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  1. thanks for the help. I figured the drive was bad, but it sounds like it is working so I thought I'd check here. Maybe I'll give the board thing a try.
  2. thanks for the replies. I have tried it in my MOBO, a friends MOBO and hooked up with an external hard drive case.
  3. I have a 250gb seagate that all of a sudden is not showing up. I have it hooked up to the motherboard (IDE) but it didn't register. I then hooked it up to an external hard drive case and got nothing. I tried the freezer overnight trick but nothing. I have had dead hard drives before, but usually there is some sign it will fail and then I get nothing. With this drive I can hear it spin up and I see no signs of death on the the outside (ie burn ed circuits) Any advice? thanks!
  4. I am helping a friend who wants to upgrade her main hard drive 250GB e with a 2tb WD - she is running Windows 7 23-bit from this drive. The PC is an HP Compaq Business Desktop dc5800 - Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz. HP says they are not sure if it will work but give no reason why. They say the system has only been tested up to a 500gb drive. Anyone here have any thoughts as to what would keep it from running? The motherboad is listed only as part # 461536-001 - Intel Q33 Express chipset thanks!
  5. i am helping a friend who keeps running into problems with "system not responding" issues with programs. She has an Intel Q6600, 4gb RAM, Windows 7 and a 240 watt stock PSU (small for factor case). She mostly runs Firefox, outlook, and adobe photoshop all at the same time with multiple windows open at once. She also watches TV shows online while she works. I know that when she is working she has a lot of program windows open, more than anyone I know, and I assume that eats power - I just don't know how much.. I also know that if she is ripping a DVD while she is working, the DVD will sometimes stop ripping, which I thin might be power related. I am going to have her computer for a few days and was hoping for some advice from you all here. I plan on doing the standard scans (virus, HD, malware, etc) and cleanign out the startup menu, but wondered if I should tweak windows 7 to use less power or try something else. Is there a way to see how much actual power the running system is using? thanks!
  6. am working on a HP Compaq Business Desktop dc5800 - Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz it's a small form factor case that came with (1) 250gb harddrvie. I would like to add anther drive and the paperwork indicates that there is (1) free expansion slot "1 ( 1 ) x front accessible - 3.5" x 1/3H" how can I tell if I am buying a drive that is 1/3h? I tried google, but can't find information on that
  7. I am trying to help a friend with her PC and am stumped. She is having major problems with programs "not responding" and occasional BSOD and just a general slow working environment. HP has been little or no help to her. I have a few hours to play with it next week and thought I would do the basic bonehead stuff like cleaning out her msconfig startup programs and whatnot, but wanted any suggestions you all might have (memtest? disc scan?). One theory is this: Insufficient power supply... She is a user who doesn't game but will have photoshop, illustrator, Outlook and a few other programs all open at the same time that she is watching a streaming video online - and she always has about 15 firefox tabs open. i looked at her PC's specs (below) but what is doesn't say there is that it is a small form factor PC and the power supply is only 240 watts. I think that might be the problem, or part of the problem. Example of her issue: Yesterday I was there and she was using a program (Xilisoft DVD audio ripper) to extract some audio. It started up fine and said it would be about 15 minutes to rip a DVD. after a few minutes she wanted to show me some digital photos and we looked at about ten - but when we went back to the program it was stuck at 12% and would not budge. We tried to cancel but it took several minutes to shut the program down (task manager didn't work - ""no response"). When she re-started the program and re-ran it without doing anything in the background, it ripped the DVD in about 12 minutes. So multi-tasking seems to be a no-go with this PC. Product Description HP Compaq Business Desktop dc5800 - Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz Type Personal computer Windows Vista Certification Windows Vista Capable Form Factor Small form factor Dimensions (WxDxH) 13.3 in x 14.9 in x 3.9 in Weight 17.9 lbs Localization English / United States Processor 1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.4 GHz ( Quad-Core ) Cache Memory 8 MB L2 cache Cache Per Processor 8 MB RAM 4 GB (installed) / 8 GB (max) - DDR2 SDRAM - non-ECC - 800 MHz - PC2-6400 Storage Controller Serial ATA ( Serial ATA-300 ) ; IDE Hard Drive 1 x 250 GB - standard - Serial ATA-300 Optical Storage DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM with LightScribe Technology Card Reader 16 in 1 Monitor None. Graphics Controller Intel GMA 3100 Audio Output Sound card - stereo Networking Network adapter - PCI Express x1 - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Power AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) OS Provided Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Manufacturer Selling Program HP Smart Buy Environmental Standards EPA Energy Star , EPEAT Gold Manufacturer Warranty 3 years warranty ( on-site )
  8. I have a rocketfish bluetooth RF-CMBO and I have problems with it disconnecting. It almost exlusively happens when I install any new software or update - upon reboot the keyboard and mouse both don't work. I push the connect buttons on them but nothing happens. The only way I seem to fix it is to get my old USB mouse and hook it up; remove the keyboard and mouse from the bluetooth devices, then re-pair them. this is a HUGE pain in the butt. Any ideas?
  9. I can access the files inside which are almost exactly like a blu-ray structure, but I cannot extract. I got ISOBUSTER to extract one, but it was on a friends PC and I don't own a copy (and don't want to pay $45) File name definitely not goofed-with.
  10. I have m2ts and mkv files wrapped in an ISO file an d I want to extract the contents to my hard drive. Normally, with DVDs, I can extract with winrar or 7zip, but I am having no luck with these. I have tried a few programs, like alcohol 120 and I can't mount the ISO and I can't find much information out there, surprisingly.. I just want to extract it to my hard drive. Any help? thanks
  11. I recently switched from traditional mouse/keyboard to a rocketfish bluetooth mouse keyboard for my new build. The problem I have is that twice the mouse has stopped working and I can't figure out how to re-pair it. last night I dropped it and the batteries popped out. I put them back in but no response from the PC> I clicked the "connect" button on the back of the mouse but it wouldn't pair even though the keyboard was still working and the bluetooth light was on (on the bluetooth dongle). Then I pushed the connect button the on the keyboard and that stopped working. I went to my old PC and googled advice, and from the instructions on setting up a bluetooth mouse on the microsoft site, it said things like "double click". How do you double click if you don't have a mouse? Anyhow, I ended up pulling out my old USB mouse and hooking that up to my new PC. I went into the bluetooth section. It showed my keyboard and mouse in the devices section, but they wouldn't pair. I had to delete them both then search for devices in range - the bluetooth found them both and everything is working again. It just seems odd that this setup should be sop difficult. I think it is something I am doing becuase I have problems with every bluetooth device I own. So my question is about setting these up without a secondary mouse. Seems kinda dumb if you need another mouse hanign around all of the time just for battery changes and stuff. In the Rocketfish instructions -- which are minimal -- it says I can set up the BIOS to pair during boot up but I can't find that in my BIOS anywhere (GA-MA785GM-US2H). any advice is helpful. thanks!
  12. I don't game, so I doubt I will be running 100% load much, but how would I know for sure? I might get a better cooler, but I have a SFF case so I am limited in size.
  13. I have a 720BE that I was able to unlock to 4 cores (took a while but I got it). I was also able to overclock to 3.36 by taking the FSB to 210 and the multiplier to 16 - (reading and understanding (I think) that increasing the FSB would give me more speed than just upping the multiplier) - please correct me if I am wrong. Would 200FSB and 17 be better? I am running stock everything. Intel burn test (10tests) ran fine, core temps at about 32 idle and about 60 max during test test. Everything seems pretty stable. Is this good or should I change anything? I think I am satisfied with 3.4 . thanks!
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