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    pentium d 940 OC to 3.64ghz
    windows vista x32 for now
    3gb crucial ballistix 800mhz. 5-5-5-12 running at 928mhz
    PNY 9800gtx
    cooler master 550w (model: real power) only has 1 pci-e power connector

    2x 36gb 10krpm raptors
    1x 320 wd
    1x 500gb seagte
  1. anyway to unlock it? i got a spare id like to practice flashin the bios its a cheapo 6450 (heatsink only) but can mod it with fans and somthin bnut where do you find these bios overclocks? i cant write code if it requires that
  2. was wondering if this could be true for this card or is it because i have the amd catlyst suit installed or what but seems voltage and such is greyed out wont overclock past what the amd software will do. it is an HIS IceQ X 7850 2gb
  3. ok, well I have another question about poowersupplies overclocking and the page file. would having little page file or no page all cause a pc to completely shut off cause it ran out of memory? even bigger question is how can tel tell if the powersupply is still in good condition or not? mines 3yrs old but but is warrantied for 5yrs and I really ant be buying a new one unless I absolutely have to
  4. wondering if I should be worried about this cpu a core i7 920 in a Intel DX58OG motherboard dieing on me. iv had this processor and been overclocking it since it first came out, never exeading the core i7 920 overclocking guides voltages but have ran it hot hot hot at times over the years. look at the picture below and maybe there a better program for this but speed temp reported the same the sensors are obviously malfunctioned because I just just re-installed windows and same results. actualy the "SYSTIN" temp was 92(and stayed therew solid so was belivable) and stayed solid before I redid pc now it off the chart. and look at the CPUTIN" this is what im concerned with because it started that and I redid the computer and its like faulty has to be 428c? naw so im wonderin what could be makin it read like this. for refrence the previous board was a gigabyte EX58-DS4
  5. well according to that chart a good air cooler is about the same as these water setups. so why then do people use water cooling
  6. hi, im kinda new to water cooling have read stuff on it and such though. but was wondering what is the difference between these two systems http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181017 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181015 i know theres a chart there but that dont mean nothing to me. what do you think the difference in these would be also i was told a top of the line air filter would be almost as affective? is that true
  7. Im upgrading from a pentium D 950 so bout anything would be worth it from all i read. but i wondered since the q9550 has a 1333-FSB, would there not be much bennifit in it over a Q9300- Q8200 or even a Q6600. Tell me if im missing somethin but i supporse the 45nm clock is 5% faster clock for clock. and the q9550 does have more L2 cache. however, my question is, and maybe we should part this out part for part and the topic now would be the Front-Side-Bus w/ memory Ram Question as well, (i know DDR3 is expensive and not a performance vs cost question) performance 1: is it nessasiry to use DDR3 1333 to get the most performance out of the 1333FSB vs a 1066-fsb 2. if DDR 2 1066mem would be fine, how would that work quad pumped on these would not be 233mhz [ maybe memory but 4x same number wont equal the 1333 bus here], (might be missin somthin here, i read the OC article though) 3. i need to buy new memory for the system im building, (giving this one to my lady and it has ddr 6400) Staying withen the DDR2 envolope would DDR2 1200 (9600) , be of any great benifit over DDR2 1066 memory for the 1333fsb of the 45nm proc. About me, id press this proccessor full most of the time , i have a 9800gtx+, and my envisioned normal day would be playing a blu-ray on the 22inch 3000:1 contrast ration monitor, running virus scan, while playing a cool newer game like crysis/online mmo with another 22 inch monitor 8000:1 Samsung and 10 web browsers open. (all togetherr 2x 22inch monitors) tryin to squeze the most out of my money id hope this envison is possable and heard it is, cause after the processor and before the nehlam benchmarks and maturity. id have to squeze what i could out of this. Now for 105 bucks i could get 4GB of 2x 2gb sticks of DDR1066 but if theres a big difference id rather spend the 70-80 for 2x 1GBsticks and max that to 4gb total and in 1 year hopefully nehlem will be well mature motherboards and all and octo cores, and take this new setup further but thats down the line a bit.} Pc Specs at the moment are : pentium D 950 2x 36gb 10k rpm raptors 00LNR5 2x 22 inch monitors Asus P5k Premium PNY 9800GTX+ Zalman , Copper cooler and a 550 CoolerMaster real power pro , 12v rail is 19-19-19
