were having problems getting their memory to be read correctly and it seems like everyone was having to update their BIOS before doing anything to their PC. I'm the type of guy who gets frustrated quickly and sometimes i find it hard to get answers quickly or quick enough while I'm workinig on something and then having to go back and forth and check to see if someone has replied to my question or not and sometimes these things can take a day or two before you get an answer and before you know it your 7 day return window closes to 5 days, then 3 days then 1 day and then you have to box everything back up and try to get back to the post office and get it back in the mail and in my condition it's not all that easy. I wish I was as Bright and Smart as you guys are with PC's, There probably once was a day 8-10 years ago i might have been able to keep up with you guys hardware wise but things have changed so much in that amount of time it's not even funny. Heck,... I Worked for Sony Electronics doing their Computer Tech Support. I use to be able to walk someone over the phone installing a MB and everything that goes with it. But Wow,.. Being out of the PC World this Long really has a Toll on you. The HD I'm going to Return for sure for the other WD WD1001FALS. I really don't think i did that bad on the video card do you? I mean come on for the price, It has some great reviews, people seem really happy with it, the next 8800gt. I just went back to check it out and Now it's out of stock so I probably got the Last One, but anyway to go from what I bought VCG88512GXEB-FLB to the next one was like $50 more or something like that and I don't think $115 is to bad for a 8800GT Plus it comes with the Games I got with it. Looks like it's Overclockable but with what I do i'll probably leave it alone. I mostly just want to get more speed out of the CPU and Memory. RCPW
  10. Yeah after re-reading the Specs on both HD's I think i made a MAJOR Screw Up,... Plus it dropped $5 since yesterday LOL,... For $20 more I think it would have been more than worth it to get the other drive for sure, I wish i would have paid more attention while reading thru the thread. Man that sucks. What Options Do I Have,.. What Would You Do? RCPW A.K.A. Jim
  11. I got the 1T for Storage and the Price was right, I don't remember reading about the Queenz Drive, I'll have to go back and re-read the threads,... I may have screwed up.
  12. I didnt see where that cooler worked on the Core Dual Quads. Looks like a Kick Butt Cooler Tho, Great Reviews.
  13. Thanks Guys for the Information about the Dual LAN Ports. I Really Never Understood That One. Currently my second one is just disabled since i'm not using it. DLS2008,.. I tried Searching for a True Cooler, True CPU Cooler all sorts of different ways and i don't think i found what you were talking about. Do you happen to have a link to what you are talking about when you say "True" please? Thanks again for your help. Jim
  14. Ahh,... So if i were to use both ports i wouldnt get 2 x the Speed? I saw a new MB that has 4 x LAN Ports on the MB. Why use would 4 Ports be on a Motherboard be if it doesnt do anything? It's got to do something you would think. My new MB Supports 10/100/1000 Now in order to get the Support of the 1000 does that come from the Router or from my Cable Modem or my Comcast ISP? Going to www.speedtest.net right now the fastest "Avg" Speeds i get with my ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe MB is around 12156 D/L - 1579 U/L on a Good Day sometimes it's worse. I havent checked the Manual to see what kind of Dual Lan Ports I have with my Current MB but I would love to be able to connect a second cable to the second Lan and Double my Speeds. Of What Use is that Second Port. Even ASUS Says Nothing about those Extra Lan's. Pretty Strange I went back and Re-Read the Article about the MB and found nothing so maybe it's just there for looks and a selling feature "Hey Look,... This Boeard Has 2 or 4 Lan Ports, Buy Me! " Hehe,... RCPW,.. A.K.A. Jim <- 1/2 A Sleep
  15. I feel pretty positive with my purchase of the Corsair PSU with all of the Positive Talk about it here. It sure seems to have enough adapters and hook up so i should have no problems finding one that i need. Here is what I ended up buying tonight. Please let me know where i may have went wrong. By the way,.. Dumb Question #2. How do you use the Dual LAN Ports on the Back of the Motherboard? Do you just connect two cables coming off your router in to them? Anyway,... here is what I purchased. Do you think i should be able to OC my Q6600 to at least 3.0GHz or 3.4GHz? That would be Sweet...
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