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  1. Nice with those timings and increasing the voltage to the cpu from 1.47 to 1.57, and giving the ram a little more voltage it works stable, but cpu temps push +60C (Hit 62C and pc restarted because i have bios set to shutdown/restart if cpu time gets higher than 60C), but the timings chnaged it from being unstable to stable. But why do i have to give my cpu a .1V to work stable... i mean from 2.5-2.9ghz it would be stable with .025V increases (sometimes no Volt increase needed at all for it to be stable). Also a little off topic what would be a good cooling kit (fan or water) to drop the +60C load @ 3ghz to about 50ish C at load maybe a little less. I'm using fan that came with cpu (just a basic cpu fan) and basic thermal grease stuff that came free with the package. (Money wise i would have to say $150 max... its xmas time and i'm already over the budget lol)
  2. Ok for the love of me I can't get 3ghz (stable). I did the max cpu speed thing found on dfi-street and mines close to 3.2ghz so i know i can get 3ghz, but i'm stumped. settings for 2.9ghz (stable) Mobo - DFI NF4 SLI-DR CPU - 4000+ san diego, 12 x 242fsb, 1.47V Ram - OCZ D400 512MX2, 1:1 ratio @ 242, 2-2-2-5-7, 3.2V PSU - 600w My tempts @ 2.9ghz are well within being stable (32C idle, 47C load.. games only push it to 45C load) I haven't really messed with much other than fsb and voltage and the ram divider and that yeilds me not much in the way of getting 3ghz stable. but things i've tired - fsb @ 250, lowering ram divider to 9/10 - can't load windows -- upping the CPU voltage to 1.55V (makes cpu like a heater but tempts stil within reason) - windows loads but restarts Other than that i'm lost.
  3. Yep ram was the reason... got a few errors (10 in total each through test).... and dfi-street says stay away from kingston lol. Now i need to find ram that will work. I don't have much $$$ left so i can't mess up here or i'll have to put the computer into storage till the new year when i get money. I have about $100... i was looking around and found these... G.SKILL Value 1GB GeIL Value Series 1GB OCZ Value Series 1GB Now... i hate to ask.... are they compatible with my motherboard.... i searched and well i don't find info on these exact models (only can find info on 2x packages and dfi-street only seems to also list 2x packages also) and I can't afford to make another mistake so best to ask and go with the one that is a 100% going to work.
  4. Ok, new problem... i've been trying to install windows xp all day and i'm having no luck at all. The first time it would boot up the cd copy files then restart like normal... then when it went to boot xp from the hdd it would just restart restart restart. I then got my friend to lend me his xp cd (with sp2 since i read somewhere that i need sp2 because of my pci-e) but his cd really messed up my pc. I can no longer format my hdd (on my pc, but i can on any other pc). Also durning the install it says that some of the files are not geniune xp files (but its a retail disk and not more than a month old). Also tired installing xp on differen't pc then upgrading to sp2 and move hdd back, but it just restarts over and over when it gets to the xp screen (no errors just restarts). I have a 160gb Western Digital hdd (the type where u just plug in your ide cable) and 2 versions of XP (one with sp1 and one with sp2) and 2 100gb hdds that are also good and giving me this error. I'm so so lost here, never knew making new pc would be so hard
  5. YES IT WORKS.... kinda.... i can only have 1 stick of ram in (putting 2nd stick of ram causes pc to mess up and beep at me). I read a post that you have to have ram in 2 and 4 slots instead of 1 and 3 and it worked. And thanks Ste for giving me the idea what to search for. I keep searching for what just normal beeps were, not thinking that each motherboard beep could mean something differn't.... thanks a ton. problem 1/2 fixed.... now who can help me find out why i can't have 2 sticks of ram running at the same time
  6. Ok I ordered LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR motherboard, a Athlon 64 4000+, and Geforce 7800GT. Now I put it together (which to me is quite hard lol, but its together), but when i turn on the power i get one long beep that will repeat itself (just when i thought i was doing good too). I searched around and it said the ram might be wrong type. I have Kingston kvr400/512r is it not compatable? (ram is ddr but motherboard says DDR SDRAM DIMM... and i'm confused) Other stuff that might help (or might be usless) - 550w psu (using 20 to 24 pin psu converter cable) - Everything gets power (all lights come on, fans spin, hdd/dvdrom sound like they start up). - The led lights on the motherboard (system condition ones) only light up 4,3,2 and the 1 just flickers and stays off after 2 or 3 seconds. - I only get the beep when i have the ram in DDR 1,3, or 4 slot. When in number 2 it does something differen't (sounds like its starts up, then slows down) and doesn't beep for me. - Haven't changed any jumpers - Cpu/video card work perfect (test in friends computer didn't think ram till today but hes gone for the rest of the week so can't test it) - Test old PCI video card just incase (and still nothing) Any help would be great and thanks yet again (and sorry for asking so many quesions lately).
