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  1. Gaming ocassionally but usually not super graphic intense games like Diablo 3. I actually had my current parts in this case and it didnt get that hot so im not too worried about it. U are almost making me think I should sell my 5870 and get something else but I like the option of being able to run graphic intense games on my HTPC in case the situation ever arises. Also I bought gas today, lame
  2. hahaha the GTX 670 is for my gaming rig (in my Sig) and the HD 5870 will move to the HTPC, but I cant make that move untill I get my GTX 670
  3. I guess newegg didnt require a signature. I called UPS and they said Newegg was the shipper so they had to file the claim. So I called newegg and they submitted a claim. This was on Monday 6/13 and they said it takes about 2 weeks and UPS does an "investigation" whatever that entails. Either way im very unhappy as my HTPC is just sitting in pieces without a GPU or HD
  4. EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2TB Hitachi HD and they got stolen off my porch, so now its in claims
  5. Awesome! Glad u found out it was just a bad heat sink seating. well thats good man have fun with that chip, you should be able to get 4Ghz easily.
  6. Well i was looking around today at the GTX 680 vs. the 7970 and what I ended up finding is that the GTX 670 is actually a very solid card at $100 less than the 680 I will use this PURELY for gaming, no video stuff, no photoshop just gaming. What do you guys think is it worth it to spring for the GTX 680 or 7970 or is the GTX 670 really good?
  7. yeah ive actually decided im gonna keep my E8500 rig and use that in the HTPC case and throw my new rig in my old Antec 902 case.
  8. http://alexanderhuzar.angelfire.com/files/fsb_strap.htm Pretty good explanation of FSB straps. If you wanna do quick stress testing you can do Intel Burn Test, that one really jacks up your temps quick. so if it passes that you can do a few more 15mhz increases in the FSB but after a couple increases and IBT(Intel Burn Test) Passes you should definetly do longer stress testing with either OCCT or Prime 95. NB needs volts to keep up with the extra speeds that are going on. And what wevsspot said is totally fine about the vcore, I was just trying to make sure that your heat sink wasnt placed horribly and thats why the temps were high but his method is totally fine.
  9. Usually different brands of TIM only effects temps by 2-5C max. As far as applications I can say ive treid all of those and they all work pretty similar. Many people will tell you their tried and true method, but again as long as you dont put a quarter sized blob in the middle we are only talking 2-5C differences (In my experience). My guess would be that your vCore is set to auto, and your motherboard is raising it up a bunch when it really doenst need to be. Set everything to stock and then boot up making sure your temps are noraml and low (which they should be because everything is stock). Then go back into bios and check what your vcore is set at with all value stock. If I remember correctly stock vcore for those chips was anywhere from 1.10 - 1.18. Then raise the FSB by 15mhz, just like u did, but manually set the vcore to the stock value. If that doesnt work bump vcore up very slightly till it does boot properly and everything. Very slightly as in if it was 1.16 stock set it to 1.18 or something like that. So check that stuff out and let me know how it goes. Good Luck!
  10. yeah fastest I ever got my E8500 was around 4.4GHz, and that wasnt very stable, it would crash in OCCT after an hour or so. I left mine 24/7 at 4.1-4.2GHz, but temps never went above 75C I agree with Spike that you should try reseating your heatsink and redoing the thermal past because sometihng isnt right. E8500 doesnt run that hot on that small of an OC. What is your vcore at?
  11. Hey Everybody, So I am upgrading from my failr old E8500 rig, mostly use my PC for only gaming. I already purchased and recieved the following: i5-3570k CPU Gigabyte Z77 UD5H Phanteks TC14PE Cooler Corsair Vengeance 8GB low profile RAM. I'm reusing: Radeon HD5870 Random HD's Corsair TX750 OK now my roomates friend is giving me this case because I hooked him up with a windows phone: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1319&ID=1837#Tab0 I have never used a case like that and my only real concern is if it will be cool enough to run and mildly OC (~4.6Ghz) my new IB 3570k. What do u guys think will it work out or not so much???
  12. THanks for the As-5 tip. Will the Megahalems fit on the 1155 mobo?????
  13. Well after all the suggestions I believe I have my build. Thanks for the help everyone let me know if you see any glaring problems with this
  14. Im willing to spend a little over 200 for a nice mobo, any suggestions on that?
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