  8. any suggestions on how i can make my PC faster without messin with overclocking the pci-e bus, and such. i dont want top damage my graphics card but do wanna make my pc go faster using air cooling. i have some real decent kooling. zalman cpu hs/fan , 120mm skyth ultrakaze fans ect. bigest problem with this board is there so many features and everything is set to auto. and when searching goole on this stuff i cant find anyone that has a pentium d for this board. any help would be great. thanks so far what iv done is set the memory crucial ballistix to it's rated voltage 2.2v. but it runs fine on 2.1 or auto. iv changed the fsb frequency (im assuming thats how you OC the cpu) to 230mhz, give me total of 3.68 core speed. 920mhz fsb. 460mhz memory (920total) 5-5-5-15 command rate says 2t. this is what i get. anything more then that and pc reboots. or black screen. I set the southbridge voltage to lowest 1.05 and mem voltage 2.2 everything else is set to auto and i have been messing around with transaction booster different settings ect, with these OC's My temps have been great though cpu at 39-42idle using passmark burn in test, reveals no errors at these settings. howerever if i bumb the fsb frequency up (2-5mhz /with multiplyier of 16) more, test still runs no crashes but i get tons of memory errors. CPU-Z (info) Name Intel Pentium D 940 Codename Presler Specification IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® D CPU 3.20GHz CPUID F.6.2 Core Stepping B1 Technology 65 nm Core Speed 3682.0 MHz (16.0 x 230.1 MHz) Rated Bus speed 920.5 MHz Stock frequency 3200 MHz Northbridge Intel P35 Southbridge Intel (ICH9R) PCI-E Link Width x16 PCI-E Max Link Width x16 Memory Type DDR2 Memory Size 3072 MBytes Channels Dual (Symmetric) Memory Frequency 460.3 MHz (1:2) CAS# 5.0 RAS# to CAS# 5 RAS# Precharge 5 Cycle Time (tRAS) 15 Command Rate 2T Now one thing i did notrice is the specs on my cpu are 1.3v. max according to box but on intel site says B1 stepping 1.25-1.4v However on auto the MB runs these OC's at 1.2V. if i don't set vcore on auto no boot at all, it reboots reboots. iv tried 1.2-1.275v. I'm scared of messing with south bridge, cause on the p5wd2-e south was set on auto, and it slightly melted one my sata cables, using a very mild OC. so iv always kept it at lowest setting and not auto. everything else pretty much is set auto.
  9. i started on a asus p5wd2-e premium board, after to many problems 2 rma's asus upgraded it for me. i don't think im comfortable with my knowledge and or overclocks, but they seem ok. however i would like to make my PC faster, and learn more. iv looked everywhere to figure the p5k prem board out including post in the asus forum. all i can find info on is core 2 dou and quad. on my old board i actually melted a sata wire and where the wire connects to the 120gb wd HD i had. a good article about pentium D 940 would be good. also i set the south brridge to the lowest possablee voltage, cause i dont wanna melt another sata wire. also i havee the best graphics card iv ever endulged myself in wich is the 9800gtx (not the best but most i could afford) iv looked around trying to find what the best setting on the MB is for the pci-e bus for that card. cant find anything but definatly dont wana damage it. for no everything ecept fsb frequency dram timmings and memory and south bridge i manualy set left all else on auto. surly on air i can pass 3.6ghz on the D 940 without6 getting into the noob danger clock zone. any help would be great. need more speed. staying on air, but want to make it faster without going into danger areas this is cpuz info Northbridge Intel P35/G33/G31 rev. A2 Southbridge Intel 82801IR (ICH9R) rev. 02 Graphic Interface PCI-Express PCI-E Link Width x16 PCI-E Max Link Width x16 Memory Type DDR2 Memory Size 3072 MBytes Channels Dual (Symmetric) Memory Frequency 402.4 MHz (1:2) CAS# 5.0 RAS# to CAS# 5 RAS# Precharge 5 Cycle Time (tRAS) 15 Command Rate 2T ASUS P5K premium pentium d 940 (3.2ghz) OC to 3.64ghz zalman cooler 59c full load (undr passmark burn-in test) 41-43idle MB temp is 30-34 max windows vista x32 for now 3gb crucial ballistix 800mhz. 5-5-5-15 running at 928mhz PNY 9800gtx cooler master 550w (model: real power) only has 1 pci-e power connector
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