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  1. This got me folding for the first time since ~2008 when I still had a C2D E7300 and 8800GTS system
  2. The RAM is running @ 2.1V and 1066MHz. And I did bump the NB voltage for just in case. But I doubt if that will make any diffrence seeing that the P5Q Deluxe supports 1600MHz FSB without overclocking. (E7300 multiplier = 10; 400MHz FSB x 10 = 4.0GHz)
  3. It really works putting your PC outside. I did it one night and recorded my highest 3DMark06 score. Compare Link I set a huge aluminum desk fan to blow on my pc and took all of the panels off. CPU temps went as cool as -1 degrees B:)
  4. Hahaha I'll let him rot in his cocky lack of knowledge, someday he might discover the dustbunnies in his eyes and realise warranties are like rules, made to be broken. . .
  5. Hahaha, yeah thats really sad. As for the saying, I totally agree. Maybe I should tell it to my friend
  6. Yes I agree, mine was also very uneven. I started with 400 grit until copper was visible on the whole base. Then I did it a bit with 600 grit, 1200 grit and finally 1500 grit.
  7. Hey guys, can I get one of those cool DNA strings please?? [email protected] username: QuantumX14
  8. If you use IBT make sure u have a WELL ventilated case or a good cooler. I've seen it cook a core2 duo up to 80 degrees with the stock cooler @ stock speed.
  9. Isn't the inside galvanised? Normal spray paint don't adhere very well to galvanised metal. I painted my Antec 300 black on the indside, which is also galvanised, with normal spray paint. I can chip the paint with my fingernail. I agree with boinker, maybe the best would be to powdercoat it. It would look alot better anyway. I wish I powdercoated mine. . .
  10. I lapped my Ultra 120 a few months ago so I thought I'll show the results to you guys. I practised on an old AMD heatsink (Sempron 3400+ CPU) for this was my first time. I went up to 1200grit on this one And the Ultra 120 after lapping (1500grit)
  11. Yeah it's been running there for about two months now. But I think any overclocker always wants more MHz By the way ( speaking about bragging rights ) my friend got a new pc ( E7500, 1GB HD4870 and 4GB 1066MHz RAM ). So he came bragging about it and I told him to run 3DMark06. He got about 13300 3DMarks. The highest I got with my system is 14359 3DMarks. I totally kicked his butt, and my GPU is more than 2 years old! Thing is, he refuses to overclock his pc , so he won't be beating me anytime soon :thumbs-up: I wish I had a HD4870 though. . .
  12. I've set it back to stock frequency, and undervolted it! It's now runnig @ 1.05V in the BIOS and 1.032V in CPU-Z. Hope this gives it a few years extra lifespan. Load temps is only 10 degrees hotter than the idle temps when running Intel Burntest :thumbs-up:
  13. When I run it at 3.7GHz only 1.38V is neccecary, but from there I need a huge increase of voltage to get a small amount of MHz. At the end I don't know if its worth it
  14. I'm using an Antec tricool running at 2000RPM. I recently rotated the heatsink to face upwards, thus exhausting the air out the top 140mm fan. Before I did this I had 2 120mm fans on the heatsink exhausting to the back 120mm fan, but it ran about 3 degrees hotter that way.
  15. The airflow in my case is very good, I have 4 120mm fans, 1 140mm fan and one 120mm on the cooler. I played Crysis at those voltages and speed, temps didn't even hit 50 degrees. It's only when I'm doing stress testing that temps go over 50 degrees, I still think the Ultra 120 is doing an exellent considering the high voltage I'm running. What buggers me is that Intel Burntest didn't give errors even at 82 degrees, but prime95 fails at 62 degrees... And maybe if I can tweak the advanced voltages I can lower the main cpu voltage.
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