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    core 2 duo
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    2gb ram
    n da rest dosn really matter eh........
  1. Try a Samsung syncmaster 2233 or 2233rz (for 3D) or 2243.... i gotta 2233 and it has a max resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p)....
  2. Actually IMO their arn't as many girl gamers as there are guys.... so it really wouldn't be fair to say that they aren't that good at it....another thing i wanted to mention was that i once saw this show on TV where they showed a whole league for Women CSS players.... n they seemed pretty professional to me... im pretty sure they would mop the floor with me in CSS......:S
  3. well i have a jasper modded Xbox 360 that used to work just fine when i would put burned games inside it. but ever since i tried running the burned version of Modern warfare 2 and Assassins creed 2 I've seemed to run out of luck.... for som reason these games refuse to work. but i heard from somewhere that all I need to make them work is a simple software update.... can anybody shed some light on this matter....
  4. ok... i finally got a little bit of cash to dish out on my pc... basically heres what i currently have... Pentium D 820.... 1.5gb of ddr 2 ram...on a intel d945 chipset with an 8600gt in the middle... now was planning to get an HD 4770 n still be able run stuff on my pc....n i was also planning to get 4gb of ram... btw... i got a 350 watt psu... my budget is bout $140.... none of the new GPUs r available where I live....cant even go for mail in... ohh yeah... i gotta 22 inch samsung 2243 lcd... with a max resolution of 1920x1080....but i dont mind if i cant game at exactly that resolution...
  5. Its a Pretty Awesome collection!! but even i think gettin Laid is more important!! the nightmare before Christmas figures were a bit random.... but im guessn they have som sorta collectors value too...(probably owned by yoda...lol)
  6. hey guys i was just wondering!!! does this mean playing xbox 360 games on a 1230x720 screen wouldn't look any better on 1080p screen?
  7. Gears of War 1 Max payne 1 Splinter cell 1 GTA 4 Tomb Raider legend
  8. hey guys, i just downloaded the windows 7 iso file... now i dont know what to do with it... am i supposed to burn the iso file on a DVD? or am i supposed to exract it with a DVD imaging software (eg. daemon tools or alchahol 1.0 or winzip) and den burn the extracted files onto a DVD? thnx for ur time guys
  9. I use a Moto ROKR E6 its good n reliable but i wish it had wifi n a flash for its 2mp camera!!
  10. THNX a million!!!!!!! this was exactly wat i was lookin 4 .... i've been havin nightmares bout bottle necking for days cuz planning to get a 9800gtx+ ... phewhh now i can close my eyes n buy it with out a second thot.... :thumbs-up: once again THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!
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