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  1. Thanks fellows , I suppose before I go any further with this half-assed setup Ill head over and get a new PSU. I figure 600w should do it for any future needs. Maybe I can use the old one for my halloween robots on the front porch. (sigh) So many wires and never did a full replug. Ill do it like a tune up on my camero, one plug at a time. One last thing any suggestions on PSU. Im on a total low budget. Costly= no GPU Thanks again , been very helpful.
  2. Just to be sure I took apart the side panel , grabbed a flashlight and followed the connections from the PSU. There are some larger 4 pins( like the ones that go to DVD drive) then there are one smaller 4 pin that is open as well. I did get a deal on this rig. Uploaded my specs thanks Rig_specs_atm.txt
  3. Its a new rig , 500w Rhycom-sgt ( thats the name on the side of it the PSU. Im looking through the clear side panel and I believe I see all the cords ... And with needing two six pins the should be obvious? I hope
  4. Im about to grab the XFX 8800 GTX and decided to take a peek in my new rig for the power connectors . All I see are those 4 pin connectors. Do I need to get some adaptors to change the two 4 pin power connections over to the six or is there something Im missing? Thanks
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    Zeitgeist The Movie

    An honest man never wants control over another person. (wanted to add that)
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    Zeitgeist The Movie

    Ok lets be clear. People that can't see how our freedom is clearly being eroded via the constitution not being adhered to and then to keep believing we need to toss away said freedoms because we have to be more secure,they just have a need for higher education. If you (Articfox guy) have little knowledge of history , distant thru recent and no comprehension of what it means for government ,through the ages, to use social controls such as religion , fear , race ect ect to keep a populace "in line" with their selfish plan then most likely everything you see that is contrary to your current limited level of knowledge would fall under " Conspiracy!". It does make life nice and simple when all you have to do is digest what you are spoon-fed by your "superiors" or the obviously controlled media. I do hope this dosen't come off as a personal attack but I understand you far more than you may know. You're not the only military man in these parts. But whatever ...
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    Zeitgeist The Movie

    Now thats funny
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    Zeitgeist The Movie

    M. Moore is so lost and such a socialist I'm shocked a site like this with so many educated peeps could have a supporter for that obvious turd. Zeitgiest was an excellent eye opener. It really is for free thinkers. Closed minded drones BEWARE , do not watch it . You'll have nightmares.
  9. well newegg and tigerD are my most often stores ...cant say Ive seen any better. Oh and btw there are soooo many 8800 GTs out there and such varying prices(just checked) what do you trust? I have visiontek x1300 in this old box and its been all good. Is it all about brand names , like a pair of Lucky jeans will be $100 and a pair of Levis for $20 but will last just as long.( minus the cool zipper tag). Or is this the realm of " you get what you pay for"? I have started looking and the range in price is effin crazy
  10. Thanks again. Tiger direct ...here I come.
  11. Thank you so much. My mind is clear. Really love this site...wicked posts and considerate replys. This joint is a keeper!
  12. So basicly if I want overkill for for my current monitor and can look forward to brighter days when I score a better screen , go with the 8800GT . Then basicly Im maxxed out and call it a day?
  13. 1907FP Dell UltraSharp displays go for a rather disappointing 1280x1024 resolution, and a 500:1 aspect ratio isn't what is used to be, but the 8ms response time and DVI and VGA inputs are nice, as are the four USB 2.0 ports included.
  14. I mostly play WOW and EVE. Surpreme commander is a desired game. The rez I use now is ALWAYS lowest possible and even then my current p4 2.4g is a total nightmare , worthless ...almost. I can deal with less than optimal is I can get better than Atari style graphics =/ . Im worried if I dismiss the hybrid option I will lose out on multi tasking speed. But If I go with the 8800GT I would do better with gaming... I'm a noobly but I can often do what I need to , just not always what I WANT to.
  15. I have added my soon to be delivered rig info and the link to OCC article I looked at so you guys can get an idea what Im dealing with. My current comp is a p4 2.4g , 1.5g ram and a whole lot of frustration. So I found a joint down in florida that had unreal prices for comps and ordered the rig in my attachments. Now before I get trolled about buying a lackluster setup for gaming, I have 2 babies and an unemployable princess wife so I really couldnt afford what I just ordered but I want to make the best of what I got. That being said... After looking at the hybrid crossfire setup with a 3200 + 3450 cards working together it looks much weaker for gaming than the asus 8800 GT . But my question is what do you think would be the best overall setup for this , taking into account price,speed,and ease of setup. The hybrid configing looks like it may bite me in the buttocks so maybe I should go with a single better PCI ex 2.0 card and call it a day and forget the hybrid feature. Thanks for the help , really thanks. http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/ec...80gma_v1/12.htm Rig_specs_atm.txt