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    Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
    AMD 6400 BE
    Mushkin DDR2 800 4GB
    ULTRA 1000W PSU
    2 x XFX 8800GTS (G92) SLI
  1. Hey i was looking into this very thing and i think there is another alternative called Shadow protect software from storage craft.. it claims that you can install you system in any computer in bare metal condition.. i am going to look into it a little more.. works with all windows platforms.. http://www.storagecraft.com/products/ShadowProtectDesktop/ A little pricey at 80 dollars.. but for me i think it will be worth it as i have up graded my motherboard 3 times in the last 7 months.. UGH
  2. I keep asking myself why do i need more.. This board is running lightning fast and plays my 3 favorite games with no problems.. Crysis, COD4 and BF2.. This system rocks.. it is a dual boot XP 32 bit and Ubuntu linux.. and in a couple of days it will be a tri boot system with vista 64bit.. So i have said all that to say.. i was just exploring possibilities.. and over clocking this MOBO is not a real possible.. but that is fine.. i have 2 cores running at 3.3.. that is currently enough.. to handle all that i throw at it.. so thanks to those who gave input.. and there is no love loss here with my system.. IT ROCKS HARD!.. nuff said Bigun!
  3. Hey folks new the the forum and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about this I run an ASUS M2NSLI deluxe Mobo and an AMD 6400 3.2 BE every time i try to over clock past 3.29 i get the BSOD If i try to adjust the CPU voltage i my system freezes I have 4GBs of mushkin ram and an Ultra 1000 W PSU and 2 x XFX 8800 GTS cards.. and ideas.. thanks
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