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  1. cash is good,but you live in the usa,and shipping is a killer,and the pound to dollar ratio wouldnt make it worth while
  2. is he 6 pin or 8 pin? can he play cod4 and waw maxxed out?
  3. hi guys you may remember a few weeks back i posted that i won a sapphire hd4850x2 1gb,and now ive decided that i want rid of it. there is nothing wrong with it at all,its been running great,i just want a change.its a great performer but im not a fan of multi gpu cards. im not looking for cash,im looking for a trade,for another gfx card,preferably a gtx 280,but im open to offers(sensible) so something around the same level as the hd4850x2.im in the uk so uk only.
  4. Exactly my point,thats why i said theres not much point in a US buyer wanting it. its $230 over your way,and
  5. Well,im open to reasonable offers from my friends in the USA. Bearing in mind the currency exchange.The dollar is weaker than the pound so it aint gonna be pretty.
  6. you could always get a midget and send him in to hold the card up
  7. +1 for xfx,i think they are 1 of the best nvidia partners out there,soon to be ati by all reports. They offer great bundles and good warranties
  8. i have the above mentoined card,an excellent performer,Its only six weeks old.im selling it due to the fact i won a 4850x2 from sapphire.i want
  9. indeed i do have a sapphire hd 4870 toxic on ebay,but thats a different matter.If i was to choose,id go with sapphire everytime.Ive never had a bad card or bad expeiance with them they do a good bundle with their cards to.I think that they are probably the best partner that AMD have,and they are making great progress with their stuff.Take it from me as i have the 4850x2 1gb and its mean.
  10. 4800 series,without a doubt.whats size monitor? and resoution?
  11. Agree,i dont run mine 24/7 but i dont mind if its a little loud,its cool and performance is awesome.what more do you need. and it was free!
  12. its a little louder than than most cards ive owned but its not to bad,when it ramps up as the heat gets higher it does get louder. Thats to be expected with 2 fans strapped in. But its totally acceptable,i game with a headset so it dont bother me anyway.its a mean set of fans on it,and the build quality is top notch.The black body is solid aluminium.its just a top card all round.
  13. One of them has gone to a friend,the other is on ebay as we speak.I have an old hd3850 as a back up if anything breaksdown.As for the temps ive just left the fan control up to the software,I havnt changed any thing except the clock speeds which are in my sig.
  14. well ive been on cod4,codwaw,wow,ut3 and crysis and im pleased to inform you that the single card outperforms the toxics,not by a huge margin but it beats it out. So im well pleased.Because i have always preferred single card solutions.The temps are pretty good to,its idling right now at 36c,and hits around 55c to 60c in game. It was a total surprise when it turned up at the door this morning.Sapphire have got my vote. :thumbs-up:
  15. Hey guys,just thought id post my good news somehow a while ago i entered a competition with sapphire,i was entered into it when i registered my hd4870 toxics And by some good luck,i won 1 of 7 that were up for grabs.so i thru the bad boy in my rig and i couldnt be happier and for free i cant compain :thumbs-up:
  16. it probably woud be overkill if he got either of those cards,but who's to say that he wont get a new monitor The way i see it,if you get the best card you can afford then if in the future you get a bigger monitor or as games become more demanding then you are set up with a card that can handle it. Thats just the way i see it anyway.
  17. if you can afford it i would ramp it up and go for a 216 core gtx260.i have 2 hd 4870 toxics in crossfire but if a had the choice again i would go with nvidia.the gtx260 black edition is a wolf in sheeps clothing and can give its big bro a run for its money.Its a great card.
  18. As much as i love my 4870s i would say team green FTW and sli that bad boy!
  19. hey guys basically ive just started up in a new COD4 gaming clan,and have the title of admin bestowed on me,and there are a few software programmes that are used to run game servers and various other components and was wondering which laptop would be adequate,also i may be doing some gaming on this laptop like cod4 and cod waw,and was wondering what sort of machine i should be looking at? bearing in mind im in the uk. price range is about 500 to 600 quid Any ideas?
  20. i think a 4850 would do just fine at that resolution,and if you ever bump your monitor to 1920x1080 you could stick a 2nd one in,but at 1440x960 i think 1 4850 will be perfect
  21. i have the sapphire hd4870 toxic in crossfire and you can take it from me,its a monster. i had powercolor 1gb versions be fore these and the toxic blows them away. I have it pumped up to 800/1200 it comes at 780/1000 out of the box but i got it to the settings above and its solid.The cooling on this is awesome to,mine idles around 43 degrees and in game hits around 57/58 degrees I can recommend this card for anyone who wants to upgrade to a hd 4870.
  22. Sounds like the same thing i got with my old 4870,i overclocked it a bit much and would get weird colors in game and desktop,i just cranked it back and all was fine.
  23. so i finaly decided to buy a card and this is what ive ordered sapphire hd 4870 toxic its not 1 gb but its overclocked heavily what do you guys think?
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