  7. What would be a good enough PSU for it? 500w or would i need more?
  8. Ok.. since i don't have my own net i'm using my friends pc for this (since i can't register my own account i'm using his acount too). I'm not good with computers. I made one years ago (back around 1998 and didn't go too well lol) and since then computers have changed a lot. I've got into computer gaming lately and well my pc can't run much anymore so its time to upgrade and all i know is buying parts seprate will save you big time (but i usally chose stuff that doesn't work together). I was looking around and found these (i hope they are compatable and good) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136152 - motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103529 - cpu I read the reviews and everything and they seem to be very good. I just got to check to see if they compatable. Are they good brands to because I noticed there was the same cpu but with a differen't core (guessing thats like an engine). Also i was wondering will i need Windows XP Pro 64bit or will normal Windows XP pro work (and what would be the benifits of getting windows 64bit)? Also knew i would need a new video card and looking at the motherboard it has no agp so i have to get a pci-e video card. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150108 - video card Now looking around at video cards i've liked geforce video cards but theres SLI.... from what i understand thats having 2 video cards working as one to get better performance, but I want to know will i need to get sli cards to play new games (quake 4, fear, cod2.. ect) around there high settings or will the setup i have going right now let me play them at high settings. Also is 1gb ram good enough or should i get more, like will there be a huge performance increase from 1gb to 2gb of ram? And also is this a good motherboard/cpu for overclocking? Thanks in advance for you help answering my questions.
  9. I ordered a cpu/mobo combo and the mobo was DOA and they didn't have any of them in stock(and would carry it anymore) so they refunded me the cost of the mobo, so now i have all I have is a INP4-533-280OEM PENTIUM 4 SOCKET 478 2800MHZ 533MHZ BUS 512K NORTHWOOD .13 M. I was looking for a mobo, but the thing is I can't seem to find a mobo that supports the cpu's 533hmz bus. Its like no mobo out there exists (or atleast none of the supported cpu lists show it for a 533mzh bus) that I can find. I've found this, but not sure if it will work because i don't see my cpu bus speed under the supported processors (Goes from a 2.66ghz 533 to a 2.8ghz 800mhz), and sites that sell this say "CPU Supports Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Socket 478 processors (800/533/400MHz FSB)," so i'm a little confused if it would work in there. If that one won't work or theres a better mobo out there can someone help me find one. It just needs support for -My cpu (overclocking would be great.. upto 3.4ghz would be fine) -8x agp for my video card -don't have a high bugget for this, maybe around $70 like the mobo above. Thanks for your help.
  10. I'm looking for a motherboard that supports the following - Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4 processor (2800MHZ 533MHZ BUS 512K NORTHWOOD .13 M) - AGP 8x video card - Kingston DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 512 MB I found this one, but not sure if it supports everything i listed motherboard Is this a good brand, or is there better ones out there. If theres anything better my price range is $60-$120. Thanks for any help on this.
  11. man i've been out of the loop, just learned about it yesterday.... got to try this gmail thing.
  12. Ok, just within the last few days FFXI has been acting up (well i should say POL has... (the thing you have to go through to launch FFXI for you that don't have the game)) It will always give me that VPU recovery thing after a few seconds of it starting. I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it, but same thing happens... i start POL, and click to log in and video freezes and then BAM the VPU recovery thing.... this doesn't happen with ANY of my other games just FFXI... i'm lost here... whats wrong with my video that could be causing all this... i'm running at normal stuff no OC'ing anymore and it still happens. And even if i can get into FFXI my computer usally restarts itself after 10mins of playing... whats with this? i'm so lost here.... any help would be nice.
  13. hmmm to bad that cpu doesn't have Hyper Threading.
  14. ya my mobo supports 478 socket and FSB of 533mhz and cpu speeds upto 3ghz... so since that cpu is 800mhz fsb would it work in mine? or do i need to get a cpu that fits the 533mhz fsb?
  15. Ok i'm going to get a P4 (sorry amd my mobo doesn't support your cpu socket)... I currently have a celeron 2.6ghz (it sucks .)... now i've been checking benchmarks and it seems my celeron is like a P4 1.5ghz (maybe 1.6ghz).... if i was to buy a 1.5ghz p4 would it still = the performance of my stuipd celeron? Or should i just save up and get a P4 2.?ghz speed. I have about 150 to spend (well once i get taxes done and get money back... grr work wheres my w2)... so what could i buy with that money.... ya i've done searches but i can't find anything cheap... i just want the OEM chip (NO FAN)... i have the cooling fan (support upto 3ghz cpu it says) already.. but i can't find anything that just sells just the cpu. And is there any P4 speed i should stay away from when OCing? (P4 chips new to me... i was an amd fan so don't hate me too much)
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