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  1. Hi and thanks, your english isn't to bad, knowing two languages is a lot to take in. I think my problem lies some were else and not my settings in the bios, it's going to be some time before I can dill with it, till than I'm going to leave my setting were I have it. Thanks for the advice.
  2. No I'm not using AMD OC to clock, I only use it for referents. I rather use the bios to OC.
  3. I am use liquid cooling so I'll be fine on that front. At 3.5 I can sable it, it's after that I have trouble with. I'll get a small HDD and put a 32 OS on it than I'll try to OC, if I can go higher than 3.5 on a 32 than it's the 64 OS that is giving me trouble, If I still have probables than I have a bad chip, which is rare. It will be some time before I can get to do it though. Thanks again for your help.
  4. I'm starting to think that. Saturday I tried for 3.6 and it wouldn't boot in to windows with some small adjustments in the bios but I didn't try it with the voltage high like Stereoman sad. I heard that vista 64 can contribute to boot when OCing a Phenom II.
  5. Thanks for the info, the voltage seem a bit high but I'll give it a try once I get a chance. I'm curious how high do you have your CPU NB VID voltage at?
  6. I'm definitely not going to unlock the forth core, and from what I have read so far it's more of suicide than a suicide shot and it would be a while before I can get a new CPU. I don't plan on doing a stress test I just want a suicide shot. Just thinking on doing it kind of makes me a little nerves but I still want to try it.
  7. I'll keep that in mind. I'm going to post my results at Official Socket AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 Overclocking Competition Thread once I do it I'll all so post it here to. I might do it this weekend.
  8. I haven't tried it yet with water cooling, I did it with air though. Once I have more time to do it I was going to try it at 3.9. With fingers crossed. Yes at first I was doing it wrong, now I am on the right track.
  9. Hi guys, well my FSB is at stock and I'm running it at 3.4Mhz and it's very stable. I Want to thank you fearspartan117 for giving the link to Dolk's guide it helped a lot, and thanks Waco for responding. :thumbs-up:
  10. My voltage is at 1.456 on CPU-Z that 2.5 is the CPU PLL Voltage I for got to add the PLL on. I would like to use the multiplier only but I crash about a minute after boot up, I had the multiplier at X16 and the FSB at stock and the voltage was 1.5 which gave me 3.3Mhz. See when the the PC was switched on about 24 hears later it crashed after the first boot up, after it booted back up it was stable and that was with all the testing too. Now with it at it now it's stable. I'm going to look at Dolk's Guide, I didn't know it was don.
  11. Originally I had the multiplier at X16 and the FSB at stock, around a minute give or take it crashed after boot up, and I couldn't find the problem as I did all kinds of tests and all the test past with no errors. So I decided to change those two which stopped the crashing. I would like to keep the FSB at stock but to keep it at 3.3Mhz I had to do those changes. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears. Ether I got an oddball or none of the 720 doesn't like high multiplier.
  12. I take it the 720 isn't made for it than? I kinda had a filling that was the case?
  13. HI, I'm trying to get 4.0 with my Phenom II X3 720 and it keeps rebooting or fails. Right now I'm at 3315Mhz and I do know I can go to 3.5 but 4.0 is my target for a suicide shot. I have put watercooling in it so I can try 4.0 so what I would like to know is what do I need to change besides the Voltage would I do something to the ACC to? Back to the voltage, besides the CPU V what other voltage would I change too and how high do I go? Here is what I have it clock at right now. CPU RATIO X13 CPU NB FREQ. X9 2295 CPU FREQ. 255 HT LINK WIDTH 16 bit HT LINK FREQ. X9 2295 MAMORY CLOCK X5.33 1356 THE REST OF THE MEM IS AT STOCK DDR3 V 1.8 THAT IS MAX SB/HT V +0.2 NB/PCIe/PLL V +0.1 CPU V 2.500 NB V 1.220 CPU NB VID +0.200 CPU V +0.150 Thanks for any help some one can give.
  14. Hi again well it's stable at 3.3 and I was able to run my NB Freq at 2200 and HT link Freq at 2200 with no problems so far. Thanks again now all I need to do is water cooling that is waiting till the end of the month.
  15. I've got the F5 bios but it's not the more recent yet. #1 I have set it to x16.5 today so it's at 3.3 to see if that helps. #2 NB is running at stock, at first it wasn't but it's bin at auto 95% of the time and I left it there. #3 From the get go it's bin at stock. I did enter the voltage to high by mistake thinking it was a different set they make, it was at 1.85 which is over, but I fixed it to 1.80 which is max. Today I decided to drop it to 1.75. #4 My temps are good, with Prime95 it hits 51c. One thing I've decided is not to OC the ram just run them at the recommended settings that Munshkin made them to run at. From what I seen on all of Munshkins ram they do look like the eat a lot of voltage. I do have AMD Overdrive But I use it as a referent more than testing, I use Prime95 to test. I am new to AMD Overdrive so I haven't got to much in to it yet. Thank you for the response you gave me a starting point. I'll post back on the progress as I'm running Prime95 right now and so far so good. Thank you again.