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  1. I also recommend the HTC Evo IF it isn't too expensive. Something tells me that beastly of a phone will suck down battery power and cost a pretty penny. Not to mention the plan charges.
  2. Sata. EDIT: I forgot to mention, it restarts automatically after an option is chosen. Ive tried safe mode with command prompt but the computer restarts so I cant get to the login screen.
  3. So a friend recently lent me his HP computer so I could fix it but he threw out all discs a long time ago. When I got it it was randomly restarting at the Windows splash screen. After a while the error I got was "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME". Hell I gave this computer the full test suite. I checked faulty everything but I believe its the HDD. So is the hard drive dead or can I fix it?
  4. Can someone explain how this contest is gonna be? as in rules? parameters? are we measuring points or WU?
  5. I finally got rid of that pesky UNSTABLE_MACHINE error so I am back to folding, I currently have my PC(specs in sig) and 2 PS3's in my arsenal for folding.
  6. Good job Sherlock, you deserve a medal or something.
  7. Check the rules, you must set a price.
  8. So the contest just measures a single rig or an entire [email protected] farm?
  9. Someone better make a Longcard is long picture.
  10. Whoever got this case deserves to get the case taken away from them for not posting pics, the little ungrateful
  11. I have an X-Clio Goodpower 500w. Something tells me you dont wanna trade
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