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    online poker,pc gaming,mmo games.drinking and ladies


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    nzxt tempest chassis
    antec truepower quattro 1000w psu
    asus m3a32 mvp deluxe mobo
    phenom 9950 black edition @ 3.1
    8gb ocz reaper pc8500 1066mhz
    pioneer 202 bd rom
    Lite on dvdr 20x
    seagate barracuda 7200 150gb
    samsung spinpoint 7200 500gb
    vista premium 64bit
    hanns g 28" @ 1920 x 1200
    Logitech g 15 keyboard
    Razer lachesis and exactmat
    2x powercolor 1 gb hd 4870 crossfire

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  1. cash is good,but you live in the usa,and shipping is a killer,and the pound to dollar ratio wouldnt make it worth while
  2. is he 6 pin or 8 pin? can he play cod4 and waw maxxed out?
  3. hi guys you may remember a few weeks back i posted that i won a sapphire hd4850x2 1gb,and now ive decided that i want rid of it. there is nothing wrong with it at all,its been running great,i just want a change.its a great performer but im not a fan of multi gpu cards. im not looking for cash,im looking for a trade,for another gfx card,preferably a gtx 280,but im open to offers(sensible) so something around the same level as the hd4850x2.im in the uk so uk only.
  4. Exactly my point,thats why i said theres not much point in a US buyer wanting it. its $230 over your way,and
  5. Well,im open to reasonable offers from my friends in the USA. Bearing in mind the currency exchange.The dollar is weaker than the pound so it aint gonna be pretty.
  6. you could always get a midget and send him in to hold the card up
  7. +1 for xfx,i think they are 1 of the best nvidia partners out there,soon to be ati by all reports. They offer great bundles and good warranties
  8. i have the above mentoined card,an excellent performer,Its only six weeks old.im selling it due to the fact i won a 4850x2 from sapphire.i want
  9. indeed i do have a sapphire hd 4870 toxic on ebay,but thats a different matter.If i was to choose,id go with sapphire everytime.Ive never had a bad card or bad expeiance with them they do a good bundle with their cards to.I think that they are probably the best partner that AMD have,and they are making great progress with their stuff.Take it from me as i have the 4850x2 1gb and its mean.
  10. 4800 series,without a doubt.whats size monitor? and resoution?
  11. Agree,i dont run mine 24/7 but i dont mind if its a little loud,its cool and performance is awesome.what more do you need. and it was free!
  12. its a little louder than than most cards ive owned but its not to bad,when it ramps up as the heat gets higher it does get louder. Thats to be expected with 2 fans strapped in. But its totally acceptable,i game with a headset so it dont bother me anyway.its a mean set of fans on it,and the build quality is top notch.The black body is solid aluminium.its just a top card all round.
  13. One of them has gone to a friend,the other is on ebay as we speak.I have an old hd3850 as a back up if anything breaksdown.As for the temps ive just left the fan control up to the software,I havnt changed any thing except the clock speeds which are in my sig.
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