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  1. ya all the voltages i listed just checking opinion not oc any hight like i said temps 36-38c idle 45-50 maybe full on gaming . my first overclock so little nervous and cautious check and doulbe check you know
  2. hi i just finished last week overclocking my q6600 on a evga 122-ck-nf67T1 mb. 680i i overclocked to 3.0 with cpu core voltage at 1.41250 my fsb voltage at 1.4 memory g skill 2x2 gb 800 @5,7,7,19 @1020 mghtz 1.9v n force spp @1.45v my temps are as follows cpu 36-38c @idle spp temp 53c mcp 45c spp goes to 55 on load mcp goes to 48c on load ran mem test no error and ran prime 95 7 hrs no errors . some advice on settings of anything you would change is anything ex. voltages in unadvisable ranges ? tips or input greatly appreciated. thank you.
  3. hi i just oc my q6600 on an nvidia 680i mb my mcp temp is about 51c in crysis is this ok and what is tolerable first time overclocker some advice it has fans on both south and north bridge mcp voltage is 1.5 . spp temp is 53c with voltage at 1.4
  4. hi i just got an msi gtx 460 cyclone video card where is the best place to get the most stable drivers and software for it ? nvidia website or msi ? thanks
  5. how about opinion on the msi gtx 460 i like it for the card but doesnt the open cooling like that circulate the hot air inside? the evga has the exaust out the back
  6. hi i am looking to replace my asus eah top 4850 with a gtx 460 1gb card . i read alot of good about evga version any other recomendations? i am running q6600 cosmos case 2 wd 640 gb hd 4 case fans and 2 dvd drives on an antec neo power blue 650 ps. my question is with the 460 run with th setup i have without taxing the ps ? i hear their pretty hungry thanks
  7. hi i have an evga 122ck-nf67-T1680i mb with a q6600 go step proc g skill F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B 2x2gb running at 4-4-4-12 2t 1.9v @900mghtz .my question is when i open cpuz it reads fsb:dram 3:5 is that right ? and some input on mildly oc up this setup would be great voltages and fsb settings like 3.0 ? and maybe advice on balance between memory and cpu thank you.
  8. hi i have an evga 122ck-nf67-t1 680i mb with 4x1gb corsair c4d dominator ram ddr2 6400 . my question is that i understand its easier and better to oc with 2x2 than 4x1 correct? that being said i am looking at swapping out to a set of g skill model#F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B anyone who has this board and or memory would greatly appreciate the advice and input thank you.
  9. hi i have an evga 122ck-nf67-t1 mb with q6600 go step proc and 4x1gb corsair 6400 c4d dominator mem . my question is is it better to run 2x2gb sticks cause i would like to ease into overclocking .if so what works well with that board advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. i ran memtest today once to see what i was looking at all passed no errors ran for about 2 hrs. the only thing i was concerned about if it makes any difference at all is they are 2 different versions one set is 2.2 i believe and the other is set is 1.2 ? but so far they seem to run ok and yes it seems faster in games with the 4 4 4 12 2.1 setting.
  11. hi i have a new build with a q6600 and 4 1gb sticks of C4D corsair dominator 6400 . my question is the default in my bios is set to 5 5 5 18 [email protected] v the spec for that memory is 4 4 4 12 @2.1. do i set it to that spec and since i have 4 1gb sticks would it harm the pc in the long run ? i am not overclocking the pc at the moment .would it be better set at 5 5 5 18 @1.8 volts
  12. hi got a coolermaster 1000 case new build with a q6600 EAH ASUS top 4850 noctua heatsink and fan 650 antec ps 4gb corsair dominator 6400 and i am looking to swap out all stock case fans .they are only 44cfm looking at 2 kinds 1st is s flex model sff21g 75 cfm other is panaflo fba12g12mibx 86 cfm . which one do you recomend?thanks .
  13. this reply if for SPARC I see you have the cosmos case .do you know how to take the front mesh panel off? answer to your question the noise doesn't bother me as long as it keeps the case cool .have heard alot of heat issues with the cosmos 1000 case. the fan i looked at was 14.99 at new egg silverstone 120mm 110 cfm. 2ball bearing.
  14. sorry i meant reliable as meaning sleeve vs 2ball etc thanks.
  15. i like the silverstone what is the more reliable longer lasting bearing type to look for?
  16. was looking at new egg silverstone fm121-b has 110 cfm .
  17. hey i'm looking for a recomendation for good case fans .i have a new build with a cosmos 1000 case and have heard the stock fans are very poor. i am going to replace all the stock fans .they are all 120mm.
  18. it just says asusEAH4850 Top/HTDI/512Radeon HD4850 512mb 256bit gddr3 pci express 2.0x16 159$ at new egg.
  19. hi building a new pc have come down to video cards was looking at a asus 4850 MODEL EAH from new egg but some reviews says had real hard time running on vista 64 .anyone have this problem if so what is a card equivelant to that from nvidia .like to play crysis far cry 2 call of duty etc. help
  20. i would like to play at 1024 and above have a nice 22 inch samsung widescreen lcd and is it better too get a card with more memory or a better core clock memory clock ,and stream processors i'm confused.
  21. hi building a new pc hae an old bfg8600gt oc 256. saw a evga 9800gtsuperclocked 512ddr3 at tigerdirect for 120 .looks like a decent card.budget running out after finishing build. like to play crysis far cry 2 8600 plays good but not on high .anybody have this card and can offer suggestions plus or minus .thanks alot. item # on tiger direct is E145-9826.
  22. dont mean to sound nieve but what do u mean by true
  23. hi i am building a new pc am using an evga122-ck-nf67-t1 mb cosmos case q6600 proc my question is heatsink selection .i've done so many reviews my head is spinning got a great review on noctua nh-u12p cooler. the thermalright hr-01 the nirvana nv120 and finally the tunig tower .all had great reviews but am concerned about size and weight of tunig tower .won't a cooler that heavy put undue stress on the motherboard? some help please thanks alot.
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