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  1. Ran Steam OS for a bit on a franken-computer in the living room.. q6600, gtx460, 8GB of 800MHz RAM that were all lying around collecting dust. It worked fine, but the drivers weren't the best (I imagine they'll eventually fix this.). Didn't get very good frame rates in most games. Out of my 250-ish steam games, a respectable 78 were linux playable. Ended up just modding a very basic windows install to boot straight to Big Picture. All my games run fine now and I even have the Steam Music beta. tl;dr If you want SteamOS, just use a minimalistic Windows install in BP Mode.
  2. Nephilumos

    Star Wars

    I'm hoping this will be like x-wing vs. tiefighter was. Man, I miss that game.
  3. I don't know if you count SSH/DNS server as "neat", but that's what I use my Raspberry Pi for.
  4. Nephilumos


    And speaking of which! We are now on 1.6.2!
  5. Nephilumos


    1.6.2 will actually be up by this weekend hopefully.
  6. Nephilumos


    Bump for update to servers!
  7. Huh. I don't doubt your networking prowess, Nerm. I'll have to look into it a bit. Trying to wrap my head around how you'd do it while waiting for food at IHOP isn't working though lol.
  8. Unfortunately, that won't work. The only way you'll be able to pull what you're looking to do off is if you have 2 different WAN IP's, or "Public IP's". Reason being, both of those names are going to resolve to your WAN IP without regard to your port. Your A record won't have the option to change what port it's going to resolve to. Edit: This is all assuming you're behind a NATed router, which most people are.
  9. Update considered abusive means that the frequency in which your device is announcing its WAN IP to DynDNS can get your account temporarily banned. Consider dropping your check frequency to maybe once or twice a week.
  10. Yup. Two. Backup to one, backup that backup to the other.
  11. I'm the only Debian/KDE person here?? I guess that's why Linux is awesome. (My second distro would be Arch...but its suuuper close to being No.1) Edit: Debian because it's what I learned on, so I just never gave it up. KDE because I don't like pretending I'm using a Mac (lol gnome). Arch because it's configurable as heck. No one person's Arch install is the same as anothers
  12. Nephilumos


    In the vanilla sense, not too much. There's the wither boss, some new types of blocks, trees, etc. It's essentially the same. My friends and I go on stints of playing it then don't touch it for ages. This server is fairly active this time around, though.
  13. Nephilumos


    Yeah, Bukkit doesn't play nice with 1.5 yet. It's probably going to be a while. I can send you my 1.4.7 jar if you want to hop on.
  14. Nephilumos


    Awh, and quartz looks so nice....I'm going to have to look into seeing how compatible these bukkit plugins are with 1.5. Give me a couple days.
  15. Nephilumos


    D'awww I dun wanna go through that hassle yet D: it was just a redstone update, wasn't it?
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