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  1. Hello everyone. So,i finally bought them... I first tested them on creative zen. Music was awful,low sound. Then on some crapy integrated sound card. Music was awful there to and in game positioning was good but at high volume i keep hearing some strange noises(something like "ckckckkc" ,if you know what i mean). I also tried them on pioneer home theater system and at high volumes i keep hearing those noises too. They are pretty loud...My friend has one pair of these and he is not having that problem... Now i will try them on gigabyte p35 with realtek sound card... Somebody help,please!
  2. In croatia 377 are about 40-45 euros and 777 about 90-95 euros...
  3. tnx for answers people. i just wanna ask you.. are basses and music reproduction good?
  4. New headsets from plantronics. I like the design. I tried 370/770 and in game was lets say good but music was terrible. 2 new ones: http://www.plantronics.com/north_america/e...ets/gamecom-377 http://www.plantronics.com/north_america/e...ets/gamecom-777 There is 3rd model with closed ear design but im not interested. The thing is that 777 has usb connection and they say that it has a: Dolby
  5. what about something else. come on. somebody knows the good recommendation. please help!!!
  6. come on. so big forum and nobody? i need help fast. please
  7. i have a problem with choosing my headset for gaming. i play cod 2 and cod 4 but i want to listen music too. so i need something with what i can hear almost everything i tought of buying steelseries 5hv2 but i dont have that kind of money for headset so i think to buy 4h or maybe just Sennheiser HD 202 (they dont have mic but people say that they have great sound). i also considered buying plantronics .audio 770 but they are terrible in music reproduction. please do u have an idea for something in my price range? 25$ to 40-45 $?I prefer models with mices. please help.
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