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    trop fish<br />computers


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    Thermal Take XaserVI
    XFX 780I MOBo
    Intel Core2 Quad 9650 3.0 Ghz
    3X 320Gig HD's in Raid 5--OS
    1X 1TB Storage--all drives Western digital caviars
    3X 9800gtx gpu
    Sometimes a TT Dual Orb cooler and sometimes an ASUS silent knight II
    4 Gigs Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory
    ABS Tagan bX1100 PSU
    6 Aerocool extreme turbine case fans
    Lots of shiny lights and 140' of El-Wire

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  1. apistodave

    Favorite Concert of all Time

    Bunch of kids--Pink Floyd, Animals, Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed, Mannheim Germany--the Who, Tommy, Berkely Community Theatre.
  2. apistodave

    Pics of my first build

    Nice job man
  3. apistodave

    Hello from Afghanistan!

    Chin up marine I ate C-Rats, least there were some smokes in there, lots of guys threw the rats away and ate the smokes
  4. apistodave

    Hello from Afghanistan!

    Semper Fi dude! you rock!
  5. apistodave

    The Thrill of Flying the SR71

    I was in the Air Force and saw one on the ground and then watched it take off--it was LOUD!
  6. apistodave

    Alright, build time soon. Need opinions.

    I have a 790FX it's a fine board!
  7. apistodave

    Looks like healthcare is a go.

    You are obviously making it up cause if you really wanted that life you could do it--places in Montana and Idaho dont have any of that stuff so go.
  8. apistodave

    Looks like healthcare is a go.

    Read the bill-they aint giving health care away free in this---all the people who go to emergencey rooms because they cant get health care or wont. can now get it-in fact if they dont theirs a fine--so fewer emergency room visits, lower costs, IF Those savings are passed on to us by the companies that have been ripping us off all along
  9. apistodave

    Looks like healthcare is a go.

    2700 pages of triple spaced, large font---the people who are telling you this stuff are not telling you the truth, turn it into a book, its about 3-400 pages
  10. apistodave

    Ebay Sucks

    E-bay and Paypal both suck bigtime--it's all about the buyer-as a seller you get shafted
  11. apistodave

    3DMark Competition

    33,686 Core i7 920 2x 295
  12. apistodave

    Freedom of Speech Granted to Corporate Entities

    Actually this is not quite true. What the decision does is allow corporations and unions, etc, to spend as much as they want supporting or bashing candidates through commercials, billboards, newspaper adds etc. Their contributions to individual candidates campaigns are still governed by the original campaign laws. Of course what this means is nothing--the politicians will still get down on their knees for free adds. The only thing we can do is watch to see has the most and best TV commercials and vote against them--we should all vote against the incumbents this next voting cycle anyway, doing this would put some control over things back where it belongs-in our hands>
  13. apistodave

    AMD Phenom II X4 965

    I just finished my build on an MSi GD70--stock cooler ran 50-55* changing thast out for a Xigmatek Thors Hammer without fans brought them down to 40-45
  14. I like Amd--for anyone who's interested-In researching the 790FX I saw some RAM issues, not posting, not doing anything. I used Crucial 1333 4 gigs and four Saphire 5750 GPU's and had no problem-right out of the boxes. I also used a Thors Hammer and got 15c drop over the stock-without fans
  15. apistodave

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    MSI 790FX-GD70 Kingwin Lazer 850W PSU Phenom II 965 All to go into the Lian Li 888