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    Unfinished, so im using not mine. But not a super computer...a super saiyan computer!!!
  1. Sweet. I dont know my chipset, how do i find that? sorry for so many questions, but also; where do i get sound drivers and whats a good one?
  2. So i just got a new laptop, about a month or 2 ago, an MSI CX700 and its mostly for school usage. But, i also listen to music and (not that i expect my laptop to have Amazing sound) the speakers are so so. although better than any past laptop speakers i have had, they worked pretty fine and dandy. Until, about a week ago they just started having that fuzzy sound to them, and it almost sounds like they are blown, but i dont think that can be it because i havent tried to blast music through them very much if at all. Anyways, i was just wondering if maybe i changed the sound drivers they would be different? because even at half volume they are starting to have the fuzzy sound now.
  3. Hi, I am pretty new to Overclockers club. and seems this place is pretty cool. Anyways, I played thru all the half life games and i think they are totally Legit. So, i was looking around for demos or any videos of the third chapter and came upon a MOD. I have NO clue what a mod really is, But from what I gathered I think a mod is basically another version of the game, built on the same engine and stuff but with new levels and or story, new weapons and such, basically a Re-mix of the original game. Is this right? And, assuming this is true, I own the games , I paid for them, and i was wondering if there are any free mods that i can download, and are good, and Exactly what do i do? Any help Would be Awesome!
  4. Name is pirate-jak-capn-whatever . i like nintendo and zelda. and half life. im gonna build a computer soon, . hello, .
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