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    Cpu: Intel Q6600 2,4 Ghz | MoBo: Asus Maximus Extreme | Hdd:1 Tb Dual prossesor | Case: CM HAF 932 | VGA: OMG still unknown! | RAM: OCZ ReaperX HPC 4gb 1333MHz | OS: ENG Vista 64-bit | PSU: OCZ ModXStream 600W
  1. Hi everyone, i got myself a new laptop and nothing was configured on it. I installed OS on the SSD, yet i didn't configure any RAID options before doing this (only because i really don't know much about it). Now when i boot windows and getting things running, i wanted to install some programs onto this badboy, but i can't see the 500gb HDD i also have on here for storage. The 500gb HDD shows in BIOS, so im guessing i must've gone wrong somewhere... Any help/tips on the topic ? Thanks for any answers in advance.
  2. Haha, i see your points, but the reason i am getting this is clearly because i am not in a position to get a desktop atm, and i wont be in the near future either... Otherwise i would be all over the internet looking for parts ;(
  3. Can't configure anything else on the GTX 680 model due to a sale and the fact that it is pre-setup laptop, but even if i were able to choose that option i wouldn't have done it. On the Radeon 7970 model though i can change pretty much everything, but yeah, doesn't really matter now anyways! Have decided to go for the GTX 680 one, and maybe one day i might change CPU if im in need of it.
  4. Appears to me that you have a better CPU, the i7-3720QM, while i must settle with the i7-3610QM, but i think ill just get the model with GTX 680... Im guessing that the lesser CPU will perform just as good as the stronger one
  5. Oh god... looks like its a Clevo computer! It was called Multicom Kunshan P170E on the website i was at :/ Thanks for the tip bromigo !
  6. The laptop will be used for gaming and such, but the main reason i am striving to find the correct choice, is that the benchmarks seem..... very close :/ ? And the only thing i would be picky about at this point would be price.... but as i look around the web, i also find that with a better CPU it can make a system perform better in games aswell, even with just a slight difference of 0.3 GHz. Is it really worth it? Degrading the CPU and HDD for something that MIGHT perform better at certain games? The Radeon 7970M seems to be the perfect card but then again..... Radeon have these crappy drivers all the time, including their shitty Enduro :/ errmergeeerrd
  7. Read about it, yet you also conclude with the sad truth, it haz not started ze shipping :0 ! Atleast not in my country (expensive Norway....).
  8. Ok, so getting myself a laptop. Both laptops will cost almost the same (just a tiny difference), nothing for you to care about . My main problem is whether i should get the GTX 680M over the Radeon 7970M, at the cost of a smaller HDD and weaker CPU. All specs are the same, except HDD, GPU and CPU. I would like some ideas, maybe a little brainstorming, and hopefully, a conclusion to the topic . Here are the specs in the battle: 1. 2. GTX 680M Radeon 7970M i7-3610QM i7-3720QM 500GB HDD 750GB HDD both hdd on 7200 rpm thanks for any answers in advance ! P.S.: Need answers by Saturday! Have limited time until ordering
  9. Oh, maybe a little un spesific about that one. Western Digital Black 1 Tb
  10. Its not the best of the best, but does anyone think i need something better than this to play some of the new games at top settings? Cpu: Intel Q6600 2,4 Ghz (gonna overclock to 2,8 - 3 GHz) MoBo: Asus Maximus Extreme Harddisc:1 Tb Dual prossesor Case: CoolerMaster HAF 932 VGA: PowerColor Radeon HD 4870 1GB "PCS" (overclock as far as i can) RAM: Mushkin 4gb 1333MHz extreme Performance (maybe overclock, not sure) OS: ENG Vista Ultimate 64-bit PSU: OCZ modXstream 600W
  11. thanks mate, i think that was the most rewarding reply so far. And memory isnt the most expensive thing to upgrade so i am tilting more and more to the DDR2. Thx for the answer :thumbs-up:
  12. Hi everyone. Really nice website, and not any "chaotic" forums. Already got some help with case choices (thanks to The Smith), and really happy for getting respons so quick on emails and topics ive opened. Love it when the site isnt bombed with ads and other pop-ups. Otherwise... im from Norway and hope I will get along on the site.
  13. oh... ofc, i thought he meant megabytes... well, im getting the Asus Maximus Extreme mobo. It supports DDR3, but people say that since im only getting DDR3 1333MHz, i should rather buy a DDR2 PC8500 1066MHz... Thats why im unsecure.
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