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  1. now that i'm messing with this mobo more, even stepping up the BCKL to 115 shows a target speed of 4800mhz, but in windows, it shows 4500mhz as max.. WHAT is going on with this Mobo!??
  2. Thanks guys. Whenever i do set the speed manually or at XMP profile , I keep seeing this 1:8 ratio keeping it down at DDR2133 speeds: See here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7-sdB241gsVWnNOQlo5LUozalk/view?usp=sharing No matter what I do, it won't change from that speed.. I'll try and set the voltage manually,b ut what should I set it at? Default is 1.35.. Should I go higher? This is really bugging me!!
  3. yeah i'm trying to manually set it but no matter what i'm stuck on 1076mhz (via CPUZ)
  4. Hi guys, I have a ASROCK z270 mother board (LGA1151) (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157739) with a i7 7700k. I have the following ram (64gb) (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232264) . According to CPUZ, I am acheiving DRAM Frequency of 1076mhz tops. Even with XMP profile loaded, and showing DDR3400, should this speed not be around 1700mhz? No matter what I'm trying, its stuck at 1076mhz. I have even tried halfing my memory to 32gb thinking it couldnt' push that speed on 64gb.. But still no dice. I have ensured to use slot Slot 1/3 for dual channel. Can anyone please advise why I can't reach DDR3400 speeds? BTW in motherboard, under the DRAM settings, It keeps showing a 1:8 ratio when I select DDR3400. BTW, i'm on the latest bios. Thanks fellas! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7-sdB241gsVWnNOQlo5LUozalk/view?usp=sharing (PS see pic for the 1:8 DDR-2133 that keeps popping up no matter what)
  5. So apparently, after removing the videocard, and keeping one stick of RAM in, the computer will not even power on. Popped the video card back in, and it still won't power on now. I just picked up a 7700k and seated it on the Mobo, and it still wouldn't power on. So now it's down to the mobo or PSU.. I think it's very likely the mobo. Will revert once I replace the mobo
  6. Nope. I don't think the machine is actually posting anything. I took out the graphics card and tried connecting displayport on the mobo (the cpu has its own gpu) but now the computer won't even turn on with the Geforce 1080 out and onboard gpu being used.. So problem seems to be between mobo or cpu..?
  7. Hi guys, I built a PC with the following specs: I7 6700k CPU z170A chipset mobo (MSI) 64GB ram Geforce 1080 GPU Corsair water cooling Computer ran GREAT for a few months. I used teamviewer to access it when out of town, and kept it on for around two weeks (with no workload). Came back to it last night and the monitors won't recognize a signal at all. Computer was still on. There's no sound, beep, or anything when I restart it. Powered off/on, reset bios, settings. Nothing shows up on the monitors, no signal. What could have happened? How should I begin the trouble shooting? Did the Mobo crap out? Its showing 0 0 on the post code window.. Everything seems like its geting power and is on, including GPU. Also tried 3 diff monitors and HDMI/Displayport, nothing. No signal. Please help!!
  8. its not the speakers, when I cable out from my Sager laptop to the mixer/speakers, its silent and no static.. its just the desktop that does it..
  9. I had a seasonic 1000Watt, and changed that out to a EVGA 850W Gold series.. No difference..
  10. I'm using a MSI z170A gaming titanium mobo. CPU (6700k) over clocked to 4.7ghz. 64gb ram. I was using the onboard soundcard routed to a pair of KRK Rokit 8 speakers, and am finding a HUGE amount of static noise. So I decided to get a sound blaster card and thought bypassing the onboard soundcard would alleviate the problem.. It hasnt, still getting massive amount of scratchy static noise via the speakers. Using a shielded audio cable too! Is there a solution for this or am I SOL?
  11. good to hear, thanks Nimrod! Yeah i sorta need the 64Gb, for editing, have Premiere, After effects and photoshop open most of the time, not including the normal stuff.. Makes life easier for sure! Thanks for the feedback guys.
  12. My motherboard did not like the 16gb ram modeuls at first. Definitely not with XMP profiles on.. Not sure what you meant by memory config in mobo QVL... My main concern is the speed the DRAM is set at, is this bottlenecking my performance or does the setup look acceptable, given how much i'm pushing the CPU..
  13. Hey guys, just recovered my comp's oc settings from a bios reset.. Seems like something is wrong w the ram settings are the speeds looking ok?, can you pls advise. many thanks
  14. Hey guys, i'm getting a fair amount of interference/static on my speakers - my motherboard is a MSI Z170a gaming titanium. I can literally hear my mouse movements/page loads on the speakers (KRK Rokit 8 speakers). At first I thought it was the motherboard's crappy on board audio, so I purchased a sound blaster Z pcie sound card and I still got the same interference noise. Then I thought maybe I need shielded audio cables. Just plugged those in,a nd still have the static issue. It's not AS bad as before, but i can still hear window movements, etc. (pages loading) on the speakers. Any advice?
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